May and my

May and my

Marvel universe expands

While we read "Ivanhoe" and Strugatsky, America has rapidly become engrossed in reading comics. As a result of the film industry on the rise, and go and filmed the Strugatsky (although experiments, alas, are maintained). In short, are we to what starring Marvel super-antiheroes and will soon be able to withdraw the entire movie get-together — men, insects, gods and mutants there is enough for everyone. The coach was given a bow and named "Hawkeye". AT "Tore" 2011 Bran (hell has brought shekspirolyuba these galleys?) Gave "Eye" episode, but in the "The Avengers" Weedon fit of generosity on one of the main roles, and now we have to watch for a long time as a coach and squinting menacingly played torso. However, for lack of a maid … you know.

The elder son at present gets no paternal mill, and the dubious fortune to wipe behinds all the youngest offspring in turn. Not surprisingly, the coach grew workaholic and categorically refuses to start their own family. But Jeremy got himself two dogs, a few nominations "Oscar" and other awards, as well as a career that goes uphill.

Lately you shoot in one action movie after another, not tired?

I’m not specifically choose them. Just anything suitable in other genres I still do not offer, although I would not mind. I would like to, for example, in some musical play, develop their musical abilities. I like to sing, even karaoke — oh, long time since I do not do. I love to play guitar, write songs. But the action I really love — when you’re playing in such films necessarily stay in good physical shape. From musicals to the militants — would be an interesting career jump. What else would like to try?

To be honest, I’m in this regard go with the flow. It offers a good comedy role — take it and for it. What matters is that the work was interesting to me professionally. And that was not boring. I do not like a long time to do the same, can not stand routine. I just need to constantly learn something, learn something new.

Now many of your colleagues have re-classified in the directors. There is no desire to try yourself in this role?

Unavailable. It’s pretty hard, direct and to play simultaneously. I remember what had Ben Affleck in the film "The Town"So long as to delay the new beginnings, and I is as good an actor. Although the post-production process is interesting to me, I like to browse the raw material, and during the filming of trying to understand why the director puts some scene just so and not otherwise. And recently, I was interested in the process of editing the footage, I even sometimes present in this case. What reaction do you expect from your audience?

Like if my heroes or movie alarming or frightening people because people can learn something only through fear. When a person is afraid of something, the chances are that he will make less mistakes in life.

What a picture of you in particular way?

I find it difficult to choose. You ask any parent, any of his children he loves. Unlikely to respond. Do you wonder that the press and the audience talking about your movie? You read reviews?

I do not see the point. Everything is relative: anyone can like my work, and some do not. The main thing I love his paintings, I like how they are made. Every her film I look at least twice, the first — check the details, all I did as he wanted, and the second time already appreciate the mood of the film as a whole. What do you usually do when you run out next shooting?


I like to watch movies on the big screen, that’s just, I can not get used to her from Mr vilt; i

First, the house should be like some sleep, then I go to see the family, meeting with friends, doing garden. I like to do things around the house, I’m a homebody by nature, very calm guy.

There is talk about your close relationship with Scarlett Johansson …

We are good friends and have known each other for more than ten years. We are very comfortable to communicate, there is an understanding between us. Sports like?

Yes, since childhood. I drove with friends in football, played volleyball, skiing. Who regularly engaged in the hall, I go to the training of a tie. I am doing stretching. What about food? I love to eat at all. Shooting the awful miss sandwiches and beer, which I can not eat to gain weight. Plus, I’m also a sweet tooth. But in general I unpretentious food. What do not you like? When it’s complicated, it confuses. I try not to dwell on anything. And I like people that are easy to go through life, to perceive life’s difficulties. It should be easier. What do you regret? I do not like to talk and reminisce about the past, do not see the point, to change something for nothing is impossible. The future, too, no one knows about it, too, it makes no sense to talk. So I decided to just focus on the present and the fact that I have. I am a realist, I live here and now. Do you think that you appreciate loved ones?

I am a very loyal person, and if someone or something to love, I’ll be faithful to the end. Including friendship: only let us dare to hurt my dear friend, if I do not answer for themselves. For friends, my house is always open, I’m ready to do much for the sake of friendship, a friend I am always ready to help any way I can. You have a big family? I have five younger brothers and sisters. One of the brothers about a year. When I learned about it from his father, I was shocked. It’s such a strange feeling — embrace a brother who is younger than you by 40 years. You know how to deal with children? Of course! In my eyes grew brothers and sisters, I nursed them, changed diapers and everything. But the great nurse did not call, I hope I will not be asked to sit with his younger brother. I already have a goddaughter, daughter of my sister, I am enough yet.

