The modern market, and competition among furniture manufacturers are known to dictate increasingly higher demands on the quality of finished products. However, ready to buy, many of us do not think about the fact that lies at the heart of this concept. How it is achieved high quality upholstered furniture can be seen in the Finnish factories POHJANMAAN.

Creating comfortable sofas and chairs for many years, master POHJANMAAN not change its main rule, namely to make furniture by hand. The quality of the finished product begins with the frame, convinced POHJANMAAN, because it is the «soul» of the subject. The factory POHJANMAAN Kaluste Oy frame is made from environmentally friendly natural materials, using an array of load-bearing elements only conifers and birch plywood. Harvested wood only in the north, where the strength of the tree reaches its maximum value through a more closely spaced annual rings. Before using softwood dried to obtain the desired moisture content (5%). This approach allows the plant to provide 20 year warranty on the frame sofas. When the frame is ready, furniture begins to take shape, «acquiring» a filler and upholstery. The foam is used as filler cold fill that shrinks considerably less than usual, which means that the furniture will preserve the original appearance much longer. Natural materials — a pledge of high quality — are used in upholstery. In the production of sofas and armchairs apply only leather and fabric reliable suppliers. Before Upholstery partner factories go into business, they must pass an internal certification of the company and checked both by technical means or manually.

No less attention is paid to the continuity of traditions and training of personnel working in the production. Before becoming professionals, young professionals are trained in educational institutions for the preparation of furniture manufacturers at the factory. First, the new employees work under the guidance of more experienced craftsmen, which takes at least 5 years, and only when all the skills are mastered, the young worker becomes a master.

Another important indicator of quality in modern conditions is compliance with environmental standards. Furniture POHJANMAAN produced with maximum consideration of the requirements for environmental protection. More than 80% of production waste are recycled recycling, suggesting that the social responsibility of the manufacturer, and therefore the respect not only to the people but the environment.

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