Name izobritatelya

Name izobritatelya

Soviet legislation gave inventors the right to call a spade their creations. Brake Matrosov balm Shostakovskiy, automatic

* Try Kalashnikov … continue the list. It is not easy.

The reasons for «anonymity» several inventions. They need to fix it.

I would call disguised form of plagiarism practices when the designers and workers who are responsible for the output, do not specify all of the sponsors of the invention, especially if it is the public, voir should identify these outrages and to bring them to the general public.

The work of scientists is often diminished the role of invention, which are often no less significant than the discovery. Nobody would argue that, for example, the car — a set of inventions, without which the existence of modern man, as well as research institutes automotive, defense laboratories degrees, obtaining academic titles in the automotive industry. A Wankel engine — one of the inventions, eclipsed in importance many discoveries.

Undeniably useful in many areas of the collectivity in invention sometimes takes on the character of hidden exploitation, prohibited in our country. With the external features of the team, collaborators sometimes conceals an activity that the people described as «one with a bipod, and seven with a spoon.» In other kinds of creativity, this method does not take root, although in the early days of socialism have been attempts to create collective poems and novels. Rarely who managed to work together only in prose. Many writers still can not understand how Ilf and Petrov were able to work together. But what will they say if the «Golden flax ones» will be released a list of the authors of Judas but Ilf and Petrov, will include the names of the Secretary of the Union of Writers, his secretary, accountant, director of the printing house and others? And how much honor and praise went to each of the co-authors, for example, such a law: Boyle — Marie Ott — Lavoisier — Hooke — Euler — Bernoulli — Bohr — Einstein?

But under the inventions are signed «bands», and consisting of forty! Thus, even if by chance one of these inventions would be great, no honor, and praise is not enough to divide it by all of the authors, not lost grandeur. One can not Everest divided into several parts, each fragment of it remained the greatest top of the world!

In the name of the inventor, the author’s name as the name of the father and mother, you can not share with even the most venerable teams. It is impossible to add the names of your child the names of all who want to co-workers and neighbors. There will be no respect for either the child or the parents. Let us honor the parents of invention!

In Abkhazia, there is a tradition: at the house where a man died, hung cloth with the name and portrait of the deceased, for all to see — he is remembered by relatives. Especially worthy of eternal memory of those who created us for all the things that surround us, all the technology, thanks to which we are fed, clothed, shod live in a warm, use the benefits of arts and culture.

Do we remember our inventors, we have not received enough praise during his lifetime and did not manage to qualify for all put them on merit highest expressions of honor, who dedicated his life to us, left to live after them? After all, most often in the life of the inventors who rarely have time to enjoy the fruits of his work, especially if it is directed to the future.

Most often in the first place, we hope that families will take care of perpetuating the memory of the inventors,

Doctor BJ Kachuginyh, the widow of the famous Soviet inventor AT Kachuginyh 9, 75 — «Next neutron») for eight years after the death of her husband keeps working environment inventive apartment, turning it into a kind of museum of T. Kachuginyh. Collected here are author’s certificates, patents, publications of the inventor and his works, drawings, sketches, proposals, correspondence, models and instruments, portraits and photographs — l from the archive — a great value, as many of the ideas Kachuginyh — the author of a hundred inventions in various science, technology, industry, health and defense are not yet implemented. 22 August each year at the Tomb of the inventor in the Transfiguration Cemetery come his friends, co-authors, scientists, journalists, writers, to the day of his death to recall his services to the people. Come former patients cured by the invention

AT Kachuginyh funds. Everything said at the grave, writes and collects commission on creative legacy AT Kachuginyh at the Institute of grain.

For his work on the preservation of the memory of the inventor. is proud of the country, take some enthusiasts.

In the city of Konotop lives reader of the magazine «Inventor» Anatoly Belyayev. He collected more than five hundred signatures on a petition for naming AT Kachuginyh one of the Soviet ships. The signatures under the petition put inventors, scientists, journalists, labor heroes and ordinary Soviet people, readers of the magazine «Ir» from different cities of the country. The petition was sent to the USSR State Committee for Inventions and Discoveries, which is ready to support a petition, but he certainly can not deal with such matters. Moreover, the Committee clarified resident Konotop, that the petition should be submitted Moscow organization, as the inventor — Muscovite. It is clear that Moscow is not Konotop decree, although the signatures collected for the most part Belyaev Moscow. What can you do if the person who took upon himself the trouble to perpetuate the memory of a large Soviet inventor, was a resident of Konotop?

We are reminded of inventive merit on solemn days. When we feel the lack of big-name «clean» inventors, we are beginning to call the major scholars of aircraft, nuclear and missile. Sometimes it happens that among the names attributed to the inventors, there are those who by order forbade his co nicknames was an inventor, considering it a frivolous matter. So, we deceive ourselves, and undermine the prestige of the people who really invented. Of course, it is nice to inventors considered colleagues Academicians Kurchatov and Korolev, whose names were given ships and streets. And you can even assume that naming the streets and ships the names of academicians, we thus render honor of the inventor. However, we do not sin against the truth, be credited to your account the successes of scientists and top leaders of the Soviet science?