Fans of the genre spit bile: Hansel and Gretel grown chasing witches and doing it stupidly. Even Cem Arterton in a corset does not save the situation.


You could see Jeremy coach in these films

Angel (1999-2004) A long time ago, before the damned "Twilight" bloodsuckers in the world dominated by Buffy and Angel, a vampire reforged. In the 11th episode of the first season "Angel" He starred coach.

The Hurt Locker (2008) The film about the sappers in Iraq, then walked "Avatar" in the nomination "Best movie" (he was much more boring), but coach "Best Actor" We were promised but not given.

The Town (2010) Crime drama, a second chance at "Oscar". The coach plays a robber with suicidal tendencies. Who stubbornly substituted, after catching a bullet.

The Avengers (2012) Here there are all gods, aliens, secret base, Johansson slinky, the enemy inside and a lot of other stuff. Net feast of the spirit, the hand does not rise so deprecate.

Kai meta playlist

‘Technology". "Hands up"Kai Metov … The list is endless, and tracks from it, we occasionally sing karaoke when we accept too much. And then very ashamed and eliminate witnesses. But it’s just nostalgia. Even the most terrible of trash during our childhood does not interfere with listening to really good music. Just sometimes you want to remember something that sounded during our first sex. If it’s just not the neighbor’s hammer, of course.

Rock idols

Many of the ladies when their age rose past a certain point, begin to fall into a trance by Stas Mikhailov or sharply switched from Lagutenko to Glinka. We also have idols who will remain forever in our playlist. Cobain, Choi, the old man of the AS / OS and Def Beach, as well as all other people, which we wanted to be like twenty years ago.

Irrational fears

We love to fly in the face of childhood courage and adulthood, and as a result is not afraid of those things that really need to be afraid. With years of school, we regularly take off their hats in thirty-degree frost to look cool. And do not believe that this oblyseem as fast as our fathers. And now it seems funny to come to St. Petersburg to the capital fansite scarf "Spartacus"But we do not think that on the bounce in the groin area can get Erek-tactile dysfunction. These quirks of consciousness creates a lot of problems, but if you F began to behave prudently — is old age.

Hostility to the dentist

Of course, we are grateful to the dentist because they invented called caries caries and learned to treat him. Yet children’s resentment, holding since the first time when the forceps pulled out of his mouth fledgling baby tooth.

Interest in foreign trade

Whatever we do for a living, we still believe that somewhere there is a better job. Somebody works of art di rector of the strip show, a pub owner, trader, broker, broccoli! Or maybe you think that the work in the edition of men’s magazine — a paradise? Let’s switch places a couple of weeks we’ll go to your place "Gazprom"And you — to our office. You will learn that the girls here do not go to the Pleso, deadlines has not been canceled, and publisher of the kind to the budget overrun. We certainly come to the conclusion that managers Gas Corporation fate sends people for genocide-seal pups in a previous life.


When Philip, or even some Sergei Zverev painted eyebrows, we start spitting into the TV. But decorate your own body drakona- 1 mi, tigers and female profiles — I quite another matter.


I belief in myths about erections

Speaking of erectile dysfunction. Since the time of sexology a consultation with classmates we believe in a variety of sex stories. We do not verify the theory of visionaries from the internet and prefer to blindly believe them. That is why we believe that 15 minutes of sex — it’s almost impotence, normal penis is to get the elephant to be ashamed of the size of the trunk, and from masturbation may result in all the sperm. Even higher education is not able to win this nonsense, at heart still remain questionable.

Naked beauty

For us, it is high time the rum boys dream 13 years: not only do we know what to do with naked women, but also do it. And sometimes even refuse! A dream come true, but we have not been able to get rid of cravings for porn films, erotic photo session in the XXL and the desire to get to this nudist beach. Again, this instinct — no matter how strong or a attachment to a woman, it does not eliminate the craving for admiring countless beautiful forms.

