By the wayside

By the wayside

Unfortunately, quite often it happens that during the construction of an object is less than the whole of attention to the treatment plant. Attitude to them builders, and not only them, usually «cool» even though everyone knows that without them it is impossible to take objects.

That showed that the check carried out by the national monitoring committee of the Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, together with the Karelian territorial gidrohimlaboratoriey North-West Basin Territorial Administration to regulate the use and protection of water and Karelrybvodom on Kondopoga pulp and paper mill.

Wastewater plant, insufficiently treated in the mechanical treatment facilities, pose a serious threat to Lake Onega — unique body of water belonging to the first category of water use. Every day in the lake dropped a considerable amount of suspended solids, difficult-organic waste and that it is absolutely unacceptable, sulfides. Results of analyzes of water samples taken in the lake 500 meters from the release of effluents showed that the biochemical oxygen demand in five days exceeds the maximum permissible concentration.

The situation, as we see, quite alarming, and the term of commissioning of treatment facilities with biological treatment of sewage appeared torn.

Over the last three years on the biological treatment of wastewater schelokosoderzhaschih mastered only about 20 percent of construction costs. In the building instead of 184 people who were here to work, we worked a total of 28 builders. Calculations show that the introduction of biological treatment schelokosoderzhaschih waste actually put in jeopardy.

A careful analysis of the situation shows that the main reasons are, first, insufficient allocation for a number of years, capital investments Minlesbumpromom USSR and Kondopoga pulp and paper mill and, secondly, in a weak job Trust Kondopozhstroy on the construction of water treatment facilities.

People’s Control Committee of the Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic demanded that the Kondopoga pulp and paper mill, Glavsevzapstroya, trust Kondopozhstroy take all necessary measures to strengthen the construction and installation work on the wastewater treatment plant the plant, to ensure the full disbursement of funds under the plan, and enter the facilities of the biological treatment of industrial waste within the third quarter of 1982.

For unsatisfactory performance of the plan of construction of biological treatment shelokosoderzhaschih waste manager of the trust Kondopozhstroy tons. Zaborovsky put on view. For the failure to timely release of capital investments for the construction of treatment plants and lack of control over the development of the allocated funds for these purposes plant Deputy Director for Capital Construction tons. Evstafyev TE.K2K6 put on view.

Groups of People’s Control of the trust Kondopozhstroy and Kondopoga pulp and paper mill instructed to take control of the progress of the construction of treatment facilities at the plant. For this purpose, it is said in the resolution of the Committee to carry out systematic checks in accordance with the Law on People’s Control of the USSR strictly to ask officials admit inefficacy in dealing with the construction of these facilities.


Krasnodar mirror furniturny plant takes water without restriction for the production needs of the urban water supply and two artesian wells. Daily water consumption is more than three thousand cubic meters. At the same time, the water circulating system is only 727 cubic meters per day.

As the audit showed, held City Committee people’s control at the plant do not keep records of water consumed. Inspectors have calculated that last year alone, the company overdrawn drinking water about 34 thousand cubic meters.

Since the sewage treatment plant and its functions can not cope, the wastewater plant periodically dumped into storm sewers and enter the river Kuban. It was also found that the plant annually pollutes the atmosphere with harmful substances.

During the absence of the primary accounting of water use, cost overruns drinking water, pollution of the river Kuban and the surrounding atmosphere harmful substances Krasnodar City Committee people’s control announced the chief engineer mirror-furniturnogo mill tons. Osikovu reprimand. In partial compensation for damage caused to the state, it produced nachet cash in the amount of monthly salary.

Call to account

Production Association «Crane» and plastics plant in the Tula region Uzlovsky District pollute the atmosphere. Maybe there is no dust and gas catchers plants? The fact of the matter is that there are, but here’s the problem: of the 105, only 33 are operating normally.

How to set the Tula regional committee of the people’s control, these enterprises do not follow the work of the units do not comply with the rules of technical operation.

The same provision on Dubovsky passenger transport enterprise and factory of nonwoven materials. On transport enterprise for the past two years did not bother to mount the exhaust ventilation system.

Most proven industrial area and does not provide measures for the protection of the water basin. Association «Crane», plastics plant, Dubovskoe motor company, having its own water treatment plant, dumped into wastewater ponds that do not meet sanitary standards.

Many ills cause a tributary of the Don River Sukromke domestic sewage large pig farm «Don». Sewage treatment plants are dormant. Removal system of the liquid fraction of manure is not working. In addition, soil and water contaminated in this sector of fuels and lubricants.

Over the past two years for farm pollution have repeatedly been subjected to fines, but the situation has not improved.

Oddly enough, with an enviable equanimity looks at these outrages Uzlovskaya city sanitary and epidemiological stations, designed to monitor the safety of the environment.

Tula Regional People’s Control Committee demanded. proven leaders of enterprises and households to address deficiencies, implement additional measures to prevent the pollution of rivers, soil and air.

For failure to repair gas-cleaning equipment, discharge of untreated sewage into waterways chief engineer plastics tons. Grigorov and chief energy production association «Crane» t. Voronov reprimanded. Chief Engineer Dubovskoy passenger motor transport enterprise t. Kruporushnikovu put on view. Reprimanded the director of the state farm «Don» t. Afonin.

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