Not better for us, summing up to the 60th anniversary of the signing of Lenin’s Decree on inventions, sincerely and honestly admit that we are not doing much to perpetuate the memory of the inventors and the urgent need to strengthen this business.

When the whole world sparkled on the «Russian» electric light Lodygina, Yablochkov. And why are unknown names of the inventors of modern Soviet lamps?

Inventors have enough. Their names may recommend to the Committee for Inventions and Discoveries, All-Union Society of Inventors and Innovators and groups of companies. In every city there are the names of the inventors, to be worthy of the names of streets and ships.

In the magazine «Inventor» remembers Boris Sergeyevich Blinov, who wrote in the magazine about many of his inventions: daisy HPP engines baby, flying wing, aerodynamic ground, flying kranevertolete, original designs winch, swimming facilities. He was, so to speak, a professional inventor. In any event, his book «Mysterious momentum,» published in 1969 by the publishing house «Young Guard», subtitled «Notes of the inventor.» He is one, and? those whose name must be called out.

On many inventors worthy of perpetuating wrote TS. First of all, remember the inventors, which supports

Lenin: EA Berkaliev, MA Bonch

Bruevich, R. E. Klasson, V. Bekauri.

In this important public document, as a Basic Law in our new Constitution, there is a word for the Protection of inventors and innovators. Article 47 of the USSR Constitution states: «Citizens of the USSR in accordance with the aims of building communism guaranteed freedom of scientific, technical and artistic creativity of. It provides a wide deployment of scientific research, invention and innovation, the development of art and literature. The state creates the necessary material conditions for this and support for voluntary societies and creative unions. organizes introduction of inventions and innovations in the economy and other spheres of life.

The rights of authors, inventors and innovators are protected by the state. «

This article equates inventors and innovators to the scientists, writers and creators of the art world, then the name of the inventor shall be as honorable as it is an honor to the name of the writer, artist, composer. You should sail ships «inventor Ivan Kulibin», «inventor Anatoly Kachuginyh.» It is necessary to call the organizations, enterprises, libraries and clubs, the names of streets and squares of the Soviet inventors. We need to create a museum-apartment of inventors and the time has come, finally, to organize a museum of inventions Union cent.

Who needs a posthumous fame? First of all, the inventors living. When the memory of the whole people become inventors, it increases respect to employment inventions

Maxim Gorky, organizing a series of books «Life of Remarkable People» have not forgotten about inventors. He urged HG Wells to make a biography of Thomas Edison. But how many inventors honored to go to the «wonderful people»? Almost 6U0 books published in the series, the Russian inventor of them devoted about one percent. This series in the catalog under «heroes of the book» Edison appears not as an inventor. His are as follows: «Thomas Alva Edison

(11.02.1847-9.10.1931) -American electrical engineer and entrepreneur. » The inventors named and Hugenberg, Rudolph Diesel,

K. Laval S. Makarov, Mozhaisk,

Popov, D. Stephenson, Tesla, D. Uagt,

Frolov, R. Fulton, P. Cherepanov and apple. Kulibin and slider to the category of inventors are not assigned. But glad that K. Tsiolkovsky called not only a scientist but also an inventor, which is absolutely untrue, although the books and articles about this rarely mentioned. There in the catalog and the term «innovator of production», which is assigned to Henry Ford. But in a series dominated by writers. Inventors are behind the military theoreticians, leaders of manufacture, admirals, generals, singers, actresses ,, athletes, teachers, spies, guards, artists and composers. Judging from the directory «Life of Remarkable People» (Lives of Outstanding People 40 years. Catalogue 1933-1973. M, «Young Guards», 1974), among the great people of the Soviet inventors have not yet been. Ziolkowski was one, and then half — scholar.

The prestige of the inventor has not yet been reached / even singer or athlete, although each invention is a kind of world record achievement, lifting humanity to the next stage of progress.

On the eve of the 60th anniversary of signed *

Lenin’s Decree on inventions is the time to think about inventors whose names deserve to be perpetuated, and find objects to rename and name. Name of inventor worthy and articles whose authors are alive.

In our country after the Great October Socialist Revolution opened up wide possibilities for the perpetuation of the memory of creative people who have dedicated their lives to serving the people. We have realized the dream of Victor Hugo to rename the city in honor of the great writers. During the life of Maxim Gorky huge city on the Volga — Nizhny Novgorod — it was renamed in honor of the proletarian writer. Now this city of half million of its size is comparable to the capitals of major states. And the time will come when they start calling the names of the inventors of the city, and before that time will come when our lives in the everyday life will forever and become ordinary words: «… the name of the inventor.»

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