What progress

What progress

COMPUTER has long been a part of our lives. To the extent that among children under six years more than those who deftly managed WITH YOUR THAN those who know how to tie shoelaces and ride your bike. Nevertheless, something interesting NETWORK WE CAN STILL FIND.

Social networks: choice of lifestyle

For preschoolers and primary school children have a whole range of their social networks and «permanent site», «Smeshariki» (www.smeshariki.ru) — a social network based on the animated series. This favorite characters, the rating of active users, games and tournaments, search for friends and chat in the forum, audio fairy, animated cartoons, as well as the parent section with articles about training and education.

«Tweedy» (www.tvidi.ru) — RBC product of a social network for students with special registration system, chat, forums, user-generated content, comic books, games, a forum, market, competitions. To protect children from pedophiles and fraudsters, registration is by invitation only to a child by the official representative of the network. Children portal «Bibiposha» (www.bibigosha.ru) — a joint project of VGTRK and Microsoft for children 3-7 years. The stuffing: Encyclopedia, RPG-adventure, arcade and puzzle games, multimedia entertainment center «House of character» with children’s movies, music, painting and videopazzlami. And best of all — individually adjustable timer to use. In the adult version of the portal, parents can read about education, talk with psychologists and other parents.

The era of digital parenthood

On the Internet, a lot of sites for moms who love technology (for example, www. Momtechnology. Com) and are able to observe the «tehnogigienu.» Moreover, the life of Russian parents begins smoothly distributed online and Mobile. There are interesting technology startups focused on moms, dads and children. For example: kuponator and aggregator of discounts for moms www.mamandarina.ru; site about where to go with the child busy mom www. workingmama. Hz; Seasonal online service for ordering Santa Claus iDedMoroz, httpyZidedmoroz.com; «The site of Santa Claus» http- / newdedmoroz.sot -avtomatizirovanny service to send worldwide personalized video greetings; www. lingualeo. honeycombs — available on-site, online, on your mobile (and soon on web plates) resource for learning the English game with a cute character, Leo, who fed «meatballs», ie educational success; www. kiddyy. honeycombs — Remote online Kiddyy school for children 0-7 years old, with an individual and systematic approach to training.

Soup for children and parents

We began to appear truly specialized children’s Soup:

I Animal Sense Devices. Students of the London Royal College of Art and Chris Uobken Kenichi Okada developed a children’s devices with augmented reality. This is a series of three prototypes sensory Animal Sense Devices for the study of the world. The prototype Ant («Ant») allows the child to feel less than 50 times. Bird («Bird») allows you to navigate by magnetic fields. A Giraffe («Giraffe») helps to look at the world from an adult’s eye level. I Domestic ZD printers Origo, Cube and CubeX. Canadian designer Arthur Chukanov Soviet origin several years ago as a thesis developed a 3D-printer Origo. This beautiful and compact device allows children to design their own new toys and then print them — and thus develop creativity and spatial thinking. In addition, the sale is a three-dimensional home printers of 3D Systems — Model Cube (for $ 1,399 at the official site) and more complex CubeX ($ 2799) to 4000 color combinations. There, in the www.cubify.com, available for free and for money to download a spatial model for your 3D-printer.

I Interactive pajamas with fairy tales. Everyone knows how difficult it is «to drive» the baby to sleep. Adam Mansbah even wrote about this tale about a father on the verge of burnout «Go the F *** to Sleep» (rough translation: «Yes, well nafig go to sleep!»). The audio format it voiced actor Samuel L. Jackson. An innovative company Smart PJs (www. Smartpjs.com) took the radical decision of urgent problems and released the first interactive pajamas ($ 25-50 on the official website). White dotted pajama combinations of colored dots. If they focus on their smartphone, the child begins to listen to the audio fairy or another depending on the chosen combination. The principle of operation is the same as that for reading QR-codes. I Domestic robots. They are affordable and suitable even for small and interesting for adults. It produces a wide range of brand WowWee. Dancing to the sound of music robodevushka Femisapien endowed with a huge number of features, 59 of which the child needs to solve. Robosapien humanoid is positioned as an alternative to computer games and is suitable for even 3-6-year-old kids, but to be honest — this is a new best friend of the pope (or mother). Three-wheeled robot equipped with machine Rovio web-camera and controlled via GPS or Wi-Fi. It can be used for remote monitoring of a child or nanny. A Roboraptor — an impressive 77-inch dinosaur with spectacular designs, and 6 different types of sensors.

I pot iPotty. iPotty, developed by CTA Digital (www.ctadigital. com), this year was a mini-sensation at the Consumer Electronics Show Consumer Electronics Show 2013. The purpose of «Ah yes the pot» with Stand for iPad — hold the baby on the pot. The tablet will prudently protected from stains, and its position can be adjusted individually. On mvw.amazon.com iPotty is priced at $ 39,99 (iPad, unfortunately, not included).

I rocking chair with iRock. This device from the Swiss company Micasa Lab parents really like kids (though not at the cost — $ 1,300 at the official site www.irocknow.ch). Rocking the baby on the iRock, do not need to make an effort. Mounted on a stationary stand iPad will be entertained by reading the tape in a social network. You can turn on soothing music. Oak chair in a trendy design is available in five colors. During sickness parent can sit back and relax, but also to recharge their devices companion — an hour by 3-35%. At movement produced energy that smart seat converts and sends charging the connected phone or tablet.

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