The stones of our Motherland

Ukraine — one of the world’s richest countries in natural resources. She can be proud of not only its famous black earth, but also the world’s largest reserves of ornamental stones, mainly granites. Ukrainian crystalline shield extends from the Volyn region to the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov width of 150-200 kilometers. The explored reserves of block stone are about 200 million cubic meters. Annually, mining and recycling an average of about one million tons of granite (per cubic meter — about 3 tons), the world’s only industry in the Ukrainian granite could work 600 years. Furthermore, in Ukraine, a unique palette of colors of the stone. All shades of gray, silver, black, plum, with sparks of blue, green and gold, «peacock’s tail», juicy red and green granite and labradorite — a unique natural raw materials used even for jewelery. According to estimates of American specialists under our feet is a wealth valued at about $ 20 trillion.

But few possess wealth, we must also be able to use it. Times when hewing depended solely on the skill of the craftsman, passed. Today, stone mining and stone-industry — an important component of the industrial potential of the country. But in Ukraine from 110 explored deposits of granite — is being developed just over 40! A leader in the world in terms of ornamental stones, Ukraine is one of the last places on its extraction. The reason is simple — lack of advanced technology and equipment.

However, there are companies in Ukraine trying to remedy this situation. These include JSC «Mining and stone-mill» squirrel «, which includes a stone-processing factory, and three career — Dobrinskii labradoritny, Shadurski gabbro, granite Kiev. His over the years led Anatoly Povzik. On the basis of the enterprise to create a Ukrainian-Italian company «UKRGRANIT», where 54% of the statutory fund belongs to the Ukrainian side, and the contribution of the Italian side — modern production lines for stone processing.

«Our factory, — says Anatoly Ivanovich — was created 50 years ago for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Kiev after the war, in particular,

Downtown. He then called Kiev granite polishing factory. Today the plant «squirrel» — the leader of the domestic stone mining and stone-industry. Its production is based on modern imported production equipment for the extraction and processing of stone. The old «explosive» granite mining technology not only destroys the structure of the stone, but it led to big losses. When further processing department of the monolith from the array is produced by cutting slits rope reinforced with diamond rings, with a further shift with cushions. Today, in this way, a new quarry Dobrinskii labradorite (according to experts — the best in the world). The production was 2-3 times higher than in the conventional technology. The introduction of production lines for the production of thin slabs increases productivity by 20-30% and allows better use of raw materials.

The new lines allow the manufacture of marble and granite products that meet international quality standards. Our plant exports its products to many countries of Europe, CIS, America and the Middle East. This is — modular facing slabs, window sills, fireplaces, steps, coffee tables, complex product configurations. Today, such a line, we can make a day of 200-300 square meters. meters of modular panels. Serve this line of twelve people.

Products Plant «squirrel» is widely known. Construction and reconstruction of many prestigious projects in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities were carried out using its products. This — the station of Kiev and Kharkiv subway, the Palace «Ukraine». Museum of the Great Patriotic War, the Mariinsky Palace, the Ukrainian House, the National Philharmonic Hall, Main Post Office, Palaces of Culture Security Service and the Interior Ministry, Lviv Bus Station, St. Michael’s Square, a new fountain on Khreshchatyk at the Passage, facades and lining the interiors of many office buildings, banks, offices, embassies, underground transitions, monuments Archangel Michael, Yaroslav the Wise, and Mykhailo Hrushevsky in Kyiv, Ivan Franko in Vienna, Vasily Porika, Taras Shevchenko in Paris, as well as the figure of St. Andrew in the monument to Princess Olga. The latter is particularly roads, Anatoly Ivanovich, because of his proposal was made after all of marble, not bronze as originally anticipated. Who supplied stone products for many refurbishment projects in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine and Russia.

But this is only the beginning. In general, the industry, which can make the glory and the name of Ukraine, we are in a deplorable state.

Khrushchev’s attitude to the «excesses» in the architecture of retarded development of the industry for twenty years. There was a «blow up» the unique Leznikovsky quarry red granite quarrying stalled. Modern technologies and equipment is very expensive. Each cubic meter of production capacity costs 200 — $ 500 investment. In addition, the need to create infrastructure, engineering, processing of waste.

