Between Tirex and life.

Between Tirex and life.

Wanted as better …

Appetite gamers fueled long and skillfully. Professionally. In our pre-lunch preparations were thrown a lot of money. First there were long and beautiful reasoning that the experience of the entire gaming industry, reinterpreted in the depths of DreamWorks Interactive, will allow it to show the world something quite unusual that capture the imagination of his revolutionary in terms of technology, which will allow to achieve a hitherto unprecedented effect of reality. Then came the colorful screenshots showing all the advantages of the graphic design for future games. Coupled with the reasoning of the physical model of the real world, based on which will be based interaction of all objects in the world Trespasser, these pictures made quite a good impression. Passions ran high, when there were rumors of a totally incredible sums spent on the development and approaching the last budget movie Mr. Spielberg.

The emergence of videos showing some aspects of the interaction of objects created on the basis of a physical model, it was like a bolt from the blue. All admiringly we talked with some certainty swinging a wooden box mounted on the other heroine of the same box.

Then I was born the first detailed review of the future of the game, which painted the difficulties that meet the players throughout the nonlinear plot Trespasser, the incredible complexity of the logical problems and puzzles, artificial intelligence underlying the behavior of dinosaurs, hitherto unprecedented sound …

With special looking forward to the appearance of the game fans of the notorious «Turk». However, somewhat alarming fact that the word «action" imperceptibly disappeared from web-pages DreamWorks and replaced by a vague «first-person 3D". But anyway — the dinosaurs, jungle, shooting — in short, the usual and familiar world.

Dream feminists.

So the first surprise the player feels when he finds out that the main character of the game is a woman named Anna (at least, if the player himself does not belong to the beautiful half of humanity). Lovely ladies will probably be particularly pleasing that fact. Finally, it creates a real game for real lady without fear and reproach. Case Tomb Rider is alive and well.

The very first steps in the game are difficult because the management is somewhat different from anything to which we are accustomed, after Quake and his clones. Settling with an unusual way to move, I noticed first oddity in the behavior of the heroine: sometimes it makes puzzling jumps unimaginable heights without any consequences for themselves, sometimes to death broken, leaping about with half-meter facility. Attributing this fact to the «elements enhance the realism of the game" or on the volatility and unpredictability of the female character / logic (underline), I came to the conclusion that we should be more careful and, if possible, do not jump at all with some benches and elevations, if it is possible to go down quietly.

Further more. During the game, it turns out a number of rather surprising anatomical features our heroine.

Firstly, Anna probably disabled. Because for all the time I was playing Trespasser, I have not found her second hand! That is, when you look down, in order to check the health of her character (remember the promise of the lack of any kind of "thermometers health"? — And so, sure, it is still there! — "layfbara «runs a tattoo on her left breast divas see left forearm — seemingly all right. But for all the game Anna never once did not use his left arm! Well, maybe she lost in the battle for equality of the sexes …

But right hand she developed just phenomenal! Gracefully thin fingers with trendy manicure Mademoiselle without any apparent effort keeps at arm’s length «Winchester», carbine, M16 rifle and a Kalashnikov. Not to mention all sorts of «COLT" and «Magnum". Moreover, it can still conduct aimed fire! But worth it to go to the edge and lower arm with the weapon down as immediately come into force unknown to the laws of the physical model Trespasser, and the hand of the heroine begins to drive from side to side, as if swaying in the wind.

However, this is not the most striking feature of our Anuta. Surprisingly (and, in part, respect) is the graceful ease with which this lovely creation (with one hand!) Raises — even wood, and apparently empty — boxes, the size of which did not even allow me to suggest that I myself would be able to cope with such a task! Stone, weighing, according to my estimates, at least 50 kilograms, quite freely lifted from the ground and throws, though close, but still — throws! Moreover, being raised by the heroine, it — please! — Hanging in the air without touching the palm of Anna! So it is also a psychic!

But if you have something caught, keep this piece gently and tenderly. Do not try to touch her fences, trees and walls! In this situation, dear young lady is simply unable to keep his foot in a baseball bat, a rifle or a machine gun. One gets the feeling that a woman cries out: «Ah!" and decompresses the fingers, which at other times may hold aloft a box weighing 40 kilos so in same happens when jumping. So I recommend everybody playing The Trespasser often look back in search of the heroine had dropped the subject. A weapon to keep as much as possible before your eyes. Or remove the belt or the back — there it is more convenient than in the hand of Anna. But it is not lossless.

Physics …

After ambitious allegations of the game newest concept a real physical model, based on which will be realized the interaction of the characters and objects with each other, the player has the right to expect something quite stunning in the manifestation of realism. Of course, in some ways this model is present in the game (and perhaps her future). But it was in some way.

Since the action is still going on on the third planet of the solar system, it would be a logical assumption that the authors of the game it will model the earth conditions. However, in my opinion, at least one main parameter of the planet — its gravitational constant — somewhat distorted. Acceleration of gravity in the game is clearly different from the familiar to the 6th grade values. Just look at how gracefully and slowly bounce like inflatable toys, fall to the ground multi-ton giants.

