STAR Dr. Dolittle. «Sector General James White.

STAR Dr. Dolittle.

People usually make a hero of science fiction, the story is related to space adventures? Brave pioneers, valiant soldiers, swashbuckling treasure hunters ,, dodgy criminals clever spies, at worst — inquisitive scientists and cunning diplomats … (Heroes cycle James White became doctors, Dr. Dolittle space, which had to endure a lot of adversity in order to save their alien patients. Even with the patients resemble crazy glitch drunken dinosaur …

Soaps of different doctors — one of the basic formations television «soaps.» And medical stories this niche occupied long before the «House». After all, along with the police and lawyers, healers brought it literally every day overlap with the representatives of different professions, social status, temperaments.

In general, face a lot of different situations and acute psychological conflicts.

And, when the Briton James White began writing a series of «medical space opera,» he relied in part on the popular television show of the 1950s «City Hospital» and «Medic». However, the writer himself a childhood dream to become a doctor, but it did not work out …


James White was born on April 7, 1928 in Belfast (Northern Ireland). He briefly lived in Canada, was orphaned early, and having being adopted, adolescence spent in his hometown, where he graduated from elementary school of St. John and St. Joseph Secondary technical — schools for the poor. He dreamed of becoming a doctor or even a pharmacist, but the money for the university at his foster mother was not. So I had to go to work in a sewing shop, the seller, and after a while to settle down an assistant manager in a clothing store. In 1965, White won a seat in the clerk aviakonstruktorskoy company Short Brothers, where he soon managed to become advertising manager.

Fiction James carried away when he was eleven, under the influence of his school friend Walt Willis in the future — a prominent figure in Northern Ireland fandom. Friends all the free time spent at the public library, greedily absorbing book by HG Wells and Jules Verne. After a while Jim Walt switched to American Pulp magazines, which in local bookstores marketed arriving from overseas soldiers — during the Second World Northern Ireland was for the military forces of the Allies one of the transit points. Jim was addicted to the magazine Astounding Science Fiction — especially boys liked the product Doc Smith and Robert Heinlein.

But the magazine Wonder Stories James any unexpected problems. The fact is that on the cover of the magazine in order to attract more audience, publishers placed pictures of seductive girls A mother of James was a true Christian and did not allow his son to keep the house «obscenity.» Fortunately, parents Walt proved to be more tolerant, because fiction kept Willis … After the war, friends started to produce a fanzine Slant — first they reprinted it your favorite pirate text, and then tried to write themselves. Through fiction.

By the way, James met his future wife — Margaret Sarah Martin was also a member of the Belfast fandom. In 1955 they were married and lived together for a lifetime. James and Margaret, two sons and a daughter.

Two years before his marriage to White for the first time managed to attach the story «The auxiliary passage» in the professional magazine New Worlds — the fee was ten pounds. White’s debut novel «The Secret Visitors» was released in 1957, and at the same time New Worlds started to publish stories about James Sector General, who eventually became his magnum opus.

In 1984, after the writer due to diabetes worsened vision, he quit his job and moved with his family to the resort town of Northern Ireland Port Stewart. There, James wrote books, actively participated in the life of fandom (a member of the board of the British Association of Science Fiction). There he died August 23, 1999.

Sector General

Distant future. More than two centuries have passed since the war between two powerful races — Terrans and orligian. When was the Space Federation, brought together more than fifty civilizations, namely Earth and Orligiya initiated the construction of a huge hospital where he could work the most talented physicians from all over the galaxy. The idea was supported by other races, not only because the hospital medical institution — it is also a kind of center where sentient beings can come into contact.

And in the twelfth sector emerged gigantic galactic space station where they bring a variety of patients, even Non-humanoid. The main thing — the complexity of the disease. People here just do not have! Every second doctor, medic, or the patient can boast the presence of tentacles or tails absolutely unappetizing processes: like teddy bears nidiane, elephantine traltane, caterpillar-kelgiane, zhukoobraznye telfiane, hlorodyshaschie ilensiane …

Not to mention these bizarre earthlings! Get along all this motley audience is not easy — even the normal human laughter some races perceived as an insult. To avoid conflicts on xenophobic. The hospital controls the powerful office of the Chief Psychologist. A support order in the vicinity of the hospital and monitor housing — the main military-police force of the Federation. The chief administrator is appointed from among them; he and other members of management have the military ranks.

At the very bottom of the hierarchy are trainees. Most of the newly arrived doctors, regardless of the qualifications of their native planet, starting with this. Quite often, the trainees have to perform the dirty work — for example, to make duck for the sick. Imagine how much wastes can give the patient the size of a brontosaurus? So do not say, as if to be a trainee is easy! The next stage of career — nurses, interns. Becoming an intern, Dr. newfound Hospital begins using a special technique of mental immersion. From its side effects inexperienced Dolittle and sleep long. After the so-called mnemogrammy actually podselyayut in mind doctor personality alien colleagues or patients, and those are well, very strange tastes and habits … That you would have liked to feel telfianinom — part of the Gestalt community of beetles that feed radiation? Ah. something pulls eat, where is the nearest nuclear reactor? For breakfast heels Sv did not stop b … For a man such single dose equivalent to death within a month. But using mnemogrammami Sector General, can truly like to call a specialist ioistine galactic level!

Elite Hospital considered diagnostician — after all to provide the patient really qualified help, you first need to understand where and what was wrong with him. Put the correct diagnosis, given that the representatives of some races no previous cases had not, can be incredibly difficult.