«These costs, of course, pay for itself, — says Anatoly Ivanovich — because our industry is to» exchange. » In terms of return can be compared with agriculture. But if there is an element of risk — frost, drought, bad years, and so on — that we are all stable: mined, cut, processed, sold, settled with creditors and currently remain. Putting a dollar today, a year and a half we get. «

We must give the governments of the last decade — they are all interested in this issue. But their frequent changes did not produce positive results. The current Prime Minister, when he was still with the rank of minister, gave the order to develop a pilot quarry. Develop targeted programs to attract professionals to create not only the equipment for the extraction of granite, but a tool for its processing — from the Institute of superhard materials factory for the manufacture of automatic machines to them. Gorky and many other companies are now idle. The development of stone mining industry could provide jobs for many businesses related industries.

«We have to think about the complex processing of stone in Ukraine, — says Anatoly Ivanovich, — enhance the effectiveness of its deposits, do not clutter up the territory of waste. Previously, «nurses’ working stone crushing plant, produces annually 40 million. Cubic meters of rubble, which is still needed for the construction industry. But plants — worth. If you take a stone as gabbro, his output from the array is only 8-14%, and the rest is in the dumps. Putting kolochnoj units can be made from waste items to the pavement. Such use will give an economic and aesthetic effect, and the people in the cities will not breathe with asphalt. «

In our country, many stone-plants, but they are out of work — there is no stone, but there are deposits with a capacity of overlying layers of more than 40 meters, which allows the extraction of blocks of more than 5 cubic meters. meters. But for the removal of such large blocks do not have enough equipment. Simple due to the fact that domestic suppliers of granite stone is more profitable to sell abroad — in this case they do not pay VAT. Therefore, importers are purchasing the best units in Ukraine, leaving us to move and get in the processing of plates by 20% more. One cubic meter of unique Ukrainian labradorite (of which even make jewelry) is the global market more than a thousand dollars.

Foreign experts of stone mining industry are not familiar with the potential and quality of granite extracted in Ukraine. And at the same time on the physical and mechanical characteristics, strength characteristics and colors Ukrainian granite has no equal in the world. Turchinsky silver gray gabbro, used for decoration of the mausoleum VI Lenin, much better publicized Norwegian. But few people know about it. Unique deposits of gabbro and labradorite are in Zhytomyr, Cherkasy, Kirovohrad and Rivne regions. Facing stone is mined in Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa, Ternopil and Kyiv regions of Ukraine. In any global directory of finishing stones you will find Portuguese, Chinese, Norwegian, Russian, and even … granite, but not Ukrainian. There he simply called «Rushen» — Russian. Unable to explain the foreign partners, it is the Ukrainian granite.

The world championship is confidently held the Italians, even though about 80% of granite they purchase abroad by investing in the development of oil fields in Brazil, India, South Africa, a lot of money. Granite and they are exported from Ukraine. But after processing at our Italian plants granite gets new commercial names. For Kapustiansky granite awarded commercial name «rosso Santyago», Yemelyanovsky — «rosso Toledo» (!). It would be fair to the world’s finest granite Korninskogo, Dobrinka, Tokovskogo or Shadurski deposits were Ukrainian-sounding name, enhancing the prestige of the state.

Stone, as any product subject to the whims of fashion. This year, the fashionable green labradorite, used to be fashionable red granite. However, here the fashion dictates are not the best, and most advertised products, participate in international exhibitions. We need to create the name of our stone, give it a sonorous name, advertise it at all levels, while our products become a truly world-famous.

«I want to show the world — continues to Anatoly Ivanovich — that Ukraine is ready for serious cooperation on the global market. Therefore our company at their own expense to participate in many international exhibitions: «Ukraine-France», «Ukraine — Belgium», «Ukraine — Singapore», «Ukraine — Germany» and many others, raising the prestige of our country. Ukraine should take an appropriate place among foreign suppliers of granite. We have all, to set the tone on the world market and fashion. This requires a national approach, the creation of a favorable economic climate. To raise the industry needed government programs.

Quarry should give a year 3-5 thousand cubic meters of stone, then he announced himself, and his name will be directories. We can produce annually 3-4 thousand cubic meters of stone and selling it to get from 600 thousand to 1.2 million dollars in profits. But where to get loans for quarrying, upgrade production lines processing a stone? As president of the Ukrainian Foreign Economic consortium, I can say: «As long as the country is not civilized credit and tax policies, legislation proper to talk about the competition or to domestic producers does not make sense.»

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