The sound in the right tone

The sound in the right tone

Today the exhibition Integrated Systems Europe represents a cocktail of audio and video resheniy.Podobnoe developments logically led to the fact that a number of companies specializing in the manufacture and supply of sound equipment, ISE is considered as an alternative to the Frankfurt Trade Fair ProLight + Sound and Musikmesse — of course, if these companies have something to offer AB-instal-tor.

However, not everything is so simple and straightforward. A typical example: many market players SOUE (warning systems and evacuation management) tried to put up here, but for various reasons, refused to this idea. Probably for this reason, information about what is going to show Bose ISE offers a wide range of certified products EN54, until the last moment was kept in strictest confidence. The company has demonstrated a complete set of the equipment, including microphones for warning system in case of fire, amplifiers, the devices play back recorded voice messages, uninterruptible power supplies, as well as exterior and interior (ceiling) speakers.

Another novelty could be detected on the bench Ateis, where its distributor and partner of the company introduced a system Xavtel CONFIGURATION Renz communication Senator. Interesting features of this development are, firstly, optimized numbering the total number of microphones connected to yuoo pieces and the ability to manage them from a single console, and secondly, an improved digital signal processing module. In parallel with her exposure Ateis demonstrated an innovative modular server Mira with the ability to capture analog video streaming. The device is designed to transmit audio and video signals (HD format) to remote input / output information.

Not to be outdone by its competitors, Duran Audio introduced a line of passive Intellivox loudspeakers with analog beam steering (ADC), certified according to the standard EN54-24. On the stand Tappou demonstrated a more recent development — in a series of active speakers QFlex a new 5.5-meter vertical array (Sound Column) QFlex 64, also steerable. New allows you to keep two independent settings in internal memory and switch between them with the remote control or any other control device of any third party. Thus, in just a couple of seconds at the touch of a finger, you can translate the AU, for example, the mode of scoring a big concert or sporting event in the mode of an emergency alert. Columns QFlex 64 will go on sale next spring.

Funktion One company used its first outing on the ISE (in Frankfurt she exhibited every year) to boast a series of horn loudspeakers MST (short for Modular Stadium Technology), designed specifically for use at major sports arenas, stadiums, etc. They are based on the u-O-inch midrange allows precise pattern control that allows you to prevent unwanted reverberation in a vast space. It is surprising that this series does not have a proprietary purple color characteristic of products Funktion One.

The unusual decision was shown on the stand Sennheiser: a new wireless sound system LPS 500 Pro, compatible with any brand of microphones, built-in media player and has, no doubt, will find wide application in hotels and other hospitality facilities, fitness centers, churches, and temples.

Just a few novelties boasted exposure Beyerdynamic. Wireless con Ferenc system Quinta familiar AV Market More Exhibition InfoComm, but in this case she performed a part of a complex of technical solutions with support for analog video capture streaming. For the first time in Europe it was shown accessories for wireless systems excursion Synexis, including disposable headphones and carrying case. Finally, the company introduced digital radio TGiooo with a unique wide range of carrier frequencies (up to 789 MHz ot470) that will successfully apply it anywhere in the world regardless of the nuances of the local legislation on wireless communication.

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