Besides medical error can give rise to serious friction between people of different races-even, God forbid, cause an armed conflict. Indeed, among the patients are very dignitaries — that if oak give any alien ruler? Therefore, to reduce errors in the treatment of unknown intelligent species to a minimum, diagnostician Hospital can become only those who, without prejudice to his own psyche can absorb a large number of embedded in the mind mnemogramm. No wonder that diagnosticians — the most experienced and talented Aesculapius Hospital. And it helps them in their work, in addition to mnemogramm, special chetyrёhbukvennaya qualification sentient beings, develop better medical Galaxy.

The next stage of career — Chief specialist surgeon, physiologist, nutritionist … The main experts headed by the relevant units of the Hospital, which, however, does not exempt them from solving the most complex practical problems. Formally experts accountable to the Chief Administrator, but in reality controls the upper echelon Hospital chief psychologist.

Finally, the important unit of the Hospital — ambulance service. After due promptly provided medical support for several previously unknown intelligent races have expressed a desire to join the Federation, the authorities trample decision to create a special-service ambulance. The challenge it — to respond to any distress, even come from areas not yet surveyed the galaxy. To do this at the disposal of the Hospital gave the ship «Rgabvar», made on a special project, the development of which was attended by many of the world Federation. The crew of the space ambulance collected the best experts interspecies medicine and commander «Rgabvara» have to combine several functions — a doctor and diplomat Xenology.

Aesculapius GALAXY

All the books in the series were written about the same scheme. Location — Sector General, or a variety of the planet.

At the heart of the conflict — a difficult patient or some mystery to the medical bias. And finally, most importantly — the heroes who solve these problems. Doctors, nurses, administrators … People are not only the fanatics of the business that do not spare yourself. If necessary, work multiple shifts without a break, booting stimulants. Their pesters corrosive authorities, plagued by fractious patients and their relatives intrusive, annoying popping everywhere nose warriors and bureaucrats Federation. But almost all the hospital staff (with very few exceptions) — surprisingly conscious individuals. Colleagues not used to poke one another spoke in the wheel, but without healthy competition for career reasons can not do. In general, a typical medical drama a serial …

One of the central characters — Earthman Peter Conway. Arriving at the hospital as an inexperienced but very perky intern, he quickly makes a brilliant career and became one of the leading diagnosticians, and then the chief surgeon. True, at first the fate of Conway as a doctor Sector General anybody and did not put a cent — for the first mnemogramma suppressed his own personality. But later Conway has repeatedly demonstrated ingenuity, brilliantly vyputyvayas of the most difficult situations. Conway proved himself worthy, not only as a doctor but also as a diplomat — for example, when attacked by hostile aliens Hospital. Not for nothing he was appointed commander of the starship «Rgabvar» first cosmic ambulance — because in this position need to think quickly. Curiously, communicate with others Conway long preferred the company of aliens. However, by his misanthropy saved Nurse Murchison — a talented medic spun an affair with her.

Pretty nurse started out as a trainee and then became pathophysiology. She was the first person who saw the intern Conway, only appearing in Gospitale- But the real interest in the girl emerged from Conway much later, when Murchison was used as a «medicine» to relieve doctors from serious problems — due to the implanted cent melfianskoy mnemogrammy Earthman fell in love with … crab. She was a member of the team «Rgabvara» and eventually married Conway, (but do not make fun of him stopped.

Chief Psychologist O’Mara, who has a solidity to the rank of Major monitor case — in fact, the king and god Hospital. «The main task O’Mara — ensure the harmonious and effective operation of multiservice staff, because all cases of xenophobia, he understands quickly and mercilessly. Due to the stiffness and some unscrupulous chief psychologist received from groaning under its fifth colleagues nicknamed «Torquemada» (the name of the famous Spanish Inquisitor). O’Mara intelligent, perceptive (too — some suspects him of the ability to read minds), sarcastic. But on the whole it is quite decent identity — however, in the clutches of his best not to get caught!

Universal favorite, the doctor-diagnostician named Prilikla — very fragile nasekomoobraznyh winged creature from the planet Tsinruss, congenital emiat — he captures the feelings of the interlocutor. Because of this ability Prilikla behaves unusually delicate and stressed friendly, covert hostility of others can bring it to the madness. Conway was deputy to «Rgabvare», and then he headed the ambulance service. Despite the painful sensitivity, ready to use his gift for finding victims in disasters.

Head nurse Neydrad — like a silvery hairy caterpillars kelgianka. Movement of fur from representatives of this race clearly show all their senses because different kelgiane straightforward and say whatever they think. Neydrad specializes in helping victims of disasters and is considered a very valuable member of the crew «Rgabvara.»

The main pathophysiology Tornastor — traltanin; in appearance it resembles a six-legged and four-eyed elephant medium size. Tornastor (for friends just Thorney) — a very big specialist, winner of ten already mnemogramm. With its symbiont complements its own sharp sense of sight within a radius of 360 degrees. Thorney loves to gossip, especially about the scandalous incident with an erotic tinge, that does not prevent him from being one of the best diagnosticians Hospital.

* * *

The main work of James White deservedly included in the golden fund of world kosmoopery. Author of «Space Hospital» was able to compose a «production» prose of the doctors who read with no less enthusiasm than the stories about the adventures of star adventurers or explorers. Maybe White was not a great writer, as he actually became the founder of a new subgenre — Medical science fiction. Not everyone is on the shoulder …

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