Yellow acacia

Yellow acacia

This name has no rights

Since childhood, I remembered the yellow acacia, who grew up not far from our house. For children it was extremely attractive. By midsummer its branches grow amazing whistles, the ability to make a six-year kid who once elevated to the authority of the yard.

ozzhe found out that in Russia there are two trees, popularly referred to as the acacias, — white and yellow. Moreover, both do not have any right to it. These Acacia — mimosa trees of the family — are growing mostly in Africa. And with our «acacias» they have in common only the structure of the leaf.

The correct name of this shrub — ka-raga tree, translated from the Kyrgyz — «black ear». It is connected with the name of foxes living in the bush. This multicore shrub with pretty tight timber and greenish-gray bark. In dry hot day in the bush pea crackled continuously reveals pods and peas fly off away from the bushes. Here’s a way to spread the thought of nature for them.

As a decorative bush she was much more fortunate. In Russia, almost everywhere, they know what the yellow acacia. It is planted on city streets, in the parks, as hedges in the protective strips along roads and fields. Thick strip of closely planted bushes pea well-protect your site from the dust and noise from the nearest road. In the spring of young shoots appeared on each bush leave for two of the strongest shoots. Then construct a fence made of poles, which will serve as a basis for future tapestry and shoots a plane trellis fence, directing them crosswise at an angle of 40-50 ° with respect to neighboring plants. Where contact shoots, bark is cut at this location and plants associated with each other so that there was a fusion between them. Subsequently, all the shoots, appeared out of the plane of the trellis, cut. After a few years, they will intertwine than provide additional strength to the fence.

Shrubs Caragana hardy, undemanding to soil conditions, drought-resistant. Pick up an ornamental plant in June.

Planting, caring

The distance between the landing pits depends on the size of the adult bush. For Neboli Shih shrub height of the size of an adult bush. For Neboli Shih bushes height up to 1 m wide area power 0.5

For a better survival rate after planting shrubs all need abundantly watered, especially in dry areas with sandy soils. All the varietal Karaganov useful fertilizing with liquid manure, diluted five or six times, or bird droppings, diluted tenfold. Very effective summer feeding adults bushes — before flowering and after.


It is interesting

The fruits are edible pea and the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates are not inferior peas. And tastes like.

In England, they are boiled and used in salads and as garnishes parade because after boiling, they look even more elegant than the tree. Taste buds boiled somewhat akin to the same green peas.

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