Craving for gadgets

Some of us are perfectly able to calculate the integral of the school, someone succeeded in catching a redeye to whip. But they all had one common talent: no one better than a male child can not raskurochit any technique to see how it is arranged. These and enjoy manufacturers, offering us all the new devices, which are different from each other a couple of new features in the menus and built-in optical sight and access to the social network. But we buy them dutifully, few can withstand.

Remembering read that with age our toys evolve. For

Ter machine on a string «and and excavators. But if the toy machines in turn standing on the game can be very serious. Although this, too, to revise unrealizable, we need WHO"You can -Play ° — at least in the atrocities computer or airsoft. Otherwise, a man becomes sluggish, wool dims, the nose is hot.

Movies with superheroes

Wolverine Spaydermenom and James Bond is hardly a place in the real world. But to borrow something from their images — an irresistible urge any man of any age.

Actor habits

It is believed that the acting talent more often endowed women. But only a man can perfectly understand that the lady wants to get married (or a new coat), and at the same masterly pretend not to understand the size of a small orange, losing two-thirds of the original volume. And after her horoshenechko podkoptit in the smoke, the skin will shrink further. What happens at the output? Little ugly Golovenko with excessively protruding lips and a swollen nose, not like a man, and the evil doll from a cheap horror.

Very strong Mojo

In order to give a complete view of the trophy, it suggest the last marafet. Samu smear ashes on his head — a spirit zaporoshit eyes, and he can not get out. Then the eyelids are sewn thread stanzas from palm fiber, and her lips stick thin torch. According to the scenario complete dashing ritual dances and songs, and then the amulet worn around the neck or on a belt, some mods shulerskih further decorate it with colored ribbons, bird bones and feathers.

I am your noggin Shatal!

Perhaps Shuar people and balls so and lived in his impenetrable thicket by cutting heads enemies, but in South America came globalization, and the natives, until the last to hold the line against progress, markedly depressed. However, it soon came to replace the sadness of business: visitors and collectors were willing to lay out for each tsantsa thick wads of banknotes, and although the Indians are much more willing to take a rifle, as a whole barter was quite brisk. But as many would like to earn extra money in the city morgue Ecuador began to disappear from the blind man’s buff head; similar cases were reported in Peru, Panama and Colombia. Naturally, the Shuar people disown event, blaming the godless of cities — although they have long inexperienced tourists try to pin the fake stanzas taken from the heads of monkeys and sloths, because on the eye to distinguish the fake from the shrunken head aborigine

XXL top 5 goals in the famous — no offense to the Indians will be said — is virtually impossible.

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Many believe that the dance craze that raged in the West during the 1920s — 1930s, to blame a specific historical character. His name was Robert Ripley, and it is possible that thanks to him, not a single Indian Shuar people lost their lush head. Mr. Ripley, born in 1890, to more than thirty years has been a cartoonist, and then suddenly wanted romance and leaned in anthropology, he went to travel the world. From his travels (he traveled to 198 countries) Ripley brought only the most rare and unusual items, including wax statue monsters and, of course, shuarskie tsantsy.K end of life collection of rarities Ripley has grown to such proportions that it exhibits enough for the whole network Museum under the title "Believe it or not!". Gray network operates in 30 Stra-ah of the world and in each of its finan-

Legend says that writing "Ruslan and Lyudmila" Pushkin inspired boulder "The old man" — Gigantic granite head of Vyborg.

Any mod knows With millions of Northern impaled on a pike gorgoneion (female go- tevyh loafers undoped headform ex-leader of gear with disgusting snake curls) is the emblem of the house Versace.

Mask unit from the company Archie McPhee & Since it becomes a popular internet meme.

US appears in the first season of the series "Game of Thrones". Companions Bush very indignant.

Today a fragment of the skull of the holy Prophet, dekapi-tatsiyu which ordered the Jewish princess Salome, stored in Amiens-sky cathedral in France.


What else goes to the winners?


Originally, the word "trophy" It meant nothing more than a weapon and armor captured from the enemy. Using extracted as a trophy weapon is not considered shameful for example, during the Second World War, soldiers of the Wehrmacht infantry divisions equipped with Soviet tanks T-34, and the German Red Army bronehody 35 Pz. And III and Pz. IV were soldiers of the 213th Armored Brigade Orsha.

