How to escape from the heat?

Prompt, whether suffering from heat pets? Can they somehow make life easier?

Our pets can not sweat, they are not endowed by nature with such an ability to cool. Therefore, in the heat they can get heat stroke. This is especially true «wool» and birds. Try not to make the cells to the balcony, do not stand on the floor and open the hot sun. Increase the amount of liquid in the drinkers. Small pets can be sprayed from a spray to put in a cell baths.

It is not necessary to water the large animals if you do not shed fur through, it forms a crust that create the greenhouse effect. It is better to provide your pet plenty of opportunity to drink and hide in the shadows. Dogs and cats can dampen the tail (tips), wipe with a damp swab face. Rabbits can wipe the outside of the ears. But the icy drafts and floors can cause the common cold, even in the strongest heat.


This year, for the first time the children saw these newts in the wild. We are quite rare, I saw them mostly in a small lake and shallow streams with almost stagnant water, remaining in place oxbow.

Spellbound, watched the children at these strange creatures. Before that they had seen only in pictures newts, and the pet store. However, I also had never seen such large: with a tail length of about 30 cm. The color brown, with darker spots and stripes along the back — a flat ridge. Then there was talk for a few days.


Prompt, whether it is possible to give canary grass? If you can, then what? And recently I read that the birds can not give grass.

Any household pets is not recommended for sun-warmed grass. But if she had lain down, cooled down, nothing bad will happen. But note that the green onions, such as canaries can not give: it is for them poisonous. Let those herbs that are beneficial birds. Suit leaves of dandelion, plantain, nettle, lettuce, dill. You can offer the pieces of Victoria birds, grapes, plums, apples, pears. But bananas and persimmons better not to give.

We have a wonderful cat Basil. He lived with us for 10 years Dogs cat pass by: it is very large and the offense itself will not. Every spring, as soon as the river will reveal, the husband starts to go fishing. And a cat always goes with it.

Picture, if you look from the side, it is very amusing: the husband goes with SADC, with fishing rods, with a bag over his shoulder. And next, like a dog, a cat is. If for some reason Vassily missed the point, raised quite a stir: cat running and shouting, as if on fire. Everyone knows that he is always laughing and feature: the men went fishing. On the river Vasily Smirnov sitting in a corner, only occasionally suited to smell a fish tank.

He knows that at home, when the fish is cooked, waiting for him as a tasty treat (raw fish, we do not give it), so patiently waiting and sometimes murcit pleasure.

Troubled neighbors

In the spring began to sheathe the outside bath. First, of course, front, then — in a circle. He worked quickly, everything turned out well. But when I decided to sew corners, I saw the new neighbors at the top of the wall between the casing and there was a small nest.

Birds are very nervous, as I stood on the stairs and thought, what am I going to do now. We had to postpone the finish of this angle for later, when the socket is no longer needed its inhabitants. But it was very interesting to see how full of life our «lodgers». The chicks hatched and already flew out of the nest. Soon I completed yet his bath. In the meantime, happy to listen to their cheerful trill.

HAZARDOUS skandalistki this summer at Dacha we rescued the cat from a bird. Before the porch we grow tall slender fir, on top of which there is a nest.

Chick flew off the nest too early, did not know how to fly. He sat on the bottom branch, raising his beak vertically into the sky and pretending tree. Rather, bitch. We laughed a lot. But our laughter ended when the adult bird start literally swoop down on us, trying to get in his face. It is not calm down until we drove her poles and stones. Only after this bird left us alone.

The cat all the time in the house was sleeping peacefully. And when he came out, the bird on it vented all his anger. We had to save the cat. The next day he tried not to leave the house. Well, that next week when we come back to the cottage, nestling learned to fly, and the scandalous bird calmed down.

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