The second element, I was unpleasantly surprised by his absence proved promised DreamWorks «live" landscape. Where is mnuschayasya underfoot heroine grass, breaking twigs, fallen trees lizards? Where is the wind blowing in the leaves of ferns? Moreover, not all elements of the landscape in general allow "engage them to interact. » In other words, some rather thin trees quite freely passed through the heroine of his trunks, and even growing on earth giant ferns and do not represent any obstacle, except that for the eyes. Also traveling across the sky clouds — no "live «element in the whole world around! Looking around, I drew attention to the unnatural breaks (it breaks — twists in the game is not even about marked!) Terrain. Such a landscape would be very useful when creating a flight simulator, but not for a game of this genre.

Now that the "interaction «with the outside world. On trees, bushes and ferns, I have already said. Now, about the drawers. And the stones, boards, jars, barrels. So. Firstly, about any interaction with these objects and speech can not go, because all they can do is just take them and move. And not all! The first I found the stones (which had quite reasonable size, to be utilized as a no weapons) turned out to be a typical game "furniture «-» povzaimodeystvovat «with them in any way possible. Well, maybe, but in visual contact. As it turned out, these stones will be in the forest very, very much. The same can be said of the boxes — some of them do not respond to attempts to influence them than whatever. Finally, the jars. What do you think would happen if much of the tin — and force the heroine no doubt — hit with a baseball bat? Do not guess — nothing! At best, it slowly swaying and turning, fall to the ground. That’s all. Not the slightest hint of a dent! Boxes in the game — a general phenomenon. Not only that the heroine is able to drag them with one hand (those that are not furniture), so they also uplift ironwood — not otherwise.

Because all attempts to break them («… all terribly interesting that there are hidden inside …») were in vain. With sadness reminded of Half-Life, where they could easily destroy everything, to leave nicks and notches on the walls, smash windows …

When they reached the ruined station, I began to discover one absurdity after another. Basketball without rebound falls to the asphalt pad. It can not touch the door handle — the heroine’s hand slips through it without resistance. But you can jump on it (sounds like: «She easily jumped on the door …"). The depth of the pool in the backyard all bad inspires suspicion that in addition to the experiments with Dinosaurs immediately put criminal experiments on breeding race midgets.

And once again meeting with the phenomenal box. Rather, the drawer. It dropped an iron tower. Large steel tower. Do you think — it crashed? Yes, I see you’re in doubt. Right thing to do — box unharmed! Apparently, the tower still has not fallen — it gently laid on the ground and backed drawer.

I went into the building. Indoor light enough — though it is unclear why. Though now and the day, but the light in a fairly large room can penetrate only through the open door to me, as all the windows tightly shuttered. Ah, that’s it! On the wall there is a switch. Writhing incredibly doubts, experiencing almost awe of our ancestors, believing and doubting, every second change their predictions about what would happen, I come to the switch, reach out (to the fourth level of the game, I have learned to do it fairly confident), and. .. Yes, this was expected. All in the spirit of Trespasser. This is probably not the switch, and someone’s bad joke — it simply painted on the wallpaper. And in the next room too. And in the hallway. And in the bathroom. Big Joker was a professor …

Well, go, go. After wandering around the station to find a few of these mistakes, start looking for that incredibly difficult task that I have to decide to go through this level. Returns to the big building, which tried in vain to reap the benefits of technological civilization, and I understand that, apparently, I have to get to the second floor, past a broken flight of stairs. Here drawers and someone carefully placed. Just when they reach the pyramid, the missing flight of stairs. Well. Tea, is no stranger to us these fun. Fifteen minutes in a narrow corridor pant lead to a completely unexpected result — from awkward movement pyramid crumbles, and one of the drawers is stuck in the wall! Write off this fact flaws in the «engine"I’m trying to pick it up again and put up. Not a bit of it! The box is sitting firmly in the wall! Hmm … I somehow did not particularly surprised — a model of a physical. A solid state physics — something byway. Especially — the resistance of materials. Well, Escape, Load, continue …

At that time fumbling with drawers and never ceases to amaze the strange physics of this world. Box put to another such box is in strict horizontal position — at least so says my engine games — while crawling to the side! The magnets inside them, or what? And all this is accompanied by that promised «unprecedented hitherto» sound. Where are the mysterious «right" boxes from a demo?

…and lyrics.

The first met me in a tropical forest lizards — a couple of Brachiosaurus — easily, as if challenging vytantsovyvaya "pas" minuet unknown to me, jumped up (once on all four legs, feet) and going through their locomotor limbs gently lowered, thus moving on a small clearing. The natural curiosity made me first with caution befitting the occasion, and then more and more casually approach the animals. Zero emotion. "Monsters «continued their mysterious dance, to the sides and again approaching. Angered by such obvious disrespect to his own person, I drew from his belt "Magnum" and I put a bullet in the side hulk. The wound immediately poured (it is poured, not zasochilas not flowed) blood. He bounced back, I expected an immediate flash of rage, followed by vosposleduet ruthless massacre of an insolent being inconvenienced and is clearly trying to disrupt the harmonious movement of the giants on the lawn. Nothing like this! The dance continues … Poudivlyavshis some time on the sidelines, I decided to again approach the dancers swaying and released in the stomach in front of me the whole clip. Dinosaur by pouring a flat image of grass and soil with blood, slowly walked past me. Then, in an attempt to somehow attract attention, I decided on a desperate act, making his heroine to throw at his feet to approach me the beast, waiting for the inevitable end. I imagine my surprise when, came up close to me carcass simply pushed me to the side, without causing any harm! And all this is accompanied by a muffled whisper kolonnopodobnyh feet on the damp ground of the rainforest.

