Cosmetics own hands

Cosmetics own hands

Many of us are often baffled proposed in various cosmetic stores. There are so many, but not all meet our everyday needs. And I would like something inexpensive and safe. I’ll tell you how to make at home soap and lipstick.

Cheap and versatile cosmetics usually contain chemical components. Even products intended for children, often leads to severe skin irritation.

That has to buy a lot of expensive, supposedly relatively safe gels, lotions, balms, shampoos, soaps, labels which promise us cleansing, softening, moisturizing, refreshing and other effects. And paint on the shelves of various battery of bottles for each family member.

Soap for body and soul

The dream of an inexpensive, versatile and safe means for the body hygiene probably more than once visited by many. But it turns out there a long time, and to make it possible for anyone to. Suffice it to have on hand the necessary components.

First, you need to purchase natural soap base, although you can do ordinary soap.

For successful production of universal detergent will also need essential and vegetable (cosmetic) oil, which can be bought in a pharmacy.

Let’s get started! Take 200 grams of soap base into chunks (or its substitute — soap) and rub on a grater. Pour into a suitable bowl, add 60-70 ml of water (1/3 of the amount of soap) or a decoction of herbs and put in a water bath.

After the mass becomes homogeneous in its structure and remove it from the heat and gently stirring, add 20 ml of any vegetable oil (1/10 of the volume of the soap mass), then drip oils and, optionally, add crushed grass.

Then pour all of molds, in which quality is better to use silicone, for example, for baking cakes, and leave a lot of 3-4 hours for hardening.

So the soap for all occasions ready! Interestingly, its cost is much lower than the purchased assets. Household cleaners can be used not only for the body but also for all hair types. Not having in its composition of aggressive chemical components, it is ideal for children and allergy sufferers.

As a substitute scrub while cleansing and moisturizing the skin, this soap is used for removing makeup from the face. It is convenient to take on the road, it will replace the one a lot of bubbles and bottles.

In addition, soap, made with your own hands can be a nice gift for family and friends if the manufacture of molds to use unusual and pleasant smell fillers — ground coffee, chicory. Intuition and imagination to help you!

Useful Lipstick

The history of lipstick lasts from time immemorial. It is known that the ancient Egyptians created one of the first prototypes of cosmetic products by mixing red clay and oil.

Further, in each country we tried to come up with something of their own, original, more stable and vivid means for coloring the lips. For this purpose, berry juices, crushed plants and so on.

Roman did well for themselves on the basis of the lipstick lead, the use of which gave a variety of bright shades of red. Here are just a lead — very toxic, leading to early death of many beauties.

Now, in an era of progressive science, it would seem, has long found other harmless dyes. But manufacturers secretly customers using deadly ingredients that gradually accumulate in the body, leading to serious diseases.

So, on the audit of foreign scientists in more than 400 kinds of lipstick was found a considerable amount of unleaded.

But even if bought lipstick 100% does not contain lead, it does not protect against the other, no less harmful components:

• paraffin waxes -prichina caries;

• Vaseline — the source of allergy, and dry mouth;

• lanolin negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract;

• mineral oils, paraffin wax accumulate in the liver, kidneys and lymph nodes.

Also present in lipsticks heavy metals:

• manganese salts, dangerous to the nervous system;

• chrome, provoking the growth of tumors of the stomach;

• Cadmium, breaking bones.

In order to protect yourself and loved ones, I offer the recipe of genuine homemade lipstick. Take beeswax (available from beekeepers and honey fairs), and any vegetable oil. Put the ingredients in a suitable container and put in a water bath. When the mixture is smooth, add the essential oils and all natural pigment — beet powder or other bright fruit. Mix and pour into a mold.

Allow to cool, and the resulting mass transfer to a convenient box for you (for example, in the case of the old lipstick). This is a wonderful drug will serve both lipstick and balm, perfume and dry. Use it to your health!

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