The true face of Ayurveda

The true face of Ayurveda

Summer — the season of the Indian rain. In the south of India — Kerala, home to the most powerful in the world of Ayurveda — June insanely hot and humid. So my choice fell on Ayurvedic otelchik in the Himalayas, located near mikrogorodkom Ranikhet. About inhuman beauty of those places telling pointless — even pictures do not convey the savagery and madness surrounding nature. But the people and procedures can tell. And about the leopard, of course, about the leopard!

National features

India — a traditional state, and even if you are a freedom-loving foreigner will have to submit to these traditions. For example, women in religious places have to go not just in a long dress (legs, shoulders, stomach and everything else should be closed), but in the shawl. Scarf or any other kind of cloth around the neck have to hide even a hint of what you have under your clothes there chest. As for the characteristics of the treatment, in our Himalayan Ayurvedic body massage clinic women I could do only a woman and a man — a man. Because it was wrong to see the man naked woman, and vice versa. If in the framework of a particular procedure, there is no need to undress (facial massage, Shirodhara, and so on. D.), The intersexual medical contact is possible.


Detox program, to which I subscribed, called Panchakarma, which translated means «the 9 action.» In fact, actions carried me much more: 2 treatments per day for three weeks. Immediately report the results: minus 5 kg of weight, minus 9 cm in the hips, suspicious lightness in the body (sometimes find myself running up to the second floor and was surprised to remember that I did not do it to adolescence) and a surplus of energy, combined with the calmness of the mammoth .

Ayurveda DEISTVII Himalayas I’m going to hope for a massage, which in Moscow because of the lack of time, can only dream of. On the first day of my expectations: Indian doctor Vijay immediately sent all the guests (from Russia have arrived three — me, girl-yogi from Podolsk, and her 13-year-old daughter) to a full body massage. Ayurvedic oil massage is done in an hour and ends with bath, which in all seriousness, you can sleep with pleasure. The second day was a procedure for facial masks and a variety of uhodnymi means. Such buzz lasted s day. I’m definitely sure that I came to paradise. Then the test.

Collect all the toxins

On the fourth day of stay at the resort I was prescribed to drink ghee — clarified butter with a little spice and ginger for a snack. Depending on how extensive the amount of toxins accumulated in this or that person, as part of Panchakarma he will have to drink ghee s, 5 or 7 days. On the first day a small amount of oil — 50 ml. By the seventh day, he can reach up to 250 ml. I was lucky: the maximum dose was 150 ml, and all day s entertainment.

enema give the charge of dangerous energy that has nowhere to go

As explained by the doctor, every morning libation ghee together with massages toxins collected in the center — they are driven to the digestive tract. What for? To then be easily and naturally wash out.

Normal Indian wonders

Dr. Vijay, who planned all our treatments, sometimes sent us on tours and any concern that all was well — a heroic man and has abilities that in our northern latitudes are considered supernatural. Do not think I’m a normal western skeptic, and I was even quite truthful statements such as «you’re taking on a lot of responsibility, so you back hurts» not catch. But there were situations and pomahrovey. Once we have come to the doctor for consultation all three — the girl-yogi, her daughter and me. Doctor, as always, everyone felt the pulse, measured the pressure — and, contrary to his eternal gaiety somehow crouched. It’s like eating a lemon. Two or three times he asked the girl-yoga, as it is the case. He looked intently into his eyes. But she confidently said that she was all right. The doctor paused for a moment absorbed in the contemplation of the landscape outside the window. And then he asked: «You spoke today with Moscow? Also in Moscow, something bad, right? «And the girl Yogi cried. I myself saw her in the morning on Skype talked with her husband. The conversation they went bad, even I was sad. And her daughter. Everyone. Perhaps her husband — a nice man, but particularly in the morning, he behaved mildly ill. «You have to Moscow two days do not talk — delivered its verdict doctor. — Then you can. And yet — an important stage in the treatment, you can not worry. «

8 days enemas

When the doctor said that we will entertain an 8-day course of enemas, I really wanted to go home. Vacation is not so common to see him in the toilet. But in practice, the test was not so terrible: before each oil enema is a full body massage, then sauna and then … enemas are alternated every other day, one day — oil enema, a day — a medicinal herb broth. The first — a small, second — semivedernaya (I exaggerate, of course, but a lot of hell!). On the third day of enema happened to me something strange. We girls went for a walk around the neighborhood and carried away, gone eight kilometers from the house. Then slightly lost their way and were like circles. Then eight kilometers back. Up down. Straight road there. When we got to the hotel, I realized that for the whole trip, I not only not tired — I still had so much energy that you can not go back to the bungalow, where I’ll blow something. And, having said goodbye to the girls, I ran up the hill ZKM. Then down.

Then dinner and 6 km to the town. And back. Only after that I was able to lie down and sleep. Fortunately, such incidents do not happen again — but in a way I learned to what indicators can accelerate your own body, if they do well.