By the way, the sound in the game is most probably the strongest element. However, for some reason he occasionally disappears somewhere. But it is — the little things, agree. Just think, you will not hear you approaching tyrannosaur, because after all, do not! All the same, it will appear in your front instead of a sudden out of the corner. Until now, by the way, I do not understand how a screenshot was made in which Tyrannosaurus stuck his head in the door of the house. Promised Artificial Intelligence lizards is consistent with my understanding of them. It should, however, be noted that these views did not coincide with those of developers, who promised that their dinosaurs will behave like real animals — feel pain, hunger, rage, fear. According to DreamWorks, the raptor does not necessarily attack the player. And it will not necessarily break him, bleeding, in a rush to catch and eat. I probably have not come across those raptors. None of them did not want to escape, I methodically shot the whole crowd of these lovely creatures. Similarly, I have not met one who did not want to draw attention to me. Tyrannosaur, however, I ate once in front of me velotseraptora. But DOOM monsters and each other shot, so what’s the merit of the new AI (not to be confused with BB)?

Having said that all, without exception velotseraptory attacking Anna, I have a little sin against the truth. There is! There’s a dinosaur, who rushed to the joyous rumbling and hungry gleam in his eyes at my approach. I even slightly taken aback — this behavior somehow did not fit into the framework Trespasser. But, as it turns out, it is due to this fact is elementary simple: the creators of the game have prepared an element of non-linearity in the plot. You can, as usual, kill the beast with two or three shots with not very long distance. But you can — assess the strength of creative thought! — Lift your head up, find barely keep on top of the cliff car. And one shot to kill a dinosaur in a car! .. Elegant, right?

"Eats, Blogs"

Now about sore. On the chart, and «engine». It seems it’s not action, and a typical adventure, so it would like to match the genre and graphics. Suffice it to recall how strikingly different graphic memorable Lost Eden on any «Catch-kill-all-take away.» You could already enjoy from one of aimless walking through the halls and dungeons, from flights and transitions designed in the form of rollers. Yes, of course, there can not be free to move around the game space, but in fact it was not the end of 1998. And here, it seems, have not managed to implement at least some adventure-breaking in terms of graphic design of the game. At least I did not find anything new. You can, of course, to mention the sales somehow concept "open landscape"However, in my opinion, this concept implies is still somewhat more than the freedom of movement within the highly limited part of the forest. From this point of view, The Trespasser levels can be considered as all the same corridors and halls of Quake II, only the walls are replaced by insurmountable (height of a little more than a meter) sections of soil and hills with steep slopes. Yes, even the opportunity to observe space beyond these walls. Well, the same effect can be achieved with any third shooter, cutting off the walls of the corridors to eye level.

It did not work with innovations, so let it be what it is, is working correctly. However, it is not. The algorithm remove the invisible planes operating out of hand. Methods of constructing tracks the movement of objects (even fairly simple, such as cubic boxes) are imperfect, are often seen as objects penetrate each other, forming the most inconceivable intersection. Hand-its heroine the free-passes through the corner of the building and crashed into the open door. Rifle butt when moving the hands of Anna is often inside of the forearm — a sort of cyborg assassin. All this leads to unpleasant incident — stuck to the wall of the box I mentioned.

And absolutely I finished off the fact that in my honest workaholic RI 300 with 128 megabytes of memory and a Matrox Millenium II with 8 megabytes, I was able to play The Trespasser only at 640×480. Yes, and it does not feel comfortable. Although, they say, is already on PII 450 with Voodoo 2, it looks not so bleak even in 800×600. It would be interesting to look at Trespasser on your computer configuration recommended:

Pentium 166 (with no mention of the MMX) with 32MB of RAM and a video card with 1 MB of memory. Here’s where you can enjoy all the delights of the graphics core of DreamWorks …

Speaking of 3Dfx. Support accelerators The Trespasser appeared clearly as a fashion statement. Texturing on Voodoo 2 looks about the same as in the second Quake on any PowerVR. Value for this fuss?

But what really deserves respect, as is the work on the creation of skins lizards. Even on closer inspection you can not see the seams textures — the entire surface is covered with a lizard pattern, carefully traced textures. One can see the fine details, the folds of skin bumps. This seemed to me to work on the game was over and started trash.

If you like to solve repetitive in nature puzzles, moving slowly among the trees with motionless branches and leaves on the ground, devoid of vegetation, at times firing velotseraptorov or for you it is very important that for scoring the game were invited to present Hollywood actors Minnie Driver and Richard Attenborough (you ever heard of such?), then you will find the passage Trespasser very enjoyable pastime. I’ll do is the good old «Turk"…

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