Corporations with a human litsom.Sekrety successful interview.

Corporations with a human litsom.Sekrety successful interview.

It argued that the company «with the name of» celestials work and mere mortals to avoid falling. This is partly true — the selection of such employers really hard. But what they expect from the young specialist?

For most students, the most urgent task at the approach of the end of the training — a job search. Everyone wants to find a job to his liking, according to his ability, with a good salary, prospects and other delights. Many find themselves interesting job, but when you try to fail to qualify, and they have to either look for another job (less interesting, less paid, and so on), or urgently to complete their education and to tighten their knowledge and skills.

But not all of the gaps can be filled in a few weeks or even months. To think about over what exactly is to work to obtain the desired position, it is necessary to advance. However, how to select the desired direction of development? Practice shows that many students have a vague idea of ​​how the employment and the lack of knowledge leads to self-doubt and methane between completely different areas of activity.

In this article I will try to describe the process of hiring students and recent graduates from the point of view of the employer. Naturally, the approach employed in different companies may differ, but there are many common features that are useful to know. In addition, proven practices is usually found widespread among all market participants.

The company «ROSA», in which I work — is a medium-sized organizations, whose staff has more than a hundred people (including a few dozen developers, maintainers and testers). We are far from the international giants of the IT market, but at the same time, the company is large and growing, resulting in search of candidates for a particular position is permanent. In addition, despite the relative youth, we have rich experience in dealing with students, including in terms of their admission to the permanent job.

Confirming give an example from our practice. In fourth-School of Software Engineering Higher School of Economics in the schedule is a discipline called «Team Project»: students learn the entire software development cycle — from domain analysis and drafting the TOR before the introduction of the customer. The projects are implemented teams of three — five people.

This year, the customer has acted nine student projects «Rosa» (we came up with some interesting challenges for us). The guys have done a good analysis, demonstrated a sound approach to development, so the participants we have set high scores, letters of recommendation prepared, and the top three teams to further projects awarded certificates. As explained to teachers, testimonials from employers will be a plus for students to enroll in graduate school.

In the future, we intend to further strengthen our co-operation with universities. In particular, cooperation with the students of the HSE began last year. As a result of the practice of one of the students had been offered a job in the team, «DEW».

Prior initiatives of large companies — creating basic departments, faculties — we are still not mature enough, and knowing the specifics of the inside of the good, but extremely expensive and labor-intensive business, do not consider the creation of cumbersome structures effective. But be implemented in the educational process, thereby showing the students really modern tools and technology — is within our reach.

So I hope that my story is not useless for novice IT professionals. Let’s start with one of the most pressing issues for them.

Work experience.

Many students looking websites with vacancies, certainly pay attention to the frequent requirement of experience in this area. At the same time there is a perception that students gain the necessary experience of nowhere, so guys do not moonlighting at leisure in any company, for similar job rarely respond.

However, the situation is not as straightforward as it may seem, not all positions are closed to the newly graduates.

The main task of the nomination of the employer requirements for work experience — make sure to position the candidate will actually versed in the subject field. After all, to teach novices «from scratch» — laborious activity and not giving a guaranteed result. Besides the construction of the learning process requires certain skills and a good designer is not necessarily a good teacher.

Of course, much can be learned in the interview, but the interview with a man clearly not oriented in the object — a waste of time for HR-department and other staff involved in the evaluation of candidates. Such a waste of time and try to avoid cutting off the pre-candidates for experience and portfolio.

However, the availability of employment records (or just the fact of the «real» work) — is not the only way to confirm the presence of the necessary expertise.

The main task of the nomination of the employer requirements for work experience: make sure to position the candidate has really versed in the subject field.

A popular method (not just students) confirm the professionalism is the presence of certain certificates and diplomas of specialization course. Getting serious certificates are highly rated in the market, usually requires, in addition to good knowledge of certain financial investments.

As a rule, the time and money students — resource greatly limited, so be careful in choosing the certificate that you want to get. Indeed, the majority of high-quality courses covering some relatively narrow range of IT and type certificates for all occasions unlikely to succeed.