Cleaning of all systems

Once the insides become crystal clear, physiotherapists (subordinate doctors) took up my senses. As part of Panchakarma all pure oil, so the ears, eyes and nose also began to pour oil. And if dripping in your ears and temporary deafness due to cotton swabs only pleased, then pouring oil into the eye beforehand awe-inspiring.

Here’s how it works: you lie on your back and in your face kind of build a pool of test. Around the eyes grow walls and poured into a warm ghee. Thus eyes are bottomed basin and for 15 minutes under a layer of oil. The eyes should be opened and if possible not to blink, that, to my surprise, was not difficult. According to the girl-yoga, which is part-turned girl diver, oil is much lighter than water, so it opened my eyes a lot easier. About efficiency glazozalivaniya nothing specific I can not say: my eyes have seen before normal, so that the procedure did not particularly changed. But the ear infusion brought a surprise. As a child I was sick otitis, and the left ear began to hear a little worse right. For 20 years, I got used to this discomfort, and ceased to notice it. And remembered only in the Himalayas! Because the left ear back to normal. Trifle, but nice!

Washing mind

At the final stage of the detox program provided clean mind — a procedure called Shirodhara, which is so fond of Western photographers. As part of this procedure you within an hour poured on the forehead warm oil. That seems to be all. Outside. Inside the sensation can be described indefinitely — and still it does not give that experience with his own mind, which I got. Explanation «is, I live inside my head» sounds crazy and incomprehensible. So I highly recommend you to experience a state of their own.

Treatment back

Some Ayurvedic treatments can cause confusion skeptical. For example, the so-called «leaving behind». You lie on your stomach and on your back build bucket of dough. Or bath. In general, the bottom of the structure — the very back, and it is stuck on the wall of the bread. Inside the bath pour warm Ayurvedic oil (a mixture of vegetable oils with herbal extracts). It would seem a dubious entertainment — who say, laughed at. Lying with a bucket of oil on the back. The first, second, even a third procedure I felt a relaxation, but otherwise was indignant: What nonsense is this? In the fourth session, as soon as his back was to pour oil, I felt a wave of relaxation swamped vertebra by vertebra, and then the brain. Thoughts stopped. It was audible breathing and heartbeat. And among this ringing silence it became possible to feel like a muscle for muscle, tightening the vertebrae, hand position — relax, dissolve, disappear. In this magical moment I fell asleep. And since then, every such procedure lightning, wave from the spine to the brain, lulled me for an hour and the back, meanwhile, was treated — without me. So, says the doctor, much faster. 6 was his will, he would put me to sleep at all for three weeks so as not to interfere with his doubts body relax.

Shirodhara is pointless to do without cleaning the body

Note: Shirodhara does not give a positive result, if you make it once. Minimum — three or best of five or seven. In addition, the effect of this procedure is the best (as, by the way, the rest of the events described) provided under the Indian climate and the Indian air. The scientific explanation of this fact is not — you have to just believe. And one more thing: to secure the promise of Shirodhara harmonize the mind with the body, you must first cleanse the body.

The technology So, if you summarize the essence of Ayurvedic slimming technology and improving health, the following: the body must be approached comprehensively. Cleansing the body and getting rid of toxins must be combined with a light diet, which does not generate new pollution. In the Indian context it was fractional four meals consisting of rice, lentils, herbal tea and a variety of vegetables. For non-vegetarians sounds scary. By myself I can say that I quickly adapted to the regime and today, one month after the end of the trip, happy to eat a simple plant foods (raw, boiled or steamed). To detox diet program and should be accompanied by exercise. Walking in the mountains — an ideal option. Tired of itself a power load is not necessary. And, of course, in an ideal — clean air, friendly people, good mood, a lot of wild animals, no computers and stress. Simple Indian happiness!

On acquaintance with wild animals

Blessed Indian nature with care and attention belongs to us, silly and maladaptive foreigners. Returning late at night in his bungalow in the darkness, I heard some growling. Since I do not have a file in my head «may leopards,» I thought, and found the most similar file «probably a dog.» Although only dog ​​that lives in the vicinity of the hotel, was not growling and Labrador. In general, calming myself, I despised the danger and went on. This action has seriously upset the one who was sitting in the dark. He growled in an adult. If the first growl could be translated as «go away, busy», the second was clearly rude expletive. Inside, I went cold. Heart, circulation and respiration froze for a split second, and the next, or cougar, everything is fine. Let’s go. » They took flashlights (not guns or clubs and torches) and plunged into darkness. They gently clicked his tongue and tried to persuade the beast: «What are you tug go? Come on. » and, fortunately, in the weeks that followed, he did not return. But many hares, deer, monitor lizard, parrots and eagles sometimes shows valis-out of the woods, went on unfenced area of ​​the hotel and delighted us with their existence.

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