What will be the art of the 21st century.

What will be the art of the 21st century.

At the end of XX century. What are his epithets not only awarded: a violent, tragic, avant-garde, catastrophic. But the same definition, likely to be approached century XIX, and XVIII, if you look into them more closely. At the crash site, wars and conflicts, each time marked not only destruction, but also the creation, the great discoveries in science, art. In XX century, the passage of time has accelerated several times, especially in Russia. The October Revolution, the victory over Nazi Germany, flying in space — these milestones of the XX century will forever in the annals of humanity with the name of Russia. Having lived through two world wars, three revolutions, the collapse of the Soviet CO

1. The end of each century, time to summarize, analyze the achievements and failures of the past century. What is most striking phenomenon in the art of XX century, you might call it, of the artists who defined it?

2. How will the art of the future, what direction will become dominant?

3. Now everyone can sitting in a chair in the home to visit the Louvre or the Uffizi Gallery through the Internet. Our perception of the world becomes increasingly visual. How can this fact be reflected in the art of the XXI century?

4. What can you wish our readers?

Hughes, our country has managed to not lose a spiritual force.

Art of the XX century and has passed a complicated, tortuous path. Here and outstanding achievements of the avant-garde, which has become a classic of the past century. Close to all areas of contemporary art as time went realistic, inheriting and developing the best traditions of the past. What will happen to the art in the future? Over this question, many think. Although any predictions generally denies life, we took a chance to take stock of the XX century and to look into the next century. For the breaker leading masters asked to answer a questionnaire consisting of four voprosov.TsIGAL Vladimir E., sculptor, People’s Artist of the USSR, member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

1. Which master will claim the title of «the most famous artist of the XX century» — hard to say. At the time, I wrote a lot of different artists, many treat with sympathy and love very much.

For me the most memorable in the art was when I first began to sculpt again from a completely amorphous clay and clay become something like. It’s an amazing feeling, when suddenly out of nothing appears someone way. This I experienced when I first got behind the wheel of the car, and he immediately went.

2. I do not share the art of the directions. There is one art in which manifested talent. I am delighted with the art of abstraction, from Picasso, but with the same respect and look realistic works. In all of the areas there and vulgarity and borrowing ihaltura ineptitude. With respect to the different views. People evolve, tastes, life circumstances — everything changes. In this regard, people create their art. It is just different.

Earlier forms of art: painting, sculpture lived separately, but now design unites them.

3 What to do? We can not drive on a cart pulled by oxen in

XXI century, when the whole world goes to «the wills of» and «Mercedes». So I used to work in clay, plaster and bronze, and now there are new materials.

4. Love art. Without the love of art, when there is no sincerity, did not really work. It is important to do a little bit, even a pea, but his.

Dmitry Žilina, painter, People’s Artist of the RSFSR, member of the Academy of Arts.

1. In my life, one of the highlights was an exhibition at the Tretyakov Gallery, where Vova-presence ‘Stalin. Awful exhibition on the paintings: the farm, happy life, the smoke of factories, everyone is happy, and suddenly — Plastov painting «Spring». It was like a breath of fresh air. And Chuikov, is its studies in India. These works were written from the heart.

Another episode. When it was banned, I was in St. Petersburg, where an exhibition of Petrov-Vodkin. For me, this wizard has made a great impression. He wrote wonderful nature. And in this case, in any case can not cross the border between art and low feelings — you’ll go or in bad taste, or vulgarity. Art should be dignified.

Speaking globally, I think, XX century gave birth to Picasso, as well as Michelangelo’s spawned XVI century. If I do not get anything from Picasso, it’s my fault. I feel it power — the power of talent, intelligence, and he is a great painter. And in Russian art — Borisov-Musatov, Tabor, Matveev … 2. I wish that in the future retained some tradition and understanding of art. But in the West and in the East is rolling all to the fact that the art of fine superseded design, tasteless TV. Now it is important not plastic value. A terrible expression «to make the artist»? «Roll it» for a couple of months? To become an artist — it takes years, his whole life ..

