A favorite of the public

A favorite of the public

Based on the story by Alexander Kuprin «White Poodle» written and directed by — Alexander Zguridi, ANAS Kldiashvili operator — VADIM Alicia artist — Mikhail Bogdanov composer — sound technician Alfred Schnittke — FISTS A. Principal Consultant — Yuri Nikulin trainer — Yuri ANANIEV

Roles performed:

Lopatin — Anatoly Romashin

Sergei — CYRIL SERSKY head-director of a circus tent — Algimantas Masiulis director of the Moscow Circus — MICHAEL ZIMIN shprehshtalmeyster — Dr. Igor Kashincev — Georgy Kulikov

Henrietta — FL Ninidze

Antonio — Andre SERSKII

Nico — HMAYAK HAKOBIAN officer — Nicholas NIKOLAEVNIKOLSKY hostess villas — Thea Gabunia

Trilly — MISHA YEFIMOV mom Trilly — NONNA Terentyev janitor — Yuri Sarantsev


Color. 8 parts. 2235 m. The R / C number 1102785.

27.3 / 4.

I feel a civic duty to bring in people a love for nature, animals. This is especially important when it comes to the moral education of children who are in the first place I address this film «- says director Alexander Zguridi.

The old Soviet master of popular science films are not the first to turn to the art cinema. He belongs to the film adaptation of Jack London’s novel «White Fang,» movies «Rikki- Tiki Taki» based on the book by Rudyard Kipling and «Fortress» — the story of the famous Orlov trotters. And art, and non-fiction films Zguridi — all that he did more than half a century of work in film — united by the theme of environmental protection, the relationship between man and nature. His new film, loosely based on the story AIKuprin «White Poodle» and tells about the friendship of a circus artist, the boy and the dog continues this noble theme.

…In one provincial Russian cities beginning of the century circus tent lit lights. Every evening, viewers are looking forward to meeting with the darlings of the public — a clown Lopatin and four-legged assistant, white poodle Arto.

Several years ago, I picked up on the street Lopatin freezes puppy. Now it is — a beautiful and smart dog. devoted to his savior and his nephew Sergei, who helps train uncle Artaud and dreams of becoming a circus performer.

When the arena stands Lopatin, the hall does not cease laughing .. Clown works enthusiastically and easily, but, according to the director, he is too independent and bold: it refuses to entertain guests in the house of the governor-general, during performances releases daring jokes about the highest ranks of the Russian Empire. Every day he reprises becoming bolder, they are not too popular with the audience from the front row, but he applauds the gallery. Losing patience, the owner puts a tent clown condition or in his repertoire will only be harmless jokes, or he will leave the circus and willows to pay the penalty. Lopatin chose the latter and left without work and without a livelihood.

Together with the boy and the dog he sent to the Crimea, where his sister lives. But money is not enough even for something to get to Feodosia, then, hoping to earn a little with their art, they go on a rich country house called «Friendship». The present owner is a spoiled brat garden Trilly, who indulge the whims of the house. Scientific poodle leads him so excited that he decided to definitely leave your dog at home. Roving performers offer for Artaud’s a lot of money, but they flatly refused to sell his four-legged friend. Then they were banished from the country, and when they stopped to rest, the masters sent the janitor deception leads unsuspecting dog. Lopatin it seems that they are forever lost poodle. But Sergei night during a storm his way to the cottage, looking for him and releases.

Soon, travelers came back luck. When they. celebrating the return of the Argo, arrange a fun idea for themselves, their new director sees big circus and invites to his work. Sergei dreams come true: he enters the arena with his uncle and poodle Argo.

The role of clown Lopatin starred the popular actor Anatoly Romashin (see. The material of the film «Rough landing, in the August issue of the collection of this year).

Sergei played a ten-year high school student Kirill GOLOVKOSERSKY already familiar from the films «I do not want to be an adult», «That scoundrel Sidorov,» «Morning without markers.»

For Kinopanorama and recommend the use of television transmission hours. 6.

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