Coloring Ingredients FRUITMAX® movement towards natural

The global trend of a healthy lifestyle has an impact on all spheres of human activity. And the production of food with «healthy» image is possible, leading in this race to the naturalness.

Food additives with E-code is increasingly perceived by consumers as harmful to health, so many products to replace them come the ingredients, with the status of «concentrate» or «extract» that talks about the naturalness of their origin, reducing the processing time of raw materials and the simplification of the manufacturing process .

Company Chr.Hansen, supporting the desire of the consumer to «clean label», has developed a line of coloring ingredients FruitMax® for different kinds of foods. The most popular coloring ingredients used in the manufacture of products for children — confectionery, beverages, ice cream, which is due in the first place according to research by the University of Southampton with the adverse effects of synthetic dyes in the mental development of children.

Coloring FruitMax® ingredients are based on juice concentrates berries and vegetables, as well as plant extracts that have passed the minimum processing and have color, flavor and aroma of the raw material from which they are produced. But the main function of these ingredients — paint product that has lost its natural color as a result of the production process under the influence of temperature, acid or other components of the formulation or to give the product a shade peculiar to a particular fruit or berries.

When producing ice cream most important that the ingredients of the formulation were both resistant to the effects of process parameters and to influence on each other.

Despite the simplification of the ink ingredient of the formula compared with standard dyes, product line FruitMax® are particularly stable, as are manufactured from carefully selected raw materials for this purpose.

One of the important requirements of use of coloring agents in the manufacture of ice cream is their stability to the pH level of the product. Many products of the line FruitMax® stable at any pH level. However, there are ingredients that provide a specific color and only stable at low pH, making it possible to use only in the production of fruit ice and sorbets. Basically this coloring ingredients krasnofioletovyh shades containing anthocyanins.

The effect of reduction of resistance change of color and shade of coloring ingredients FruitMax®, containing anthocyanin will be observed when using the formulation of the final product in a large number of fruit acids. Often, this happens when you make a product in a large quantity of fruit and berry juices or purees.

Thermostability coloring ingredients is important for those types of ice-cream, the pasteurization where the prepared mass, because in this case the pigments are subjected to prolonged exposure to heat and can substantially lose color. To reduce the risk diskolorirovaniya may either initially introducing a higher dosage of the coloring ingredient, or adding it after pasteurization ice cream mass. It depends on the capabilities of the equipment used and the manufacturing process. In the case of short-term pasteurization and rapid cooling of the mass of ice cream coloring all the ingredients in a line FruitMax® quite stable retain color.

Exposure to light as well as oxygen, is to some destabilizing factor of coloring ingredients, as they are not exposed, as colorants, a special treatment that improves their stability in various environments. Protect painted product ingredients from the loss of color will help opaque packaging. It can also restrict access to the product oxygen from the outside.

However, for example, ice milk contains a sufficiently large amount of air (up to 15%), introduced in the manufacturing process. Therefore, loss of color in this ice cream may occur gradually over a period of storage. The risk of loss of color due to exposure to oxygen is much lower in the type of ice cream fruit ice where the air content in product weight is low.

It should be noted that the loss of color when exposed to oxygen is important not only for coloring ingredients, but also for the pigments that are prone to oxidation. Exceptions are encapsulated dyes, pigments which are protected from exposure to oxygen special encapsulation technology patented by Chr. Hansen.

As coloring ingredients FruitMax® not contain ingredients such emulsifiers or hydrocolloids whose functionality may be compromised impact of other ingredients in the formulation of ice cream (e.g., flavoring agents or stabilizers) diskolorirovaniya danger in this case is very low. However, if the flavor contains alcohols, there may be some reduction in color of the product during the manufacturing process or during storage due to the negative impact on the coloring ingredient alcohols.

Under the influence of several negative factors simultaneously diskolorirovanie product containing a coloring ingredient will be faster, so when choosing a colorant must take into account all the conditions of manufacture and storage.

Experts of the company Chr. Hansen are always ready to support you in solving the technological problems associated with the use of coloring ingredients in various products. Please contact us and we will help you to choose the color that matters for your products.

Color matters!

Coloring ingredients FruitMax® — this juice concentrates berries and vegetables, herbal extracts that have been minimally processed and preserved in all the useful properties of the raw material from which made.

FruitMax® — a natural fruit and berry color of your products.

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