«Coupling» for the queen.

The October nights freezing winter is sending signals about his imminent arrival. It’s time to take care of pearls flower garden, protecting roses from future frosts.

Cut, Jale

Do not rush with pruning, because the flowers, about stimulated the removal of «fruit», at zero temperature confuse the seasons, every effort be directed at growth rather than hardening and probably die with minimal red on a thermometer.

To begin the removal nevyzrevshie shoots wen (thick «false shoots), and all the leaves (if you plan to cover roses) is necessary when the frost at night will be 5-7 ° C and» grab «the ground to a depth of 1 cm.

Hybrid Tea Rose Shorten half, polyanthus, floribunda, ground cover, and the miniature park — in the third. Sores on the site sections treat nitrophenyl, copper sulfate, a 3% Bordeaux liquid or … hydrogen peroxide. So you will save rosettes of fungal epidemic.

Knoll HEAT

Prior to «preservation» of the rosary for the winter dig over the soil under the plants on a bayonet spade. Shrub and climbing roses bend down to the ground and lay on «litter» of twigs and dry leaves (preferably oak). Then okuchte rosebushes at least 30 cm. Do not sypte a rose pure peat, sand or dust — they are very water capacity: in winter, roses can be formed ice crust, the pressure is on the bark of the plant will crack, and this — the «green light» for the infections. And in any case, not with ground Rakes beds: you can inadvertently expose the «soul» of roses — its roots. It is considered a reliable air-dry shelter. The method is suitable for flower beds of roses correct form. Above the bushes, set the frames 50-60 cm high, top and side lay Insulating material, then cover with plastic wrap design. The end faces of the shelter do not close until the severe frosts (below -10 ° C). If the winter will present a surprise in the form of a pair of days with temperatures above zero, will have to go to the country, to ventilate «houses» with roses. If you do not, the colors certainly earn infectious burn and die.

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