BEST — this is where to reinvent

Always an important task — to cut the path from idea to serial production.

When it comes to a slow introduction of new technology, often complain about the conservatism of enterprises. Criticism against them was much. Presumably, the new system of planning and stimulation of industry production significantly lower tendency to conservatism. But a lot of technical progress is hampered and conservatism of many research institutes and design. It is said often. Meanwhile, the inability to quickly restructure the work in accordance with me to the factory production situation, unwillingness to regroup, to focus professionals on priority issues — a rather common flaws research teams Unfortunately, the city has more research divisions, which developed so much as employees. This, of course, a special case. But excessive dispersal explains the failure of many research institutes towards any serious scientific and technological achievements.

Poor, as a rule, is the potential of university science — subjects Applied departments chosen something like that is not necessary any production, any industry. For example. Vladimir Polytechnic Institute scientists in 1979 conducted research on the topic of economic contracts forty one, completed the development of the fourteen topics and only seven are introduced into production.

The creative climate is there anything more necessary and more difficult when it comes to the scientific institution! Unfortunately, quite often the Research Institute is an organization where the formal requirements of the service allow nature to thrive neat and executive mediocrity.

Communication between science and production — a very delicate process and very important. I think that the experience of the joint work of scientific institutions in the city of Vladimir engineering and industrial enterprises will be of interest to many readers, something will serve as an example for others.

One form of such a rapprochement demonstrates Tractor Plant named Zhdanov. This combination produces serial products, has a large modern KB. Has it «their» scientists and doctors of science candidates, leading experts of the industry. Some of them work directly in production. There is every reason to believe that it is due to this fact the union — is not only one of the best in Vladimir, and is known throughout the country. The development of the research base at the enterprise dramatically activates the creative activity of its production team creates a good atmosphere. Any worker can be an innovator in place to get help class specialists.

Another form of the compound developed the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of synthetic resins (VNIISS) and chemical plant. VNIISS, in general, working closely with the enterprises of the country, numbering about two hundred. But chemical plant, located behind the passage of the Institute, feels the first effects of its own science. Scientific developments are checked «at the» tug and the first prototype of the product, and if it is destined to become a serial, it takes less time than «apart.»

Close communication with the scientific — research body significantly affects the producers. They are imbued with the spirit of self-search it becomes more interesting to live and work Today every fifth factory inventor and innovator. Prize received more than a thousand inventions and rationalization proposals in the year, 97 percent of the proposals are implemented. In 1979, the plant saved more than a half million kWh of electricity and 14,000 Gcal of heat.

In general, in my opinion, an advanced production without Inventors and Innovators impossible. And, of course, impossible without research institution if it meets its purpose.

One of the best examples of our city — the All-Union Scientific Research and Design Institute of Technology electrical engineering. Its director — the winner of the State Prize of the USSR, Ph.D. VM Petrov, honored inventor RSFCP. This team inventive work is honorable, not in words, but really. The Institute is closely associated with the production, there are well aware of the industry and its needs, base features. The authority of the Institute of High.

Relentless statistics for shows that the best production or research teams are among the best and the column «Activity innovators.»

Vladimir Hill Party erased not let out of sight of inventive and innovative city life. We regularly provide business leaders the opportunity to speak to the city and tell you in detail how things in this or that field of science that with the introduction of new technology.

We got his opinion on some of the general problems of innovative movements. So in our opinion, it is absolutely necessary, it is time to create a Council of VOIR at the experimental plots and shops, which must be equipped with the latest technology.

In many cases, it is in these conditions would have accomplished so to speak arbitration court over the new products, causing controversy. While for the «trial and error» is not a place often at all.

We feel bad is the situation with the remuneration of creators of new technology. Here you need courage and agility. If you hold a hockey analogy, they say there is not only the puck slip through, but also to make it a good program. The Ingenuity «pass» comes from all those who contribute to the implementation, and awarded them weak.

In our opinion, are in need of some revision of the provisions governing the legal protection of new products. For example, the novelty must be judged not only inventions made in the course of product development, but also other domestic invention, to use it.

Many inventions can provide well organized socialist competition. And vice versa — organized formally, reporting, it can hurt. As a negative cite the case when in one organization design division receives five points for the submitted application, but in the case of deviations deprived 10 points. Truly punishable initiative!

There have been many meaningful reports. Thus, the already mentioned VM Petrov told about the institute practiced curious system. It has a «meaningful impact on the formation of a creative approach to work.» Among other methods there — a competition of technical officers on the basis of personal plans. The initiative was born in the institute a decade ago and has since been continuously improved. The personal creative plan necessarily included pioneering work.

According to the chief technologist of the production association «Technology» H M. Tishchenko, statements in invention and innovation in the number of proposals submitted and implemented leading to that implemented in mostly small, but easy to implement innovations. Sound idea. Report, said the speaker, it is necessary not individually, and general technical and economic effect of the introduction of new technology.

Creativity, in which the mass of workers involve in our country — a major factor of scientific and technical progress. There guarantee of success majestic building program outlined by our Party.

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