Total tend to develop into quality. If you start from this axiom, the Sorolla has long had to be the highest quality car in the world. However, all kinds of European and transatlantic rankings only confirm this theory.

But there is a downside: the most popular have to run faster than anyone, and at least one step ahead of the others, or not to retain leadership. Previous Sorolla has long been customary to average car, which is not much different from all the others. A new, eleventh generation is simply obliged to change the situation.

It looks new SogoPa perhaps even defiantly, with the claim. And look how grown! She * 80 mm longer than its former self, 15 mm wider, and the base is increased by as much as 100 mm! Because so roomy in the back seat, except that the passengers of average height «shakes» the ceiling. In this expanse, mind you, there is no conflict with the volume of the luggage compartment: under the hood — an impressive 452 liters.

The rear seat backrest folded portions default. It is a pity that this is impossible even ploshadka, and hatch for long-mers is not provided.

And from the point of view of the driver inside is … Auris workplace situation is repeated almost one to one. But the interesting point: if the «mass premiums and al ny» (so called representatives of the company) Auris want to see more creative, the sedan SogoPa decoration exactly the format — richer, more solid than before, and it is fine.

but there are questions. The famous and have old-fashioned «vsetoyo-tovskie» buttons, no backlighting on the remote windows, too low infoekran located on the center console. But critical complaints. Driver’s seat is mounted on 10 mm lower, but the same drive for, is not it?

In search of drive

Unbeknown to the organizers I decided to deviate from the route … On the test machine was brought gasoline (diesel is open to question) 1.6 and 1.8, both of which are equipped with variators. Junior is not too actively driven at low speeds, good unwinding with only 4000 rev / min. Variator, of course, is trying to quickly bring the engine to an optimum mode, but in these endeavors to drive quite a bit.

Engine 1.8 — incidentally, the only one for us that Europe does not offer — expected smoother, and thrust him better. But on the whole, alas, all very similar. Few drive! Push harder, and in response, only hoarse howl of the engine, and even offensive after a pause in the shift transmission ratio. You can, of course, play the lever gearbox, changing the fixed gear, but the harmony is still not achieve: on the second streamer is not enough, and the third seems

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