In the hands of an innovator and plastic sounded «a la Stradivarius.» Professional artists have already confirmed the high acoustic properties of violins and other stringed built VF Mukhin of sound-absorbing materials.

When he appeared at the rehearsal of one of the Leningrad orchestras and musicians to put some semblance of a violin, cobbled together from pieces of foam, a common view was: «Joker …» All the same, for the sake of curiosity, one of the violinists had a bow across the strings. And … the rehearsal was interrupted. The orchestra suddenly stuck «joker» puzzled outlandish crafts. Wow! The material that suppresses noise spawned beauty of tone surpassing the famous Tyrolean spruce.

It’s always: Circle doubt Mukhin and sure of himself. I am sure to the obscene. And it turns out right. Boots stitch, sew costumes, paints, sculpts. Although not a cobbler, a tailor, and no no no artist. He engaged in corn — brought the world’s northernmost grade White Night. While everyone knows that from this very culture in the Northwest, biologists have long disown. Talk about it — and what is indecent. But it turned out that the layman, «an outsider», became a leader of the selection, even created a furore at the World Botanical Congress. And it now grows corn Leningrad region. On the green mass and grain.

Where in man as a fuse? I plow the land, forged iron, carpentry. Third in January 1918, former laborer Vasily Mukhin joined the ranks of the Bolsheviks, take a rifle and go fight for Soviet power. A little later he was the representative of the Party Central Committee — one of the first builders of the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine, the other party to major projects. And everywhere with him traveling violin, the «aristocrat arms akimbo.» Young Mukhin met her about those years when Mayakovsky wrote: «You know what, violin, let’s — we live together!» So today, sixty-odd years, has the right to familiarity.

The first instrument he bought the bones dismantled. «Lay twenty parts, and I, believe me, I admire as a still life of Pablo Picasso, he has such a violin. Is enough, I think, to copy this princess orchestra of standards Amati, Maggini, Guarneri and Stradivari? No, let each violin voice of her era. Down salon music — giving the sound a passionate, rich in emotions, designed for an audience of thousands! «

One hundred violins could sing today in an apartment Vasily Filippovich different voices. Sometimes it seems that no tools, and the enchanting sounds then hung on the walls, hidden in boxes, piled on the table. How much time was spent on their production, and even more in the experiments.

Contrary to the assertion, though the upper deck should be made sure of the best varieties of resonant spruce, he made a violin entirely of … solid maple. It sounds, and how! Then let the cause of alder — and again lost in the sonic power and brightness.

Without fear, he tries to tie together «the horse and quivering doe»: in pliable wood weaves … twisted copper wire. For information, reported that on the edge of the upper deck of any violin is a slot-groove deck turns into a kind of membrane. This groove masters usually encrusted «mustache» — a strip of ebony. Mukhin puts the metal here. And that makes it sound great.

The inventors, to confess, not very fond of fine stringed family (class G10D 1/02). And not because there is nothing to improve. And all because of the fantasies and prejudices surrounding the ancient craft. Judge for yourself.

The quality of the violin, say, depends on the soil in which the tree grew. Russian Spruce allegedly «gives the sound soft, silvery and pleasant zavualirovannost.» Well, German spruce? In it we hear «the power, intensity, but at the same time, with enough careful elaboration deck — rudeness.» So that. Neither the nature of the master, nor the soul the customizer or manner of the artist, damn the time nor the music features on the sounds coming from the instrument, it appears not recognized.

There are tips masters: file away ate only in the winter, in January. Better to cut tree dry, or at least, trying to wormholes. A Stradivarius kremonets rumored before even listened to sawing wood stethoscope. And then he drops it, and laid on the ground carefully. The wood is dried for decades.

Making violins and today is akin to alchemy, mysticism. «Stradivarius» (a thousand violins of the great masters) were studied to the smallest curl. Their decks and shell measurements micron. But until scientific technology — and therein lies the pathos of all skeptics! — Long before the star. The canonization of Stradivari, the emphasis on the answer to his «secret» is already holding back, we can see that the development of a family of musical instruments.

These conclusions — not the author. So thinking Mukhin.

— The fog around the art of the old masters — he says — is gradually fading away. Mass difficulties, for example, is related to the selection of primer and varnish. I tried to blot tree ordinary bronze powder. Then I put the deified all spring upper deck (structural element reinforcing the violin). And imagine, it is virtually did not change anything …

Removing the veil primarily with their own eyes, Leningrad came to important conclusions. Violin, he believes, is a kind of orchestra in the way in which sound very much overtones. Basic, simple pattern of tone gives us a body. «Decor» also depends on the sound of many small planes, and including the parts, each of which contributes to the general «chorus» their frequency, their overtones. They are organically combined and sounded in unison with different force, enriching the basic sound. If the frequency «went piecemeal» if the instrument nezvuchaschie any «dead zones», the violin acoustically — a piece of wood. But when the instrument as a whole are included in the overall response, the master is waiting for good luck.

— Specialists have a term: setting December — says Basil Philipovich A tune — and that’s the whole secret — you need to each of the plurality of parts of the instrument.

Faithful is whether this conclusion? It is difficult to guarantee. But when Mukhin takes his «stump» — so called not successfully arranged the factory master tool — already after minor amendments to its sound changes beyond recognition. Involuntarily the question arises: is it possible to deduce the «formula» violin? «It is possible — says Muhin.- The condition for this is only one thing: the need for extremely homogeneous structure of the material. Forget about the tree — because of it, even an exact copy is not possible. Take the plastic … «

Old Bolsheviks in Leningrad have met — to allocate the necessary tests for the hard porous material. Vasily Filippovich hew him in the yard with an ax, a knife cut. Then we went in the course of chisels, rasps, broach files, emery … Installation? Bonding beefom two halves. Primers, varnish, too, of course, not required. And it could be a complex profile immediately and print!

Tests of the first instance at the Leningrad House of Scientists of Gorky passed brilliantly. AL Rushan, head of the Quartet, in the end said, did not restrained pathos: «You, Comrade Mukhin, not a violin built — you have created a monument!»

There were other plastic were new challenges. Although the material is poor, has concluded master categorical: the plastic has a much greater range of acoustic properties than wood. Timbre, coloration, any other option it can be programmed. Therefore, you can make tools for training, and for jazz, and musicians, and soloist.

Test the whole family of stringed instruments also held State Taneyev Quartet. There were claims of «cheap strings», «poorly kept one peg cello» … But, if in fact, the «fine tools», «beautiful sound», «even as I can not believe!»

— Oddly enough, — shared his opinion violist VE Solovyov, — the foam has a voice, even power. I agree to go with the alto in the concert, if … if it is painted.

— What for! White instrument looks great with your black coat.

— Yes, look. But … I do not want to be the black sheep! ..

And yet, despite the «psychological shock», musicians, he has never heard the word «introduction» unanimously in favor «Plastic violin — to be! Be at least because it is now in all respects superior to all the so-called «mass production», which trained thousands of students in the country. «

Well, say «thank you» this courageous four: the first violin and leader of the quartet — VY Ovcharek second fiddle — GB Lutsk, viola — VE Solovyov, cello — II Levinsohn. For the kind words they hope to get the very first plastic «Stradivarius». So promised VF Mukhin.

And one promise — a record made in his notebook:

«I am convinced, firmly convinced that even the violin and string instruments in 2000, mass production will be made of new materials — polymers with high acoustic and mechanical properties.

This will be the century violin.

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