It is best to first determine in what area you want to work out what leading companies are the area and which certificates are taken into account in these firms. It should also be understood that not all existing certificates have the same weight in the eyes of the employer, and not all are covered by IT training programs, the passage of which a diploma.

For example, there are many free online chickens Owls, after which even gave some evidence (usually in electronic form, a paper copy of the confirmed would have to pay). Unfortunately, the quality of many courses of this kind is poor, and their passing can be a waste of time.

Obtaining the corresponding diploma will give you an advantage only if the potential employer himself familiar with the courses and highly appreciate it. This situation is quite possible — there are free online courses prepared by well-known experts and representatives of major companies. Therefore, when choosing a free online course try to learn more about its authors — it can mean much more than a fancy name of discipline.

In general, the current trend of development of education is that many medium and large companies, Concerns about training yourself «go» to the universities — prepare courses in core subjects, and even create their own department.

If such courses are close to the direction in which you want to work, to visit them, of course, necessary. Not necessarily with the aim of employment in the company-organizer (though its primary purpose, of course — to prepare the footage for yourself).

Visiting these sessions allows us to understand the real needs of employers, and the mere fact of passage of such courses can be seen as a kind of certificate. And the well-known companies to organize courses, the greater the weight of this «certificate» has in the eyes of the market.

The next way to confirm the skills available for IT students, is a demonstration of the projects carried out in the learning process. In particular, such work may include course and degree projects.

Even if you are working on a purely academic task, nothing prevents to put the source code of your project somewhere in the Internet (for example, a personal page or blog, and even better on the specialized portal like GitHub or BitBucket) and give the summary link to it . Let this decision and is not used in real life, but even a cursory glance at it will allow an experienced person to assess your ability.

Of course, to make a summary reference to the training project, it is necessary to execute the project efficiently. Therefore I’d like to advise current students relate to the learning task very seriously. In the end, if you study IT-specialty and not reported in the summary anything about your training, you will likely be asked what you were taught, and of what tasks you worked. If you are already rich set of work performed, then do not worry, but in fact the majority of graduates do not have such experience.

Symbiosis of the last two approaches is to perform in a real company of any project as an integral part of the learning process. Many institutions provide practical training in the specialty — this possibility should definitely use it, especially if companies themselves come and offer internships.

Sometimes there is a belief that this practice is a unique way to attract free labor. From my own experience of student practices «ROSE» and the experience of colleagues from other companies, which had a chance to chat (and compete for students), I can say that it is not so. Typically, the gain from attracting students for two or three weeks of practice if there is, it is small, and often holding practice is unprofitable.

This is partly due to the need to explore the subject area, and it can take a long time even the most savvy guys. As a result, students are given simple tasks, and often specially prepared training sessions, the successful implementation of which in itself does not bring us any benefits.

The second important factor — it is a necessity to allocate curators working with interns. As a rule, such as the curators are the developers who need to be distracted from their duties. Because this company is consequential damages, which are not always offset by the results of the students. Therefore, the main task of the practice at major companies — this is work for the future, that is, search (and training) of people willing to subsequently come to work on a permanent basis.

At the end of the threads about the experience I would like to note that, in addition to the challenges issued by the teachers and representatives of IT companies in the learning process, nothing (apart from the lack of free time) does not interfere with the students to develop any program at will.

It can be completely their own development, and it is possible to accede to any project on a voluntary basis. So, an excellent opportunity to gain real experience and get fat plus in the summary is to participate in open source projects, the lack of which is not observed. But this is a broad topic that deserves a separate article, so postpone its detailed consideration to the next room.

Progress in the study and evaluation of the diploma.

So the discipline related to IT, is to attend the University. But the study at the university is not only (and not only) of these items.

For example, in a technical computing industry operate many people with physical and mathematical form for which programming has been only one of a plurality of items and are generally not the most difficult. The students are often the question arises: is it worth to invest in non-core subjects, and how important in hiring academic success in general?

The answer to this can greatly depend on the company and the area in which you want to work. For companies engaged in software development with great algorithmic complexity, will be useful skills in mathematics. To create a library and programs for modeling the necessary knowledge in the subject area (physics, chemistry, biology), and in general in the development of specialized software applications Knowledge of the subject area.

