Mysterious Chinese orchid. SHAR PEI: independence and good judgment

Mysterious Chinese orchid. SHAR PEI: independence and good judgment

Shar Pei — one of the most ancient, rare, mysterious and shrouded in mystery breeds in the world. On this dog has developed a lot of legends, myths and fables. Of course, the Shar Pei is not a contemporary of the mammoth, but he had known since the days of the Han Dynasty.

Outward appearance.

There is a saying that if you went to visit and inadvertently took with shar-pei, do not be surprised if it will get more attention than you. Shar-Pei puppies resemble plush toy. In one and a half or two months they have wrinkles even on the tail and legs. Of course, getting older, the appearance of an animal is slightly different, but the plush folds of the face and give even an adult dog is very unusual kind.

Shar Pei — dog of medium size. The standard specifies the approximate weight and growth performance, but in practice the range is wider than the rules dictate. So there are dogs on the growth of 40-42 cm to about 60 cm, well, the weight varies from 15-18 to 35-40 kg.

There are three types of hair: short 0.5 cm (Horse), the usual — up to 2.5 cm (brush), long — more than 2.5 cm (Biar). The first two types — standard, third — tribal marriage.

Separately want to dwell on the many colors of shar-pei. The breed, there are 14 recognized colors! From white (cream dilute) to black. And it’s not just the various options spots and color combinations, such as Chihuahua, where more than 40 colors in the breed and the individual are considered, such as «chocolate red sable with white markings» and «white-chocolate red sable», which do not distinguish between simple owner.

So recognized Shar Pei colors are divided into two groups: basic (black / gray nose with black / gray mask on the muzzle or a small sputtering) and delyutnye (nose to match the color, there is no mask).

Here are the colors:

— basic — black, cream, red, deer, red deer, isabella, sable;

— delyutnye — cream dilute, dilute isabella, lilac dilute, dilute red, apricot dilute, dilute chocolate. There is still the main color blue, but as the nose to match the color, this color mistake (is) called blue dilute.

In summary, it may be noted that if you suddenly want to be at home all the variety of shar-pei, it got a little herd of 28 (!!!) completely different dog.


Almost all like Shar Pei on the eastern sages, although there is, of course, some «shilopopye» exception. Dog calm, likes mode and measured way of life can enjoy and indulge, but in moderation. On the human-oriented, but unobtrusive: not poke you in the evening ball game, better lie side by side on the sofa.

Shar Pei will be grateful for a long leisurely walk, where all will be able to sniff and explore. If you like sports and active life style is very rhythmic, it may be wise to find another breed.

Added that the Shar Pei not be trained in the classical sense — far from Shepherd, and to make him a soldier, do not discuss the orders is likely to fail. He is peculiar to «think» before you execute the command. Of course, very stubborn owners rent after severe ordeals of a training platform with their pets OKD (General training), but it is much better to simply talk initially with a puppy. They understand not only the tone, but the words and whole phrases and always like to listen to the mood of the owner.

Shar Pei — quiet dog bark very often, they have a low voice and not nasty. When education is sufficient to express their dissatisfaction with the little puppy his barking.

The content and features of the breed.

As mentioned above, the shar-pei — dog loving mode. Feed an adult animal should be twice a day, with approximately the same interval between meals. Like any other species, ball-peyu should not diversify the diet will be enough high-quality dry food and clean water. There is a small caveat: the proportion of protein should be about 20%, and the proportion of fat — 10% (the above figures very often lead to allergic reactions). For puppies, these figures certainly higher, but feed on adult Shar Pei go very early, usually between 5 and 9 months. If the feed-year-old Shar-Pei puppy food, as recommended by manufacturers, we can «earn» allergies.

Until now, even with the internet there is a perception that the ball-peyu need to wipe the folds. This is nothing more than a myth. Healthy dogs do not need to wipe anything. Well, except that you can wash her feet with water after a walk. They are not cropped or ears or tails: shar pei lives, so to speak, in its original form.

We are the owners, who live in an urban environment, it is recommended to bathe the shar-pei with detergents twice a year (spring and autumn); at other times, if you want, you can rinse the Shar-Pei plain water without shampoo.

As for health, the note found here entropion (inversion century), which can lead to injury of the eye. There are methods of filing and stapling, and if you buy a puppy in a good nursery or a responsible breeder, he will certainly advise on the matter.

Next occurring characteristic of the breed — a malocclusion, usually occurs because sufficient volume lips. This eliminates the defect of dog breeding, but even overshot 2 cm does not interfere with the dog’s life and does not affect its quality.

Yet there is a specific disease pedigree — FSF, hereditary fever shar-pei. If you’re buying a puppy breeder will tell you that his breeding dogs do not, it is, to put it mildly, disingenuous. Lines free FSF, alas, does not exist yet. The owner must be able to provide assistance to your pet as soon as possible: the animal suddenly raised temperature, which in principle is not as scary as further consequences …

O-Pee ball and veterinarians.

Another common phrase: «Shar Pei — a dream of a veterinarian.» In the distant 90s in Russia, it was the way it was. Heavy, wet, allergic dogs lived a couple of years and continuously treated. Currently, shar-pei has changed in terms of improvement of the breed is very strong.

True, the old memory veterinarians still offer owners to have cosmetic surgery on the eye («Your dog does not see and will soon go blind!»), To extend the ear canals («Your dog otitis media due to a very narrow ear canal!») And even the nostrils («Dog pants!»). It is not necessary to agree on the spur of the moment these manipulations. We recommended or required to consult with the breeder or with other, more experienced owners. From myself I wish to say that the small, deep-set eyes in Shar-Pei — by the breed standard, the ear canal is really a very small, but this is due to the structure of the head is normal, well, a variety of grunting sounds made mainly puppies, are irrelevant the width of the nostrils.

In conclusion: if you choose the Shar-Pei and he chooses you, never any other dog next to him you can not imagine. They’re unique!

Pros and cons of the breed.

A positive want to underline cleanliness Shar-Pei. Even tiny folded lumps which only opened his eyes and did not learn to walk, have squeal and asked to release them from the «nest» in the toilet. If the breeder does not miss this moment, the future owners will not have any problems with your puppy accustomed to the toilet outside.

The second positive point — the absence of the characteristic smell of the dog healthy dog, even if it is wet, walking in the rain. Many owners say their dog smell honey, lavender etc.- and it is not a joke. Another of the advantages are the lack of undercoat Shar-Pei: their wool consists only of guard hairs, molting in adult dogs passes almost unnoticed.

Disadvantages are, but they are few, and they do not outweigh the pros on the content of shar-pei. All the disadvantages associated with improper breeding and raising puppies unscrupulous breeders, as well as health.

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