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KNOW HOW TO ITALIAN CALLED THE MOST famous plays of Tennessee Williams’ «A Streetcar Named» Desire «? «UN TRAM CHE SI CHIAMA DESIDERIO».

DO NOT that I’m here and so dissected in Italian, just fellow countrymen, and the descendants of the playwright invented the Internet, and there is not to be found. But look: everything is clear. Tram — he and we almost ‘tram », desiderio, therefore — the desire, the rest — so function words …

In principle, we have to study Home Audio particularly nothing, they — there is nothing, they learn, by the way. Take, for example, the head unit. Today it is — a miracle of technology, and why? In the car, just nowhere to put a rack of functionally separated units — tuner, amplifier, disc player. «At home,» this was not found (cheap «loaves» does not count — in the first place, no analogues in quality, and secondly, it is not exactly household appliances rather camp). The closest analogues appeared not so long ago — this is AV-receivers with DVD-player. Learn how to …

Car Amplifiers, only just ceased to be exotic, began to stand apart and overgrown functions: filters, equalizers, bass, phase shifters and the like. But when it comes to a steep high-End, the story turns back the clock, car amplifier on the concept becomes like a home.

Amplifiers, fall into this category, both financially and conceptually, are rare, and there were not so long ago. The first violin in this genre play the Italians (for which a special thank you to them), not to mention «thesis» of Audison, is now joined him and Desiderio company Sinfony.

Italian «Desire» there was not yesterday, it was first demonstrated at an exhibition in sinzheim in 2004 and soon became available to Europeans. Just be aware: the concept of «availability» in this case is somewhat arbitrary. It is available to anyone who can spend 7,500 euros to the amplifier.

What exactly willed chief engineer of the company Sinfoni Signor Mario Tamanti, we can only speculate, although with a certain degree of confidence. I wanted him to develop a remarkable power amplifier, characterized in at the same time and extraordinary (at the least) sound. Not an easy task, experts know that more powerful amplifiers tend to lose out in detail the sound less powerful counterparts. Here is an illustration from personal experience. Have I heard two amplifiers one of the most competent (in my subjective opinion) Russian developers, with a capacity of 200 watts and 600 watts per channel (8 ohms). Amplifiers are built on the same circuit, they differ essentially only the power supply and the number of output transistors. So, the difference in the sound of their highly sensitive, in favor, of course, the fact that «200».

Signor Tamanti worked every aspect of the device Desiderio and he himself realized his desire at the facilities of the employer, ie Sinfoni firms in the town of Macerata. One of the key concepts set out in the forefront in creating the amplifier is providing its «delicacy», but abundant food. Judge for yourself: the recommended load impedance of 4 ohms. However, as stated in the instructions, «connecting the load impedance 2 Ohm or 1 Ohm not be a problem.» And then you can bring a plate of the test report the output power, which has been individually equipped with our (and each is equipped with) a copy of Desiderio.

Normally, yes? Even at the recommended tranquil load amplifier produces 2 x 325 W, and as they crossed a low impedance load is able to give it more

2kW, with the transition to the half load capacity nearly doubles every time, you people are experienced, know that a conventional amplifier gain of power rarely reaches 70%. But there is usually small. For example, the device is based on a «completely dual mono», so that even the primary power supply to the amplifier for each channel is fed individually.

Note: Despite the fierce power use Desiderio to drive the subwoofer is approximately the same as cracking nuts great state seal (remember the novel «The Prince and the Pauper» by Mark Twain?), Or, if you prefer, go to pokatushki in the Krylatskoye in the Bentley Continental (although there horsepower with excess). Here, the power need not pinning high hopes on SP1., And … well, in general, for the same, which horsepower — Bentley.