Ratings on specific non-core disciplines would not really be interested in a potential employer. However, it may be important as the average composite index of education, diligence and ability to learn. After learning in the process have a lot — IT is one of the most rapidly developing sectors where technologies and tools become obsolete very quickly. And achievement in school is a kind of indicator of how you are able to adapt to new technologies, to delve into the new job. If a person has an average score in the district three, or even not able to finish high school, it is characterized by its ability to not a very good side.

Often, by the students found an explanation that the low valuation because «these things would not be useful in life.» But at least some specialized subjects will be useful, but people who have the five core subjects of triples and all the others, there are not too often.

Moreover, such «place honors» «subside» in their studies, not because of laziness, but because of the fact that they prefer to deal with some projects on their own initiative. As a consequence, they have something to decorate your resume, in addition to assessments of the diploma and the chance of successful employment at them quite large.

other things, do not take the last statement as a guide to action; to create something really worth at the time the student gets a little one, and it is better to back up their good diploma projects.

Finally, the important value may be high school, graduating candidate.

The first is still high demand for graduates of leading universities in the country that train engineers and mathematical profile (MIPT, Moscow State University, MSTU. Bauman Higher School of Economics), which, they say, «keep the brand.»

Second, small companies and individual teams of larger companies often prevail graduates of a particular school. And if you have graduated from the same university, it will give you some advantage, at least from a psychological point of view.

Communication skills and teamwork

One of the features of «DEW» is that creating our distribution, we adhere to the principles of open development — anyone can always get acquainted with the current code base and versions of packages in the repositories, to learn about the newly implemented updates and plans for further development and to receive other news with «internal kitchen» distribution.

Post such news wide audience not only permitted but even encouraged guidance (in contrast to the development of many commercial products which outwardly dosage given strictly and carefully filtered information). Therefore, the ability to clearly and interesting to talk about their work is welcome.

The task of the employer — to find a suitable employee — no less complicated, and errors in its decision can be costly for companies.

The «news from the front» does not necessarily have to be the news of global importance. It may be small notes on the latest developments in the software, you found the original solutions encountered in the process of developing problems. After all, if you implement something useful to users or other developers, then why not share this news. The nature of free software that only helps.

But even if you do not plan or do not want to engage in such activities, remember that the ability to clearly and accurately express their thoughts will come in handy in any company. These skills will enable you to communicate more effectively with colleagues and convey their thoughts to the authorities. It often happens that when you choose from several alternatives to long-term solutions are rejected on the grounds that their authors could not really explain their ideas to others.

Unfortunately, the technical training of special skills of this kind are usually paid very little influence. In fact, the only opportunity for students to practice presenting your thoughts to people outside — is the process of protecting coursework or dissertations. However, as practice shows, this is not enough, and students can recommend themselves to take the initiative for the development of communication skills.

The most accessible way — is to engage in dialogue with experts of the field you are interested in open areas (forums, mailing lists, special pages on social networks). Do not hesitate to ask questions related to that topic and offer solutions to problems other participants. Do not be afraid of mistakes or «clumsy» your answers, because learning from mistakes, and this training is better not to pigeonhole.

Another good tool is running your own blog, for the benefit of today do not need any tricks and a selection of free blog sites for large enough. However, the flip side of this accessibility was an abundance of sites, is not interesting to anyone but their creators. Most likely your blog, too, fall into this series, at least at first. This is also not a big deal — even if you will write only for himself and a small circle of friends, the benefits of this will definitely be.

Test items

One effective way to test the technical skills of the candidate is to perform the test task. This may be a fictitious task, but often the candidates are invited to do some real work in the direction to which they are held. Unfortunately, often theoretical employers simply take the opportunity to attract free labor to save their own resources, that is, candidates give the job they perform it successfully, but to work they do not take.

Therefore, in respect of tests having the same concerns as with practice — that these jobs are a useful way to get results for free. However, in the case of hiring programmers, testers and engineers to obtain the benefits of a major test tasks the students highly unlikely. Of course, there is no need to spend money on curators, however, and the problem is usually issued simpler so that you can quickly assess the knowledge of the person.

