Cubic meters HOLDS TON

Cubic meters HOLDS TON

In the pneumatic reloaders install the original aerator. And the performance of the machine increase tenfold.

What a nasty this burden — the powder! Hundreds of millions of tons of crushed ore, coal dust, sand, cement, fertilizer, animal feed, chemical raw materials account for more than once to transfer back and forth, before they turn into finished products. And at each loading and unloading of shops, warehouses and railway stations thick dust clouds — could not breathe. Annually loses millions of tons of various powders.

Whether business pneumatic. Tubes and pipes, easy to lay on whatever track. They do not raise dust, they can always find a place in any shop or warehouse. In addition, during such transportation can dry powders, heat, mix on the go.

However, there is a serious and negative — low productivity. It is believed that a cubic meter of air can not carry over fifteen kilograms of raw materials. Cover everything more — will clog pipes and everything stops.

And my pneumatic loader allows cubic meter of air to carry a ton of stuff. Inside hopper located original aeration device, the air therefrom penetrates into a powder, mixed with it, and then soaking in materialoprovody captures strictly defined powder dose. No traffic jams and congestion, energy consumption is small, works flawlessly in all vessels at all times automatically maintain a desired level.

Capacity from 600 to 1OOO kg per minute, serve one or two people. Have a pneumatic crane and multi-cyclone dust collector, almost completely wiping the dust-laden air.

To apply the new setting can be anywhere. For example, it can help quickly and free of dust loaded bulk fertilizers An-2 and Mi-2 agricultural aviation.

In 1975, a pneumatic loader was manufactured and installed on Krasnouralsk copper smelting plant. On Korenevsky plant materials and structures (Art. Kraskovo of the Moscow region) it transports dry lime from the lime plant to a height of twenty meters.

It can be used in iron foundries for transporting powdered metal molding composition and selection of various deposits, and in the aluminum industry to move to the electrolysis of alumina, and so on. D. One such unit will save annually 2 500-3 Ltd. rubles.

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