Su-27 fighters.

Su-27 fighters.

Plant selection for serial production

Selecting a plant for mass production of an aircraft has always been the prerogative of the ministry, and the possibility of influence on the adoption of the EDB solutions were fairly limited. MAP management solutions is determined by many factors, and not always of a technical nature. Since «free» plants was not available, and no one from the General was not going to «give» Sukhoi «his possessions», choices about the Su-27 from the very beginning was limited to only two serial enterprises — the Novosibirsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Minister of Aircraft Industry PV Dementiev was leaning in favor of Novosibirsk, guided by fears that the launch of such a complex technical and technological terms the aircraft as the Su-27 will be held here at a lower cost than the more distant from the center of the plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, with the result that , to light a corresponding order of MAP from March 27, 1975, but by 1976 the situation has «evolved.» The immediate cause is served is the activity that has shown in «lobbying» the interests of its plant new director of Far East Machinery Plant DMZ — VN Avramenko *.

* Vladimir Avramenko after the end of 1953 the Kharkiv Aviation Institute on the distribution was on the factory number 126 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where by 1974 consistently passed all stages of career ladder from foreman to the Secretary of the Party Committee and deputy chief engineer of the plant.

The story of the choice of serial plant deserves to explain it a bit more, so let me reproduce the corresponding memories of direct participant in the events: «In October 1974, I was appointed a director of Far East Machinery Plant. By this time in Komsomolsk-on-Amur implemented expanded serial production fighter-bombers Su-17 (150 180 vehicles a year) and cruise missiles «Amethyst» for arming submarines. It was a major planned products, and besides we did it in cooperation rear fuselage and rotary wing Su-24 as the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant «sew up» with the development of manufacture of the aircraft. But that’s not all — my predecessor, VE Kopylov, who translated the director of Kazan, worked there in the introduction of a series of IL-62M and Tu-22M2. So, it is «the old memory» soon threw us in Komsomolsk production tail of IL-62M and threatened to pass even the nacelle. In general, the download was decent, and it increases all the time.

But the plant was working together, the team have been very good. An important help is the fact that the plant had a currency gain, because our planes are widely delivered for export, and that at that time could boast, not every business aircraft industry. This made it possible to equip a new production, including and imported equipment. Thus, we had to complain about the fate: the main production technology from previous years debugged good targets from year to year were carried out, and the work on the Su-17, we were provided with at least another five years ahead. It seems to be working and do not worry. However, about six months after taking office, looking around at the site, having gone to

Moscow and see the project plan for the next five years, I realized that this prosperity could end pretty soon. From talking to the MAP and the State Planning Commission, it became clear that the gradual reduction of planned production program of the Su-17 and cruise missiles, but the planned increase in output of units produced in cooperation for the Novosibirsk and Kazan factories. The prospect of becoming a supplier of aggregates pleased few. Against the background of the fact that all the other companies of our cupola gradually transition to the production of new technology, we also had to find a new promising products, which would give not only the boot, but also the development of the plant for many years.

On the transition to the new machine, and thought my predecessor in the director’s chair. Vitaly Ye dreamed with time to master the factory release of the «big» cars, but it had to be put into operation new equipment and significantly expand the production area, as in the aggregate-assembly and assembly plants, we have been greatly tightened grid of columns. Therefore, even when it started the construction of new plants.

By business need I always flew to Moscow and, of course, quite often in our own Sukhoi. Here in this time of «marriageable age» were two new aircraft: Su-25 and Su-27. During visits to KB, several times I had a conversation with the OS Samoylovych and Y. Ivashechkina who persuaded me to take the plant Su-25. But during the discussion of this topic at home, with the guidance of our plant, we came to the conclusion that the DMZ Su-25 is of no interest. The explanation was simple: both subsonic aircraft and less complicated apparatus, compared to the already published here Su-17, it did not provide for the maintenance of the plant growth and development of production technology. Another my visit took place at OKB sad occasion — in September 1975, I attended the funeral of PO Sukhoi. During this visit, I met with EA Ivanov and this time finally abandoned the Su-25.

Then Eugene A. showed me materials elaborations on the Su-27. The aircraft I liked. Upon returning home, I again discussed the issue with the leadership of the plant: the chief engineer VG Kutsenko, chief technologist VP Lomakin and Party secretary of NP Shkurin. I can not say that I immediately supported. So I in turn sent Kutsenko and Lomakin Moscow that they place in the OKB, acquainted with the peculiarities of the design and manufacturing of the Su-27 and developed his own opinion. On his return, both said that they, too, like a plane, but, still, have expressed serious concerns about the complexity of its implementation in the series. It was hard to blame them for it, because they were both professionals in their field. For them, it was still fresh in the memories associated with the period of radical restructuring of production in the late 1950s., During the launch of a series of Su-7. In those years the plant seriously «fever», the plan is not carried out continuously, which is why many factory workers initially bayonets embraced the idea of ​​launching a series of fundamentally new aircraft. But gradually managed to convince most doubters of the necessity of this step. A major help in this case had the party organization of the plant. So I enlisted the support of the plant. But it was not the most difficult task.