If you were given a task to perform that you have, in your estimate, will take a few weeks, then it’s a real reason to guard. If a company wants you to check out on a relatively complex problem and is interested in working with you in case of success, the more logical step is hiring on probation.

The «ROSE» we resort to test tasks often enough. Usually choose the actual tasks to perform that developers would take a few hours to a couple of days, but that the priority at the moment is too low to distract them staff.

For example, candidates are usually invited to maintainers of packages adapted to the distribution of some simple application, potentially interesting, but it is not very popular. Candidates for the developers may be asked to correct the non-critical error in some software components to see how quickly a person will understand the code and understand the problem.

When the test job, you are almost in the same conditions in which the work will take place in the company, if necessary, you will be given links to manuals and instructions, you can use the search engines to work in a comfortable environment. The «ROSE» we have no objection against the issues to the developers. Moreover, asked questions, you can quickly see how a man versed in the problem, and simultaneously build a process of mutual communication.


About the interview when applying for a job in the pages of the Internet, you can find a huge amount of material. Here, I would not like to repeat the common things like the arrival at the agreed time, without delay, a neat appearance, lack of excessive nervousness. Details of the interviews vary greatly from company to company, depending on the scope of the company and, of course, its corporate culture. Below I will share some observations and recommendations that emerged during the dialogue with the students, tries to get a job in the «HRO».

Typically, the interviews have two main goals Checking technical skills and assessment of the personal qualities of the candidate. These assessments are usually conducted by different specialists (at least if the company is large enough), and interviews can be at least two.

To assess the professionalism usually involved technical experts and developers, giving candidates a variety of tasks. As I said above, it may be issued and a preliminary task «on the house», based on the implementation of which will be assessed. Tasks provided directly during the interview, require quite a bit of time to complete, but only when the person is really familiar with the subject area.

Specificity «DEW» is that some of the key developers and maintainers, participating in the survey of candidates, work remotely and are unable to carry out face to face conversation. If there is a need to engage such employees for the interview, it is usually arranged in the form of chat, although it is possible and the use of other forms, such as video conferencing.

With regard to the definition of personal qualities, the employer needs to assess whether a person is suitable team with which he has to work, and how he get along with the corporate rules of the company. Such an assessment may be conducted supervisor group that arranged the candidate, and here without a personal meeting is rarely complete. Exceptions may be permitted in the recruitment of employees to remote work, already have good advice, but for students, this situation is unlikely.

Incidentally, to compile personal portrait person may be involved, and other means, in addition to personal communication. For example, to get some impressions of the person before the interview the employer can simply search for information about him in the vast «World Wide Web.» After all, surely many members of the younger generation are registered in various social networks and behave more relaxed there than in a conversation with unfamiliar person. It also can detect and «traces» of the candidate in the form of answers to the forums and mailing lists, his personal website, and other activities that we have discussed above. It seems that it is sufficiently serious (albeit pragmatic) reason to behave on the internet culture, at least in communication «to the public.» How to know when you will remember incontinence in some skirmish? After all, your opponent can be your potential and colleague …

Not so bad HR …

In conclusion, I wish to find jobs and in negotiations with potential employers not to be nervous, no complexes, and just try to behave the way you behave in everyday life. The same applies to skills — do not brag about fictitious achievements, but we should not underestimate, and real. For example, students often do not want to mention the educational projects, because they are «toy» and benefit from them there; but after all, it is such a project to judge the ability of a person, and it’s better than nothing.

The task of the employer — to find a suitable employee — no less complicated, and errors in its decision can be costly for companies. Hence, caution and reassurance for selection, and your task — to help make the most of themselves a true and fair impression.

Do not be upset if you are somewhere not taken. From each failure can be useful lessons and to work on the bugs. Work in the IT sector is now missing, and a place for talented people is always there. You may not immediately find the «dream job», but the prospects for growth and development is always there.

I hope that all the above not only does not scare young people puzzled future employment, but will also allow them to choose the right direction for development.

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