Trump «Six»


The new «Mazda-6» for the Japanese brand has become something more than just the next generation of the popular model. No class having a solid exterior and rich inner world, this comfortable and economical car was full of new for herself virtues. And, of course, it must be noted that the «Mazda» suddenly blossomed and turned out pretty simpleton in the writings of beauty! And fans of the «six», came out of the gloom, again ready to raise his passion on a pedestal of success where she could finally push apart leaders.

Chances of success

Having loved this present «six», and in fact may be one of the only bright appearance. Since the time of sunset coupe RX-8 is the «Mazda», perhaps there was a car that would have had an equally spectacular appearance. Moreover, visually the car seems even more majestic than it actually is: dimensions of «Mazda» can not be considered extraordinary by the standards of the middle class, but it looks bigger and more expensive than other business sedans.

But most importantly, «six», finding a respectable and solid appearance, it did not become uncontrollably cultivate a sense of self-worth. Yes, with the change of generations of gamma power units disappeared most affordable 1.8-liter engine — the lucky ones, who a few years ago became the owners of the now old «six», laid in the amount of 750 — 800 thousand rubles, can forget about sweet prices. But everything is relative: compared with the old price list year-old 2-liter version even cheaper.

This summer, the Japanese have expanded the number of complete sets, and at the same time complement range of engines more powerful engine. His contribution to the common cause, and could make a station wagon — perhaps the most elegant sport tourer on the market. However, the cargo version until Russia has still not reached. We are waiting with!

However, even some «nedogiby field» did not prevent the warm welcome that the market met the charming «Japanese» — in less than six months, sales of the car has sold 5242 copies. Better now sold unless the «Passat» — 5960 cars. However, this figure included a variety of niche and marked the letters SS — that is in fact a completely separate model. In general, at the end of the year it is «Mazda» has the potential to be the most popular vehicle among his own kind. Is not it a success?


In view of the equipment of «Mazda-6» has perhaps the best-in-class price. The optimal version of «Active» with a 2-liter engine, «automatic», leather interior, comprehensive arsenal of security tools and biksenon worth 1,126,900 rubles. For so generously packed cars of the middle class is a great offer! Cheaper «Mazda» out unless «Hёndech40» and «Ford Mondeo» — and that, taking into account seasonal discounts. But in the «Mazda» from the Japanese discount is not questioned — in contrast to many competitors’ six «takes what is called a wheel. Against this background, the speed pleases the dealers who are willing to pick up the stock or bring on order in a week or almost any version. The only exceptions are cars, painted white acrylic (metallic require additional payments from 14 to 19 thousand rubles), and has just debuted the 2.5-liter version: waiting period for such modifications may take a couple of months.

However, ways to save when buying is still there. For example, you buy the same «Active» without automatic transmission, saving in the budget of 50 000 rubles. However, if you believe that the «machine» is the most important virtue of a large car, you can take it, sacrificing wealth configuration. However, even the basic version of «Direct» ascetic can not be called: there are not only all the necessary (power accessories, heated seats, air conditioning, MP3-player, a full set of airbags and ESP), but such excesses as the system keyless discs Light alloy and fog lamps. The main drawback of the most democratic «six» can be regarded as «cut-down» multimedia system, which has no touchscreen and controller.

If you are ready from the optimum to grow toward greater well-being, offers a 2.5-liter engine (75 000 rub.), And the version of «Syuprim» (124 000 rub.), Which pleases the presence of toning, rear camera species, Parktronic circle, adaptive headlights and huge 19-wheel dyumovyh. However, large, «bast» on our roads seem dubious merit. Interestingly, even the top version of the 1.3 million, decorated with leather interior and stereo «Bose» actually turns out to be quite competitive. A car in the base looks more expensive than necessary. As you can see, «Mazda» is still ready to «kill the price» in the best sense — but she got in community cards and the new cards. What kind?


The most obvious of the many trump cards «six» — design. Everything about her in the suit: the predatory squint headlights, aquiline nose and c, and the sloping roofline and tapering side windows and tangled lines on the sides of the body, and a pair of trunks exhaust peeking out from under the rear bumper. Beauty «Mazda» is as big and solid, but it does not seem overweight. Masterpiece — neither give nor take! Another plus — good quality and practicality of the body. Yes, the thresholds can not boast of a talisman of unpainted plastic, but do not have the protective door moldings. But transparent «angraviya» Japanese do not regret having put its thick layer on the doorstep. Skirts bumpers trimmed with black plastic edging, so it’s easy contact with kerbstones be without consequences. Increased to 16 cm ground clearance — another definite plus new «six»: the earlier «Mazda» were known for their love to drop the belly to the ground. And finally, the double sealing door openings remain clean.

