Peel the apples: to eat or not to eat?

As you know, allergy can occur as a response to different foods, vegetables, fruits. Biochemists have shown that apples contain a certain amount of allergens. And brightly colored fruits contain more of them compared to the green. Sometimes, in order to prevent allergies, doctors recommend to use food only green apples, and grown in the area of ​​residence. Given that allergenic substances are contained in colored fruits in the skin, the easiest way to get rid of them by clearing off. Incidentally, abroad and received, and not only because of the allergens. In carrying out the chemical treatments in violation of the technology in the skin of the fruit of a residual amount of chemicals. Therefore, if the apples purchased, it makes sense to clear them from the skin, to avoid the risk of poisoning by chemicals. If the fruits are grown in their own garden, they can be used in the food completely, together with the skins, which, incidentally, contains a variety of vitamins and biologically active substances.

A.MIHEEV, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

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