Yours sincerely…

Yours sincerely...

Written VALENTIN Azernikov director — Alla Surikova operator — Simakov Vsevolod artist — IRINA Schroeter composer — Viktor Lebedev songs on poems soundman Yuri Entin — Jan Potocki

Roles performed:

Pasha Dobrynin — Vitaly Solomin

Katya — Vera Glagoleva

Jura — Victor I.

Postnikov — Rolan Bykov

Seraphim — Armen Dzhigarkhanyan

Lucy — LARISSA Udovichenko

Novikov — Nikolai Parfenov

Yemtsov — Leonid Kuravlev

Lena — IRINA Shmelev

«Baba Yaga» — Elena Sanaeva

«Mosfilm», 1985

Color. 9 parts

2353 m. RU

Number 1103885.

22.0 / 8.3. ADVANCED.


In the streets of the city runs a man in a tracksuit. For a moment lingers at the edge of the sidewalk and suddenly rushes rushing to intercept traffic. Clang brakes, pale driver, who shot down a man …

Since we are familiar with the main hero of the film — Pasha Dobrynin. Then in a posh restaurant, he will show off his friend as a car rushed to «the Ryzhov,» the most influential person in the city, both because of the occasion got to his circle of friends, and even received an invitation to a banquet. Moreover, as argued Pasha, the risk of seriously injured was minimal — you only need to know the laws of physics. Later, he again will do a similar trick by throwing himself under a car the actress is already approved for the lead role in the play, and thus force it to abandon that role in favor of the young actress Katie, machinery protege.

Dobrynin vanities, antics, trying to time everywhere. It seems that it does not really care what he deceives old mother and wife, Lucy, that beats the girl at his friend Yura. That’s just the eyes of Pasha’s sad all the time: in them — unspoken yearning. Only once he opens his soul in a conversation with Kate, telling her the sad story of his fall. The talented astronomer, he went back ten years to get a new lens for a telescope … and never came back. It sucked the world «right» people who know how to get everything, arrange everything: In the maelstrom deficit Pasha suddenly felt in his element: got the right connections, a thick notebook with phones influential people.

Dobrynin at first it seemed that at any moment he could return to his former life, but, alas, year after year passed …

Fell in love with Kate, he attempted to break out of this vicious circle, to rediscover themselves. But here, too overdone, convinced that if will do for the young actress starring in the play, she would love it. Happy, intoxicated by the success of the premiere, Kate barely remembered Dobrynin. But no, I remembered by sending to the restaurant to check if everything is ready for the gala dinner.

He curled up, his shoulders, his hands in his coat pockets, leaving Pasha Dobrynin with this evening. For treason itself have to ever pay. Will he find the strength to start a new life? ..


When advertising picture in the press, radio and television programs should consider the following points:

1) The interest of spectators of all ages to the comedy genre. In promotional materials should be emphasized that the new picture — a satirical comedy;

2) The film exposes the vicious system of relations on the principle of «you — I, I — you»;

3) What are the materials band director Alla Surikova, already well-known comedy;

4) participation in the film of the popular theater and cinema actor Vitaly Solomin also attract the attention of viewers. Call it work and put creative portrait; in all kinds of display advertising use frames with Vitaly Solomin, as well as actors of Rolan Bykov, Armen Jigarkhanyan, Vera Glagoleva and Larissa Udovichenko.

The picture can be included in the demonstrations «on the screen — comedy.»

RECOMMENDED USE: for Kinopanorama and television transmission — h. 1 or 5, the phonogram to the sound of advertising: h. 1, from the words of the dentist, «Hi!», Including the words of Cathy «your energy yes for peaceful purposes»; h. 2, from the words of the Jura, «Pash, heard Commission cupola.» Pasha including the words: «In short, we have collected a million? So — the anniversary! «; h. 5, from the beginning of parts, including the word Pasha: «Little, you as always by»; h. o, from the words of Pasha: «I’ll tell you a story …», including his words: «That’s all.»


The film «Sincerely …» — a story of a man who in the pursuit of external well-being mercilessly exchanged his talent on trivia and bustle of life. History, perhaps, not very typical, but very instructive. It is that ability to get everything, arrange everything brings only an imaginary being. For it has to pay dearly — emptiness, meaninglessness of existence, loneliness.

…Charming, handsome Pasha Dobrynin lived seemed easy and carefree. However, cases have had enough — to get paint theatrical scenery or bulldozer for filling ditches, to provide the young actress a major role in the premiere, have a child co-worker queue to kindergarten, to achieve at the Directorate of delivery reserve engines, organize the arrival of television in the plant to produce fans where he worked, to give the marriage of excellent products, and so on. d., and so on. n.

However, Pasha was not acted unselfishly, confessing known principle «you — I, I — you», using to achieve their goals and lies and blackmail, and even many times risking their own lives.

In the bustle of everyday life, he lost his friends, condemned to suffering wife and mother. But once Dobrynin was kind, sympathetic person, gifted astronomer. He skidded on Wednesday the «right» people by accident, and he sincerely believed he could return to science as the only wish.

So ten years ago …

«You can not spend themselves with impunity, their talents, — says the director Alla Surikov, — and then one day want to become the same. It is necessary to pay. The board of our hero, who thought of himself that he is — «professional life» seemed so fit all — loneliness. He takes one into the unknown. In the old does not want to live. Anew can not yet … «.

The director-playwright Alla Surikova put a sad philosophical comedy. It is certainly a new step in the work is already recognized master whose films «Vanity of vanities,» «Be my husband» and the television film «Look for the woman» is well known and loved by the public.

Surikovoj generally close nature of comedy. Easy, fun, she says mischievously in his paintings of the most ordinary people with their earthly cares, joys and sorrows. Old as the world, the current problems are not the family or finding accommodation near the sea in the midst of the holiday season. But tell from the screen Alla Surikov, they sound original and fresh. Sympathy director on the side of the heroines of these paintings, played wonderful actresses Galina Polish, Elena Proklova and Sophiko Chiaureli who rightly divide her success.

Ability to guess the artist Surikov and has not changed at this time. While in her first film she came to the fore hero, with all its outward charm not causing any sympathy from the audience, nor the director himself. However, this character is so discharged Azernikova playwright Valentin (who does not remember his script for the TV movie «For family reasons»!), Is now debuting in cinema. She embodies this role on screen, a wonderful actor — Vitaly Solomin («Women», «older sister», «petticoat», «Dauria.» «Who will pay for success», «Man, who closed the city», «Return from orbit» as well as a variety of television tapes). Not forgetting the comedy film, Solomin was able to show the tragedy of a man who changed himself, rose to the level of philosophical understanding of the phenomenon, which was the mouthpiece of his hero.

In the role of Katie starred young actress Vera Glagoleva. Ten years ago, she made her debut starring role in the film «On the edge of the world», and then created a number of memorable images in the film «Enemies», «Starfall», «Torpedo», «Preference on Fridays», «running track».

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