Inside the «Mazda-6» appears car more thorough and thoughtful. The most monumental part of the interior came the central tunnel, which is easy to see the light Bavarian notes — in its submission betrays something beemveshnoe. But is it an imitation of the best examples — it is a mortal sin? Crossover CX-5 heralding a new style, and «six» took him to order. Digital watch it arranged logically — in the center console, and the lights and the radio air condition changed from red to white, entering into harmony with the illumination of the dashboard. In general, the interior looks expensive, high-tech, and in the light palette -More and home-style cozy.

Keep it up, «Mazda»! And yet — it really all the disadvantages in the past? Alas …

Called «Mazda-6» ideal of the ergonomics prevent minor flaws. Adjust the «navigator» seat adjustment still impossible, and the lid of the armrest is movable only in the vertical plane — to vary its height, unfortunately, can not. Control mirrors, as in the past, deprived of illumination.

That’s all the shortcomings. Agree, these blemishes are insignificant and can not serve as a valid reason for not buying.

From the point of view of humanity, «Mazda» is ready to give odds to many rivals. The rear seat has a spacious, typical of most larger cars: legroom is almost more than, say, «TEAH.» But the stock adjustment is not enough: a man above 190 cm will prop up the roof over the sofa. Moreover, the high-end version with a hatch headlining another 4 cm below.

Lounge boasts a full range of lighting diffusers, perched above the rear doors comfortable clothes hooks, and on the backs of the front seats settled deep pockets.

A curious fact: the machines with no air-conditioning ducts on the central tunnel, facing the couch passengers. A pity, since they have a large salon warmed much faster. However, the optimum «Active» default «are air-conditioned» and therefore devoid of such shortcomings.


In any version of the driver’s seat has a confident side support and infinitely adjustable cushion angle, but has a low landing — in that situation, even a tall person to get a decent backwater thigh of the right leg. And in versions with leather and electric is not difficult to sit without losing the convenience and higher: here the front edge of the cushion can be raised separately.

All other controls are in place and do not cause problems. However, this did not spoil the overall positive impression of the ergonomics of the driver’s seat.

Controller multimedia system is not satisfactory. However, I had to evaluate its improved version, which will debut in the new «Mazda-3» — there it is more convenient, as supplemented by a separate kruglyashi volume. On the «six» so, too, will surely after restyling — a year or two. In any case, even without this «washer» and the base radio «Mazda» gives the impression of a well thought out and very expensive car.

But visibility — not the strongest side of the machine. And if the view forward is quite normal, it is necessary to take the ass, so to speak, on a whim: the side mirrors do not allow us to look for plump rear arches, and window-sill line seems excessive. But, unfortunately, a rearview camera and parking sensors are laid in a circle only the top version of «Syuprim» and overpay for the joy of 124,000 rubles few vouchsafed. Therefore, parking sensors, may have to be ordered on the side. SHIP SUITCASES

Raspihat of deep holds a dozen different-sized packages, I found myself thinking that here would enter the same amount of load. After loading the luggage compartment to the eyeballs, you encounter a problem: in bags, pressed against the back of the sofa have to reach; and if the bumper is dirty, it can stain your clothes in a jiffy.

Separate credit goes to a hole in the trunk in the living area, which forms the folded backrest of the sofa — I was able to skip through two mountain bikes! Agree, a rare sedan capable of such feats of labor.

Still on the practicality of «six» generation change dealt a heavy blow: Japanese ruthless hand was removed from the range of possible body hatchback. And because the wagon, as I said, we were still not being taken, the problem of transportation of oversized cargoes still remains unresolved.


The new «Mazda-6» has been tested, gaining maximum points and almost fully preserving green silhouettes of men. And a little earlier, «six» perfectly passed the American crash test with flying colors to withstand head-on collisions with a barrier of varying degrees of overlap, fold the pole and taking the roof strike blanks, — and overseas experts on any of the items do not have any additional questions . Naturally, without the six pads, ABS, ESP and programmable crumple zones that would be impossible. «Six» to tinnitus will warn about the need to wear seat belts, and this applies not only to the front, but rear passengers.

