Or oil pipe?

Or oil pipe?

OIL NOT get along with leopards and sea cucumber

At the end of summer on the picturesque shores of Khasan district held a vivid action ecologists defended the Red Book of rare beast — the Amur leopard, for which the construction of the pipeline at Perevoznaya — certain death.

GO! By bathing in the warm waters of the Gulf OIL!

For two and a half years, we instilled the idea that is about — and we osyplet almost golden oil pipeline from Siberia to Perevoznaya.

That’s it, just a little bit — and with oil from us for some reason well and money and work and fuel.

The same pipeline, which initially planned from Angarsk, and now from Taishet: to change the route from Lake Baikal, fortunately, able to insist Baikal ecology. Protests also coastal ecologists helped declassify only until the end point of the route, which until recently was called aloud «Nakhodka», and on the sidelines — Perevoznaya. And environmentalists get specific materials could not, despite the existence of the Russian Constitution and Russian laws on which the information that concerns the interests of the population and its health needs to be opened. Even public examination, which registered environmental «Green Cross» could not get by «Transneft» necessary for the examination of the data — because of secrecy as the court declared oil.

Finally, the end point — «Perevoznaya» — sounded official.

Finally, a public hearing was held, which brought together scientists, director of the reserve, fishermen, environmentalists and public organizations. Unanimity was observed striking: all the participants,

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