Life — a movement.

Life - a movement.


Road. Fees, as always, at the last moment before leaving. Hastily abandoning things in Germ bag and backpack — we start. Again, we feel the innermost rise when tickled inside, filling and explosion barely disguised glee bubbles of happiness — we escaped from the close embrace of the city. And outside rush familiar landscapes: first alternate small towns, small villages, then juicy Vologda fields that are replaced by forests of Karelia, and finally the proud Hibiny, lake surface, garrulous rivers and green hills. Kola Peninsula we were met with gray skies and rain wall. Such is the northern summer — fickle, fleeting and not hot.


Or rather night. We arrived in the village Shong at 10pm, but we have no division of day and night, there were no limits to the freedom of choice. So as soon as we find good people, let us into their homes, immediately sucked into the «non-stop»: a snack, went to the nurse to explore all of the Kola Peninsula — the Kola River. River meet us considerable surprise: from the abundance of rain water has risen a meter, podtopilo shore. Where last year stood waist-deep now plunged almost with his head. A fish that teases salmon jumping out of the river, shows its beauty and attracts its tail straight to him. Well then stand? We have deployed their gear and decided to use all of the sinking — and the power, and fly, and undergrowth. Fish can be said on the bottom goes to the bottom and is now to try to get it right. Selection of flies has generated little controversy, which, incidentally, has not been solved so far. My husband believes that the area needed to fly the dark green «ass,» and I’m of the opinion that the need to use bait brighter, because they irritate the fish. Adherents of either point of view of many, each has at its disposal some treasured and very secret fly, but I liked the response to a local fisherman, «Yes this fish that no cast, the main thing right in the nose hit, this much she did not endure, tsapnet exactly. » In general, we have chosen one of his sights, and went looking for a place to throw. I go down into the water did not want to not fight with my complexion with strong currents but with such a volume of water, certainly lose — so I tried to throw from the beach (it was trying, as wore out his heart and soul, not yet adapted themselves to cling to bushes, branches trees and tall grass). A husband is a bit further, a stone’s throw from the shore, but almost to his waist in water tortured my happiness away, but deeper. Less than ten minutes later, I hear it calling me to see how the fish vyvazhivaet. The spectacle of interesting and intriguing: fight lasted a couple of minutes, and just at the shore beneath his feet, almost the trophy fish got away, and was gone. A pity, it was a promising start … Needless to say that for the next six o’clock fortune like turned away from us. Although it fortune to blame if you enter the wrong places? Salmon zipped past us, despite the strength of the current, and we are looking for, no pits, where he could rest and leisure, was not found.


The next day it was decided to visit one of the «fish» places the local Coke — «Plato plums.» Mini round trip will certainly remember walking along the single-track railway lines with trains meet. Compared to the same spot of fishing here it was very comfortable: a vast beach, quite shallow near the shore, a deep hole in the middle with a steady flow, boiling range on the opposite bank. Location right by all the canons of fishing and fly fishing in particular. Accordingly, there were more fishermen. Before we could stay as one of them already hooked and pulled the fish. And at that moment I saw that later will often be seen on the banks of the river in this hospitable: solidarity and a willingness to come to the rescue if necessary. Salmon — the fish-fighter, it’s not wise fish, rest in peace. He did not fly enough because it is hungry, and his indignation on to say: I’m the boss here, and all sorts of bugs me the way blocking dare. So when vyvazhivaniya such a person out of the water, his native element, the fishermen are in trouble, no matter what weapon he has in his hands — spinning or fly rod. Come and run and jump, and, most importantly, keep the bait, because at the other end of the beats in a life-and-death strong, strong-willed and fearless fish using against his aggressor all possible methods and techniques; and its weight, and developed muscles, and for the river, and, finally, the pitfalls, in which slipped, it is hard to keep a balance. Throughout this struggle between a fisherman and fish, try not to interfere the neighbors of movement and suggest where lurk the dangerous rocks, invisible under water. And when a man, gaining the upper hand, brings salmon to the shore, someone will help get the fish to the shore the most careful and cautious, but at the same time, without undue delay, that it does not pobilas the rocks and got a whole and almost intact winner. In that fight, I watched on «Plato’s plum», the winner got a fish. By the way, to go fishing, we were not able to. It turned out that because of the nature fly fishing, namely the scope of the cord and its flight, the people behind the scenes divided the most «fish» places (in any case, exactly two) between the fly fisherman and other fishermen. And just «Plato proved» «fixed» for those using spinners or spoon with Bombardier. And for us, it turned out to be «isolated», «U-pit» — another well-known town on the river Cola may, though not under that name: because it is constantly coming christened. But on this day we decided to walk to the opposite side and try your luck on the big rocks.

The weather was superb: warm, sunny, not a single midge or gnat, complete calm, and all this against the backdrop of the bustling river. In the place where we stopped off the coast took a ridge of stones — a sort of comb, combing the water in the streams and lush rovnenkie. A little further boiling water instantly calmed down, found a way out of its energy in the broader and deeper place. Fabulously comfortable place: flat stone under his feet, and behind the trees and bushes that are at a sufficient distance for the commission of any casting. People around just basking, though bites and was not, but all of nature, as if caressed us, promising a lot. And along the coast of the comb went on an unprecedented number of salmon, fish wild. At times it seemed that the rod is superfluous and would not hurt a butterfly net to catch flies deftly fish over the water. Although I do not fish, it seemed, when one of those who like to jump with the aim of sensation of flight landed on my fishing line. At that moment I felt very strongly that I was invited to go for a swim, and I can not resist such an invitation. It got me thinking, and are not tied to a nearby tree, just in case. To my regret (or maybe fortunately) bites me in that day never happened, as actually and all others. But the mood was excellent, when else can you see such a course of fish?


Each passing day is interesting in its own way. It is not necessary to list the days that we stood for nothing, exploring Cola and other equally delightful river (Titovka, Pechenga, Teriberka). The word «waste» here means a lack of fish caught. The time we spent in harmony with an unusually beautiful nature of the Kola Peninsula, ten more expensive vacations in the Caribbean or the Seychelles. Throughout the week, we felt an extraordinary lightness of time that we have no customized or stopped. On the last day of his stay in Shongue we still made it to the «U-pit.» We counted there about twenty fly fisherman that went up and down the river, and several spinnings, taken a liking to a small part of the shore. This place is just an abundance of sparkling events. What right, then left, then in the middle of the river fishermen alternately, and sometimes simultaneously pulling the fish. Despite the fact that fate has decided to leave us in this trip without a catch, frankly, we were happy for those who have the fortune or high skill did not disappoint. Another fly fisherman holding a fishing rod in his five or six fish. Salmon often broke, of course, but the feeling has always remained a man. Sensations received and those who did not have even bites: water raged around and boil the fish from jumping a plurality of air silvery patches of sunlight on the scales. Salmon literally throws at us, it seems that you can take it with his bare hands, he’s still flying as if taking aim straight into the arms of a man.


Powerful experience, unforgettable, unique and exclusive. Arriving one day at Kola, we realized that we fell in love once and for all. Whatever our plans, no matter how we ate employment, we are again and again we return to the place where the soul of the left.

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