Typically, the worst thing is that the most valued. That is why the copies of Greek statues have long been working on the sites of the Italian resorts, and countries in Asia and Africa are still begging for the objects of their cultural heritage from the former masters-colonialists.

The practice of taking human beings has been a contribution of many ancient peoples, and, incidentally, one of the versions of Attila the Hun killed was his prisoner — Burgundy Concubine Gudrun, to avenge the death of the leader of the family. In the modern world, the term "trophy wife" Refers to an attractive young companions elderly moneybags. Here, for example, 27-year-old model Crystal Harris — a true trophy wife, although the 87-year-old husband Hugh Hefner calls it his last great love.

J ^ Sf * ….. J; * and d-

Robert Ripley’s contemporaries remembered that he loved portraying ventriloquist, tsantsa holding in her hand.

AFFILIATES exhibited dried head or re-trofotografii daddy Ripley, posing next to them.

Money talks

Excitement around the barbarous commerce verse only to the beginning of the 1960s, when the Catholic Church intervened, decided to instruct the Indian headhunters on the right path. The Government of Ecuador has supported the missionaries — the politicians had their reasons: in 1967 in the Valley of the Amazon found the first oil field, and the country’s leadership does not want foreign investors were nervous because of local thugs. As a result, the authorities of Ecuador and Peru were able to deny traffic dried heads at the legislative level — but there where justice does not reach all remains as before: they say, in the black market is still possible to buy human tsantsa, it would wish and thousands that way thirty in hard currency. In addition, you can do a palliative from animal skin or latex, stuffed with polystyrene: the price of such artefacts starts at $ 60.


Now Shuar people bungling no longer ply — at least, according to the official version. Some reservations generally have everything they need for life, including Wi-Fi, however, abandon the ancestral heritage Indians are not going to, for example, they still hunt using brass tubes and arrows, blurry curare. So what about the guarantee of goals we would not have taken, [xxl]

Dashing head

Khiva and such claim semolina

The practice of beheading the enemy, followed by removal of the skull existed in many nations. A New Zealand Maori, whether drying the head not only enemies, but also notable members of the community, to the people who were ritual tattoos — Ta Moko. For better preservation of relics (mokomokai) processed fat sharks; then held her head in a box and pulled out only on major holidays to ancestors could be glad for the children. But apparently, the family ties have not played much of a role for Maori when a British officer Horatio Gordon Robley (1840-1930) was able to exchange them at about four dozen guns

Classic Sicilian extreme —

But they only

"Bora" at the same time

8katamaran, and very taken quickly hovercraft

Length 64 meters width of 18 meters in the mode of the catamaran to 20 knots

The regime of air «,» darling

Up to 55 nodes

"Bora" Built in 1989 with a ™., navy since 1997. DU’VSOSTave "Samu"" It built in »92. Long dangling on the seas, plants iispGani-I «.Vvedenvstroyv2000godu.Vso ^ -ve Black Sea Fleet -s7o02 ^ T

Bora" and "Sandstorm" — The names of these powerful and dangerous winds carry two missile hovercraft, within the cell Russian Black Sea Fleet. 36 uses of propulsion installation, high seaworthy, powerful weapons — that allows you to call them unique. As befits a catamaran, have "Bora" and "Sandstorm" There are two narrow housing made of aluminum alloy. They overlap platform size of 64 by 18 meters, which gives enough space to accommodate all that is necessary to carry out combat missions. A primary goal of these fast "Winds"- The destruction of enemy ships. And eight anti-ship missiles "Mosquito"with a range of up to 90 km, and the probability of hitting the target 94-99 per cent — this is a very strong argument for the potential enemy knew the names of captains on the memory. That is not too difficult, given that all ships, as we have said, two.

Besides "insects", On platforms there are four arguments for the potential enemy. This air defense missile system "Osa-MA" for the defense from the air and totally brutal artillery units: one 76-mm AK-176 and two six-barrel 30mm AK-630M. They are quite able to smash to pieces any approaching ship by air, sea or on the shore of the goal. If only she approached on the firing range of these monsters.

So that "Bora" and "Sandstorm" — Excellent and unique crafts. At least they perfectly fulfill the tasks entrusted to them the terms of reference. However, we wrote this task in 70-ies of the last century. But the enemy, as we never tire of repeating, is not asleep, although very desirable, so as not to wake up.

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