Attack on «Honey virgin lands»

Attack on

Nikita Khrushchev has repeatedly emphasized in their speeches the need for better use of all our economic and natural reserves to increase food production.

So reserve in beekeeping is a «virgin honey» North and Siberia. Here in the forest areas, there are huge tracts of top-class wild honey plants — almost 50 million hectares occupied by raspberry and fireweed and more than two million hectares — lime. However, only a very small proportion of this generous gift of nature is used to produce honey. The long and harsh winter in these areas requires a large consumption of honey for feeding bees, labor costs for winter care of them, money and material construction costs Zimovniki. Judge for yourself: winter feeding only one bee family here costs approximately 40 rubles.

Now put forward a bold and sensible idea: to abandon the old methods of beekeeping and some areas and move to a new, more progressive method. The essence of this method lies in the fact that the bees do not leave for the winter, and therefore do not consume honey on their winter feeding, do not expend the labor of caring for them in the winter, not to build expensive omshanikov. By avoiding these costs, buying the bees in the spring in the southern half of the savings in the amount of light boxes (packages) are transported to their virgin honey. Here, they are used in the honey crop, and then light up.

In 1961 and in 1962 from the Krasnodar region imported bees in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Kirov, Vologda, Yaroslavl and some other areas. This experience is quite convinces us complete the economic feasibility of such an event.

So the farm «Russia», the Vologda Region, will receive a package of bees in late May. To the main bribe family well developed and occupied the nest for 20 frames. Their productivity was significantly higher than the local bees. Beekeepers Kirov region also personally convinced of the effectiveness of the importation of bees in your area, and in 1963, substantially expanding this experience.

In the Krasnoyarsk region in the past, very rainy and cold, the bees have collected 10 kilograms of honey **, weighing two kilograms — at 37.4, and three -by 55.4 kilograms of honey. And this despite the fact they are honoring received very late (June 30) and did not have time to curl into strong elm seed «igt; There is no doubt that, in the event of an early delivery of the bees and pain favorable weather and availability of cells «can here receive high charges honey at zero» cost.

Earlier imported bees in the Arctic Murmansk region, the Perm and some other areas, and despite a series of setbacks, always with great economic benefit.

That is why the Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation by its decision on the development of bee-keeping of the Russian Federation offers specialized beekeeping and the south, mostly. Krasnodar and Stavropol in the breeding of bees and their use in Siberia for honey. The decision, in particular:

«To oblige the Ministry of production and procurement of agricultural products of the Russian Federation, Krasnodar and Stavropol Krai Executive Committee to organize in large beekeeping farms collective and state farms breeding bees to sell them in packages to the northern areas rich in natural honey rastitёlnostyu.

Krasnoyarsk krayispolkomu. Kirov, Perm and Kemerovo regional executive committees each year to organize a massive importation of bees in packages from the southern regions to produce marketable honey followed zakurivaniem these bees. «

The Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation also provided the import of bees in areas of the northwest and the center Nonchernozem for consolidation of small apiaries.

Collective and state farms Krasnodar and Stavropol regions are actively responded to this establishment and are ready to send off the edge of this spring 40-S0 shestiramochnyh thousands of packets of bees in the next 2-3 years, each of these edges can learn the annual production of thousands of packets 100-1S0 and send them to the areas of virgin land of honey until June 1.

To achieve this goal, considerably expanding its activities Kabardino-Balkarian and Essentuki nurseries, horticultural nursery Adler transferred to the Institute of the farm beekeeping. In addition, a smiling new nursery specializing in breeding bees best collective and state farms beekeeping.

In 1963, the transportation of bees will become widespread. Bees are brought to the Kirov, Kypskuyu. Orenburg, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Vologda., Smolensk, Pskov, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Hovosibirskuyu. Tyumen region.

Applications for bees in packages shestiramochnyh take Krasnodar offices of beekeeping (Krasnodar -10, grove, and Stavropol office of beekeeping. (Stavropol in the Caucasus street. Karl Marx Str. 1) of the collective and state farms and other state-owned enterprises in the unlimited, quantities. Sending packages can be done by mail or large batches and refrigerated lorries, airplanes. Price per pack 2S rubles, including postage.

To create yl families and produce more honey farms must prepare before the hives and sugar at the rate of 5-6 kg per family. Particular attention should be given to cells. Every family must be provided a sufficient number of cell frames of excellent quality. This is the main condition for obtaining high honey «boron. It is better if the bees will be relocated in the multihull hives and provided with 4-5 enclosures, a fully equipped cells within yufmana.

Needless to say that the collection of the richest yadonosnogo site is crucial to use imported bees.

Leave the winter Kuban and Stavropol bees useless, or even harmful redundant. Long winter, they would not stand to suffer from ponoet, nosema sick and die. They should certainly know. You can leave the winter bees just gray highland breed.

1963rd year should be a turning point in the development of virgin land of honey. Because, as the experience of the mass will be held on the importation and use of bees to honey collection will depend on the fate of this important public event.

Our magazine has noted an active and attentive to deliver their package bee experts Kirovsksoy area. They are this year prolong the necessary work on the farms of his area. But true to himself is the chief of the Krasnoyarsk office pchelovodstva. Foal. He still does not show any concern for the importation of packaged bees, despite the direct decision of the government of the RSFSR on the matter. It should be noted that «as a foal is irresponsible and best practices for the implementation of multi-hives. However, a number of collective and state apiaries Krasnodar Territory comes more into neglect.

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