Strawberries FESTIVAL

Strawberries FESTIVAL

GRADE Festival (Prime Copious X) derived breeder YK Katinskoy on an experimental basis of «Red plowman» All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Plant, Leningrad region.

On Luga gossortouchastke fruit crops, Leningrad region, among other varieties tested, he stood out as one of the high-yield (Table. 1).

Since 1960, the festival has become the main variety that is widely implemented in the farms area.

Plants densely leafy; leaves thin, large, oval-shaped, dull bluish-green color. Folding large, clearly visible, but uneven. Shares sheet slightly concave boat, pendulous. Cloves medium-sized convex. Petiole pubescent projecting hairs. Grounds petiole stipule and green with a barely noticeable pinkish tinge. Flower stalks are located below the leaves. The flowers are large, bisexual.

According Luga gossortouchastka, freezing of plants in the test period was observed.

Berries are very large, elongated, tapered (wider first with a groove), bright red, shiny. The surface is flat. Seeds are rare, slightly submerged in the pink flesh. The taste is very good, sour (Table. 2).

Berries are large varieties Festival, economically fit to the latest charges. Ripening time — average. Botrytis berries affected less than that of varieties Komsomolskaya and Saxon. Over the years a variety of berries average susceptibility Komsomolskaya was 12.7%, Saxon — 9.5 and Festival — 5%.

In the farms of the Leningrad region grow high yields of strawberry varieties Festival. For example, the farm «Forest» Prigorodny production control plantations of varieties occupy 1.75 hectares. In 1963, the harvest from this area amounted to 165 kilograms.

The farm «Thais» Gatchina production management EA Vatiska link with the area of ​​0,6 hectares received 111 quintals of grapes.

On the basis of the data presented strawberry varieties Festival should be propagated and widely adopted in the collective and state farms of the North-West and Central regions of the USSR.

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