It’s time to dig potatoes. Often many of the vegetable crop — one of the most important in the garden. Most of us sadit potatoes traditionally. But there are many «non-traditional» methods of cultivation of this vegetable.


— If you have a little space in the garden, do not worry — says Irina from Omsk Maskvina — even 1 m2 you can get a good harvest. How? Take a large tuber, and for 40-45 days before planting it across the notch, so that there is a small bridge 1 cm thick. Keep it up until not germinate. Dig a hole: depth of 50 cm long and 75 cm wide. It put a shovel well rotted manure, a handful of ashes and superphosphate 30-50 g. All of this mix: your «bed» is ready!

Now plant the tuber to a depth of 8 cm. When the stalks rise 10 cm above the ground, cover them on 15 cm of loose soil. Stems again pulled out of the ground, but as soon sprout tops by 20 cm, pour it again.

And so a few times until the sprouts will not rise above the pit. Then okuchte potatoes several times. Every time he fell asleep the plant, its Feed the manure, ashes and superphosphate. During the summer watering potato bush, and tear off the flowers still in bud.

Tip in the subject

In the north, a potato «beds» can be arranged in a barrel. Please keep it in the room, and with the onset of warm weather make the streets.

In the box.

An unusual method of landing shared with readers of Ivan Smirnov from Vologda.

Dig a small hole the size of 0,8×0,8 m and a depth of 20 cm. Shots from the inside polyethylene or set to the corresponding dimensions of the trough. At the bottom in the center of the tube set (1.5 m), which should be a plurality of holes. Trough filled with small gravel and cover with water-permeable material.

Next to this construction, set a box without a bottom 1×1 m and a height of 40 cm. At the beginning of April in the box, pour about 30 cm moist fertile soil. When the soil warms up to 7-8 ° C in a box will land 8 tubers to a depth of 10 cm. Cover with foil.

Every 5-6 days a gravel fill water through the central tube, but so that the surface between the gravel and water in the soil in the box remained air gap filled with chippings.

Who grew up on the tops of 15 cm pour about half a damp fertile soil. And so a few times before the end of July. The walls of the box built up gradually, so as not to obscure the tops.

Under the film?

The experience of growing potatoes under the film. Last year, Sergei Uvarov from Nizhny Novgorod first tried this method. And that’s what he writes: «To start so decided to plant a small plot and compare it with a potato growing ordinary way.

In the spring of land dug up and covered it with a black film, which make a hole for the tubers in two rows. These holes and planted potatoes — shallow, lightly covering with soil.

At both sites the seedlings were green and friendly. Several times the potatoes under the film watered all: no weeding, no spud or loose — beauty! As a result, it is ripened before and tubers were greater than potatoes planted in the usual manner.

My conclusion: the minimum care, crop up, but to use this method is better for large and narrow beds.

3 kg from the bush!

Galina Lutsenko from the Kirov region honors pre-classical method of growing potatoes. Selects grade «Nevsky» and «Empress». From the first grade get to 3.5 kg per bush, and the second — up to 3 kg!

— And I grow it, as usual. Germinated three weeks before germination soaked in potassium permanganate for half an hour. We put it on the combs, because the summer is often rainy. The hole is required to rolling in a handful of ashes as fertilizer, and from wireworms is very good. And during the summer to weed, spud. Before you dig, Weeks two circumcised tops. That’s all the wisdom!

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