The problem was that by the time the order of the MAP Su-27 was already «written» for Novosibirsk. And so when I first started talking about it with

PV Dementieva, he gave me, «do not understand», saying something like, «You and so like cheese in butter rolls around, what do you want?» When I tried to convince him that our proposal is well thought out, he was waiting to hear me up end, but he was adamant.

The main argument of the Minister was: «The plant is far from EDO, by specialized centers, so such a complex machine you do not pick up.» At the same time, to «sweeten the pill», he promised, «Su-27 Novosibirsk we give, and you give the production of IL-62. First — the wing, and then the fuselage. Over time, you will make the whole plane entirely. » A little later, for myself, I realized one more thing: apparently Peter V. did not want to change the already established cooperation with us on the units. So, faced a struggle for the Su-27. To convince Dementieva in the need to run a series of aircraft at our plant, I decided to get as many supporters at all levels of leadership.

The EDO initially react to our proposal with some caution. However, in further EA Ivanov has supported me, but somehow «not very strongly

«. In this situation, the director of the Novosibirsk Plant GA Vanag feel completely at ease, he believed that the Su-27, he «will fall into his hands.» But it is interesting that in this case it somehow is not particularly happy about it. After all, he had just gone through the launch of a series of Su-24, a factory in Novosibirsk in connection with this for a long time in a fever, and by 1975 he had barely begun to fulfill the production plan. Vanag in this regard go to the advanced workers, but rather the introduction of a new machine promised a new hassle associated with the fulfillment of plans, deprivation of bonuses and constant beating from his superiors.

Therefore, it is not particularly in a hurry to work on the Su-27. Real support for EDO I felt from MP Simon, after he was appointed chief designer of the Su-27. Simonov, perhaps knowing the attitude of Novosibirsk to the Su-27 was expressed in the sense that: «We need to give the plane to someone who wants to take it, not the one who shoved him! «. Also it supported me and IS Force, which by this time was the deputy minister for experimental aircraft. During another trip to Moscow, I directly from the Ministry of the phone made an appointment to the deputy MIC NS Stroyev. But, obviously, intelligence MAP has been put well, and as a result, almost immediately after that phone call, I was summoned to Dementieva. I went into the office, Peter V. sitting at the table looking depressed, my greeting is not responsible, does not raise head. Then we had a dialogue about the following:

— Where do you work?

— Komsomolsk.

— Do you work in the MAP. Do you know who I am? I — Minister of Aviation Industry. Why did you go for military? Complaining about the minister?

— Yes, I still did not go. And now I will not go!

— That’s right, do not go, you have nothing to do there!

As a result, the MIC I missed, but his attempts to influence the situation has not stopped. I was looking for support at various levels of government, and wherever possible, talking about our problems. He visited the State Planning Committee, had a meeting with Commander of the Air Force PS Kutahova, and finally — in the defense department of the Central Committee. At the same time, I was preparing rears at home, Komsomolsk. With the participation of the Party Committee and chief engineer at first convinced of the need for change management team of the plant and the city authorities. Once I managed to enlist the support of the 1st Secretary of Party Committee of AR Buriak, I began to look for a meeting with the Secretary of the Regional Committee of th 1 — AK Black. Being in Khabarovsk at the next plenary meeting of the Regional Committee, I signed up to see him. In conversation, my arguments as if convinced him, but he knew that there was a serious risk of unstable operation of the plant during the development of new complex machine. But the risk was considerable — our factory in the city’s economy and the whole of the Khabarovsk Territory play an important role. So I invited AK Black to our factory to it on the spot convinced of the seriousness of our intentions. During the next visit to the city, we have arranged his meeting with the heads of the main services and units of the plant, the secretaries of the party and trade union organizations. After hearing the speech of factory workers, who expressed his desire to take on a new car, Alex Klimentievich supported our desire to move forward, but shared his fears, we unanimously assured him that will not let any city or region. A few days later AK Black called me and said that he flies to Moscow for the CPSU Central Committee plenum, and it would be good to visit us along with the minister. I flew to Moscow. Dementyev received us without delay. On the eve of a visit to the Minister, we agreed, as we present our most profitable offers. Alex Klimentievich advised me: «Leave reserve trump card: the minister promised that the plant will retain the entire range recorded in the draft five-year plan.» Having estimated that the volume of deliveries of Su-17s and cruise missiles for the Navy should be gradually reduced, I agreed with this proposal. As a result, the report to the Minister, I said: «I am aware that once the Su-27 series will not go, so we are ready to continue in cooperation issue units of the Su-24 for Novosibirsk, and as Kazan — I do not I can sum up his former director of the plant, and, of course, I will do for him feathers for IL-62, but please remove the plant at least release the engine nacelles for the IL-62. » After I took the floor, AK Black. The meaning of his speech boiled down roughly as follows: «I met with the staff of the plant, and make sure that the plant is serious on the issue of the new aircraft. The plant operates rhythmically recent years, the plan performs, so we need to support the management of the plant in its quest to develop the production and develop new technologies. » Against this, the minister argued there was nothing. Probably not the last role played by the Minister in compliance also the fact that in the past in 1975 at Novosibirsk there were serious problems with the implementation of the plan. One way or another, but now the position Dementieva changed in our favor. Minister of his promise. Released February 27 Order of the Minister laid the production of the aircraft on the DMZ. » And for ten days before the chief designer of the Su-27 he was appointed

