Life in Color

Canadian actress Rachel McAdams several times a year experimenting with their own appearance. The main reason, of course, the role in the movie.

About Hairstyles

Elena Yurina, beauty-expert, stylist

By nature Rachel blonde. And no matter how repaint their hair under a variety of roles, she returns to the light shades. And rightly so, for they are always relevant and, of course, to the face of the actress. This season especially popular is the blonde in beige matt tones. And all the fashion shows fall-winter season begins with similar colors. But remember that this hair color is not for everyone. Noble, he looks on the girls with pale skin peach or pinkish hue, blue eyes and brown hair. So Rachel lucky by nature.

About Makeup

Marina Komarova, wedding stylist

Rachel McAdams is very expressive eyes and a gorgeous smile that she always emphasizes using makeup. Most often, it can be seen with the classic smoky eyes and a neutral lipstick that really is a girl of her facial features. It is a versatile makeup for all occasions — is a change in the intensity of eye makeup. The main thing you should pay attention — the tone has to be perfect! Be careful when using the tonal resources with reflective particles, it can be oily skin, and thus make a careless way. This foundation is best applied when the skin is dry. It is also important to choose the right color of lipstick. If you type the cold and warm tone color — get disharmony. If you have blue eyes rimmed with gray skin with olive urging you fit lipstick pink shades, light bodily lipstick-style nude, as well as fashionable today wine tone.

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