The fundamental principle of high-Enz is implemented in the design of the amplifier to the full. The path between the sound made as simple as possible, and accordingly, there is no crossover of any other additional devices. After inspection of electrical components and assemblies Desiderio its structural elements is not difficult to understand what distinguishes this machine among multiple amplifiers — attention to every detail pertaining to the music, the sound accuracy. Filter capacitors supply — brand Kendeil, 40 uF LLC shoulder of each amplifier. Transformers and chokes filter supply have the same dimensions, which clearly shows the benefit of high quality of the filter inductance. Each power supply of two transformers, so do to improve symmetry. The quality of machining is perhaps unprecedented. That is a high quality rental ratsiato ditch we have already met, but so precisely fitting and carefully crafted aluminum body profile parts I just do not come across. This is not to mention the polished brass sidewalls.

Inputs: RCA and balanced XLR, which thoroughly settled down in a home hi-End, having moved there from the professional technicians in our industry remain rare. To work in bridge mode provides an adapter RCA / 2 x XLR. Between the inputs of each amplifier gain controls lurk that, frankly, did not immediately and will find in all this splendor. Clearly, the designers have tried to reduce such prose as regulators, to a minimum. All terminals are designed for high-current cable 10 mm in diameter.

In this case, the savings pa power cables completely unacceptable, because it can severely limit the potential of serious voltage converters. Clamp REM only a couple of millimeters smaller than the others, so the inclusion of the control cable must be thinner than 2.5 mm in diameter. Well, to fit … Recommended nominal external fuses from 80 to 120 A — depending on the load impedance, and mode of operation.

Now you can carry and desire — enable Desiderio. Current consumption for a few seconds left for a mark 40 A, then fell to 10, and three minutes later the ammeter needle stopped at 5 A. The process of changing the thermal mode (operating) load current varies from 4.5 to 10 A and beyond so that the board is necessary to ensure that food that this device deserves.

Usually at this point in the test we set point amplifier. Not accepted we listen to them, as any sound not in itself, but only in the «command» with acoustics and speaker cables. Ideally, it is necessary to «try» the sound with several sets of acoustics and individually select cable. «Ideal» deserves not every amplifier.

This — no doubt deserves, and we decided to listen to his home by the canons of art to which Desiderio so visible way inclined. The source took a DVD / CD / SA-CD-Player Marantz DV9600. Served as a floor monitor speaker Monitor Audio Gold 20. Speaker cables — two types with directly opposite properties. The first — a high inductance and low capacitance. Second, respectively, with low inductance and high capacitance. The main test material became Silence Technology Test Disc — a powerful tool to assess the possibilities of the amplifier. We also used the SA-CD Pink Floyd «Dark Side of the Moon» and «standby» CD «The Ultimate Demonstration Disc» Cesky Records.

The first track PA Silence Technology … Cello. On average the quality of the amplifier, this record sounds boring: the «violin-age» a lot of overtones, but they all end up on the top middle. And if the foundation is passed to the voltage, the charm of the instrument is lost. Here — as if you were in the studio (not in the concert hall, so there is rarely heard). To say that confidently manage Desiderio bass — but it is to say nothing. On bass, he does what he wants, or rather, what was required of him, ruthlessly suppressing all superfluous (to the question about why Bentley horsepower). Japanese drum. It is not often manage to hear the shock front in all its glory, that’s true, stick, which hit the drum, this time wrapped like something soft. Church bell seemed a bit ordinary, he lacked drama. The soundstage is, of course, to a greater extent determined by the acoustics, but the amplifier must allow it to realize their potential.

This allows. Pink Floyd. «Money». The left and right channels — clearly tied to the columns of the machines, «spits out» coins. Guitar in the entry way with them right equilateral triangle, absolutely regardless of volume. If the machine will be able to recreate at least half a clear construction of the stage, consider the prize galaxy SQ have you on the hood. But the top runs a few impersonal. It seems to have everything, but hi-hat is not enough «surge.»

We try to set a non-inductive cable. Transparent top has improved, there was diversity, while the middle has become easier, but click the bass drum is fixed better. The same coin in his place. Guitar centered not so clearly fixed, but the scene has become even more of an extended depth, drum kit much moved away from the line of speakers. At the church bell he appeared drama, which missed the first session. In general, as usual, different cables affect the overall interpretation of the musical material. But not every amplifier, this difference becomes noticeable. Not every …

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