Best Buy on 1500000 — 2000000 rubles

Best Buy on 1500000 - 2000000 rubles

Having ventured to cross the Rubicon and a half million potential owner losing its last reserves of rational thought — probably exactly regard similar trick buyers budget cars. In fact, there is no more prudent buyer than someone who chooses a new personal transport in the wide range of almost basic «Focus». However, the majority of business sedans are aiming at much higher price sector. We decided to help the apologists of reasonable sufficiency. And to generate hits out of ten cars, worthy to take prudent millionaire.

1. «Volvo — S80 — 2,5 — T5 — summum»

Once again, refreshed restyling, the Swedish flagship track for its elderly gait climbed to the top of our top. This is understandable: sedan worthy equipment «summum» with engine capacity of 249 forces has fallen by as much as 201,000! This updated machine is not only modified the front part, but the metamorphosis in the cabin: there were screens, graphics that are not ashamed to show to owners of modern smartphones.

Options «summum» — a stronghold of rationalism. There is a complete set of security features — except maybe the intelligent monitoring blind spots and useless active cruise control. Driver courtesy takes seat electrically, and on-board entertainment system «High Performance» is easy to make friends with any phone or player. The rest to the upper border of the price range of the amount you can spend on the option. Or buy four-wheel drive version with motor T6 for 1.979 million rubles.

2. «Lexus-GS250-Executive»

The new GS, who ascended the vastness of our market a year ago, then immediately celebrated victory. Today, «Japanese» could add to it another, do not be a «Volvo» is so good and accessible. «Lexus» still looks fresh and interesting: a spacious and richly furnished interior combined with thoroughbred travel habits and impressive equipment. For the money, along with a reputable brand name, you will get 10 airbags, complete electrification of all things, an advanced multimedia system and rear-view camera, which partly compensates for the lack of parking sensors.

3. BMW — 520i

Survivors of complex operations rejuvenation, prestigious Bavarian sedans already appeared in the Kaliningrad pipeline, and the showrooms of dealers. Prices have changed little, and the place of the «five» in our top has changed at all, we, as before, like weathered character of the car, built on the platform of the older 7-series. Components, wrongly called the base, full of amenities that even the most affordable «five» looks at the world through the eyes of xenon, takes the driver in an artificial leather-hug, and steering wheel warms his hands in the truest sense.

4. «Mercedes-Benz E200, Special Series»

As the main rival from Bavaria, the E-Class underwent a restyling and thus adequately rose. Again slightly lost in the fundamental dispute with a major competitor. However, advocates of a three-beam star will not pay attention to the difference in price, but will appreciate the level of equipment, which is not inferior to BMW. And for 160 thousand buyer can extend a fixed set of goods «Special Series» by adding AMG-bag and a glass roof. However, in this case the final price will be slightly above two million.

5. «Infiniti M25-Premium»

The representative of the Japanese major league complete «Premium» frighteningly close to the upper end of our range. However, such an M25 leaves little space for imagination: it already has a spacious saloon and hatch in the roof and ventilated sofa, and set all kinds of multimedia naipolneyshy benefits and steering wheel heating. In terms of quality of materials and Ride «Infinity» is certainly no match for immigrants from Germany. But even German sedan with a similar set of options will be significantly more expensive.

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