We especially liked electronics, responsible for the automatic light control. Adaptive bi-xenon headlights not only follow the rays of the rudder, but do include the long-range — depending on the speed, coverage and availability of oncoming cars.


The most popular modification — with two-liter engine and the «automatic» — is rather leisurely lady. From the place it starts quite cleverly, but typing speed of 40 — 50 km / h, «Mazda» as if asleep — and awaken it can only be pushing through the accelerator pedal more than polhoda. A spore overtaking is better to use the kick-down. However, if the moderate rate of acceleration, the «machine» immediately podotknet higher gear — say, so it is economical.

Alas, such savings is to the detriment of driving pleasure, and it’s sad. Above the people responsible for setting the throttle and automatic transmission, if there were ecologists with baseball bats.

But in the car with the «mechanics» I immediately turned to go much faster -dar passport that she is a second faster in the spurt to hundreds. It is easier to maintain the engine speed in the power range, causing the «Mazda» to go as it should. Yet there is even more drayverskogo «six» — the one that got a 2.5-liter engine. This motor is interesting not only greater performance power and torque, but also at a compression ratio (13: 1) — and this feature can also be written in the column with the pros: this engine is not as sensitive to the quality of fuel.

Under normal circumstances, a more powerful machine is quieter and better luck: a hundred on the speedometer, it is exchanged for three seconds faster. According to the dynamics of this «six» is comparable to the equipped V6 «Camry»!

Sport mode «automatic», the truth, and this machine would not hurt: the AKP here practicing early transition to a higher level. Nevertheless, it is this combination of engine and gearbox should recognize the best possible. The only pity is that the overpayment for this talented tandem of great -75,000 rubles.

By tuning the chassis «six» claims a minimum: the engineers were able to find the optimal balance between comfort and handling. Minor pits and even bigger potholes machine tries not to notice at all, and the joints of flyovers «Mazda» noble cause-passes. Super! What about drayverskih talent? Shall Beauty exchanged them for a smooth ride? Certainly not! At first it might seem that on the steering wheel is no longer as acute and liveliness, which is rich in her younger sister «matryoshka» — but with the growth of mutual understanding with the machine speed is increasing. She loves, she is able to ride a fun and delicious!

We should also be said about the elaboration of acoustic body. In the old days, «Six» is not embarrassed to go to the owner’s ears, filling the interior of the engine and the sounds of percussion suspension. But now, «Mazda» can safely be put on a par with «Passat» or «Avensis». Minor gaps in the sound insulation reveal themselves only on the muddy roads — pebbles fun drumming on the wheel arches.

…Without them

One of the most serious problems of former «sixes» means low ground clearance. Now, stretching from the roulette asphalt to protect the plastic casing, I intend to 16cm. Even a skirt that came under the front bumper for the optimization of aerodynamics, the Japanese are not made of hard plastic and soft rubber. It can be easily bent in all directions and painlessly tolerate assaults on obstacles. The bottom of the well still has a flatter profile: you have pretty try to damage it. And another undoubted asset can be recognized, and the fact that the car is not much sags under load.


The dealer network of «Mazda» is not as extensive as we would like in Moscow operates 13 technical centers, and in St. Petersburg — five. However, the queue maintenance is typically less than a couple of days. Available at dealers is always a top-selling «consumables», and only a large «tin», may have to wait three to four weeks.

That’s what would have to be declared once a year or every 15,000 km. Take note that the fixed prices for services in the various service centers there. Previously phoned a few dealers, you can always find the least expensive option. In general, the cost of routine maintenance, «Mazda-6» is cheaper compared to other classmates of Japanese brands. And it is also one of the most important competitive advantages.

We decided — gorgeous «Mazda-6» over the years, only prettier. Today it is not only comfortable, safe and economical, but also surprisingly solid and certainly very beautiful sedan. By and large, for the full life of the new city «six», has many talents, sufficient and 2-liter engine with «automatic.» However, if you are in store still has the extra 75,000 rubles, that is not a sin to invest in their 2.5-liter engine, which this summer was supplemented arsenal Japanese car — it is much better fit cheerful character sedan. But in any case — in terms of aggregate consumer qualities, and more than reasonable price «Mazda» is possible without any reservation to recognize probably the best car in the middle class.

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