3. Negative, disgusting. The computer can be embedded information, and who is it to invest, and what he says? I think Picasso did not need a computer.

Bad if lost interest in exhibitions and museums. Live contact person with computer skills can not be replaced! See Mona Lisa on TV, it’s the same, instead of Shakespeare read a summary of his works, or, for example, to present «Eugene Onegin» in two pages.

The most important thing — the presence of art. Remember Dr. Zhivago Pasternak said: «I read Shakespeare, not because I want to see what’s on the next page, the presence of art makes me do it a few times.»

The technical side of your computer — it’s wonderful, but creative — zero. There is an art in itself, and in the computer presentation it is not — and you just have not.

4. First, write down the magazine because I had once brought up on it, and I am pleased that he does not change his line, he was informed of all developments of art. And further. Remember, the main thing that artists have not studied this world on television and saw him, admired him. I’m not going to draw something, if I do not see this event — it could be a flower, a tree, a man. That’s the most important thing.

KOZAREZENKO Peter, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, professor of drawing MGHPU them. Stroganov.

1. XX century contributed to the history of both world and Russian art. I would like of course to all of the other vilos spiral to the overall situation was different, and we have achieved other milestones. In the XX century was the great conflict between art and economic progress. And all these parts are inextricably linked. A totalitarian regime that has existed for many years we have certainly left their mark on art. On the one hand, it was bad, the other — well. At the turn of the XX century imperceptibly it lost traditions of Italian art schools everywhere except Russia. Those academic foundation to be laid by each artist, in the west began to be ignored — consciously, not deliberately — this is the second question. Now we see a one-sided development of our art. Whereas previously there was only socialist realism, now gone tilt towards — the sign of art, avant-garde, retro, everything that relates to innovation.

We have kept our art and Russian national school, she collapsed. Abroad, another system of training and other program requirements. The Iron Curtain, in its time, has suspended the collapse, the collapse of the movement. Many underwent our school, even from hypertrophic democracy. But managed to keep the footage, people’s willingness to work for low wages to keep the art in their hands. Our culture is now receiving scanty money.

What are the most outstanding personalities in the arts of the XX century? To say that it is kept at the Picasso and Dali, it will be wrong. The same Serov and Makovsky — and not very well-known artists at the time were the pillars of our art. The same P.Tretyakov — he was not an artist, but he was a great personality in art. Not being an artist — one must be a man of great heart.

XX century has generated many good artists, in general, this is a great era. Those traditions that were begun in the XIX century, continued in the XX.

Look at the brilliant paintings of Salvador Dali, Picasso-as they drew. They found his style — a master with a capital letter, which opened up new directions. But they all start with the basics of academic, educated — they all knew what artistic image construction.

But the sixties? After Stalin’s death — sudden breath of Khrushchev’s thaw. What artists then went -Andronov, Nikonov, Popkov, Cor-chewing, individuals who have contributed to the art movement.

2. The art will be developed using the same spiral, it will not die, it will not stop and will be further developed. It will be a synthesis of painting, graphics, plastic art, avant-garde and installation. Well, there are plenty of areas that we develop. But the spiral of development may at some coil dramatically go down.

3. I am the appearance of computer graphics and design in the negative. The more we facilitate the work of the artist, the more driving him into the grave. The artist must constantly be on the move. The more he works, the greater his soul. And what about the computers — here atrophied thought blunted feelings. Why think of when they think of you? When disappears feeling — it’s already in trouble. As in American movies: all shiny and there is no raisins.

4. I would like to wish the readers — be patient. Try to look at our lives from a different angle. Stuffed purse and delicious food — not the standard of human existence, especially in Russia. We — the spiritual nation, so dry the framework of the West, we do not fit. No matter how hard life, parents bring their children to learn the art. This is very important. Those fat cats who send their children to study abroad, make a big mistake — they are aware of it in 10-15 years.

Readers of «young artist» I wish one more thing — if possible read and write it, it’s a very good, intelligent magazine that raised several generations of artists. We wish him health, daring to «keep it up!» And, God forbid, there would have been worse …

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