MP Simonov.


As previously mentioned, after the death of PO Dry any difficulties in the relations between the leaders of EDO. October 25, 1975, directly from parthozaktiva OKB, NS Czerniakow was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with «heart attack» and he for a long time «out of the game.» Leaders lose at such a critical moment was extremely unpleasant. In his role as Acting Chief Designer was RG The fair, which NS Chernyakov once took to his deputies from his post as chief engineer for flight tests. But this option was not a solution, because the candidacy RG Yarmarkova was not even the nomenclature of the MAP. Such a condition of the formal «anarchy» on the topic went on for quite a long time. The light has already managed to get out the January decision of the government of the Su-27, the ministry was preparing to enter the appropriate order on the organization of work. Apparently, in February 1976 the Minister of patience «came to an end.» PV Dementyev decided that «pull» to continue with the personnel issue in a time when the fate of threads increasingly impatient. As a result, the order of the MAP on February 16, 1976 the chief designer of the Su-27 was appointed MP Simonov.

Mikhail Simonov after the end in 1954 of the Kazan Aviation Institute (KAI) began operations in the department of the Institute, and subsequently continued to work with the designer of KB student KAI (hereinafter — OKB sport aviation), which by 1966 rose to the position Chief Designer.

Here, with his direct involvement, a set of gliders. In June 1969 order of the MAP Simon moved to work in Dolgoprudnenskoe KB Automatics (DKBA), and in February 1970 — in Ukhtomsky branch Taganrog M3, deputy to the chief designer of RL Bartini. In October 1970 the Order of

MAP MP Simonov as a Deputy. chief designer was sent to work in OKB PO Sukhoi. But the appointment of having some difficulties.

According to the memoirs of the MP Simonov, PV Dementiev spoke with PO Dry the appointment with him: «Kremlevka — a good phone, shouting. And I can hear

PO Sukhoi his quiet voice said, «No, Pyotr Vasilievich, I do not agree. I do not know Simon. » Dementiev shvarknul tube: «Ministers like this requires new bombers, new fighters, and then persuade everyone»

Bred, he picked up the phone, calls are no longer Sukhoi and Yevgeny Ivanov / Alekseevichu and says: «I am sending to you a Man, energetic guy, load his work. Position he will Deputy Chief Designer. All. Hello «- and hung up. Dementiev was a smart man. He instructed Ivanov, who want it or not must comply with the order of the Minister, is to persuade the Sukhoi. So I came in here with a terrible friction, and everyone assumed that, of course, of course — hairy hand …

…Anyway, I came to the KB. Dry did not receive me. Ivanov also sulking. And I’m talking on the CB, do nothing. The case ended up that I went to Ivanov. It is clear that Ivanov

— First Deputy. Sukhoi. And his head above any trouble. So I came in and said, «First, I have a flight training personally. Secondly, I understand a little bit in the organization of flight cases. … I see you hard, and I can not hang out too. Send me to the flight tests. I’m of use to it. » He looked up, said nothing.

But his secretary comes in and says: «Mikhail Petrovich, Eugene A. gave an order: tomorrow morning in Zhukovsky.» I said, «all the concepts.» Thus, MP Simon has developed quite an uneasy relationship with the leadership of EDO. It should be said that the flight tests of the Su-24 Simonov, supposedly proved himself with the best hand, a strong-willed and «punchy» leader. He returned to Moscow after it was completed state tests of the Su-24. Appointment of Chief Designer and participated in the design of the Su-27 was the MP for Simon serious independent design work in the Sukhoi Design Bureau. Being quite energetic and ambitious leader, Mikhail Petrovich was able to make full use of opportunities given to him …

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