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Food, love and life well known Dubai foodie personality Delia has converted an identity crisis into a beautiful journey of food with this, her debut cookbook. She starts by telling the reader about her nomadic upbringing which saw her moving from Syria to Germany to France to New York (all great culinary hubs in their own right), and the various influences she gathered along the way that stoked her passion for food and cooking. The recipe collection reflects that, with everything from foul moudammas and lab net and mint wraps, to o s s o b u c c o and rib roasts, and everything in between. The recipes are divided into practical sections such as Breakfast; Lunch & dinner; Soups, salads and sides; Sauces, dressings and spreads; savoury bakes and Sweet bakes and desserts. Dhsi55, available at Bloomongladis Home, Tavola, Kitsch cupcakes outlets anti all leading bookstores.

100 Foods to stay young by Charlotte watts (Paragon Books)

This book’s title may be making a lofty claim, but as the introduction explains, «good nutrition (i> is the foundation to a youthful, vital body», identifying the six aspects of health that go towards youth fulness (Skin, hair and nails; Mobility and strength; Digestive health; Brain health; Heart health; immunity), each recipe in the book then highlights which of these aspects it helps promote, with a code. The recipes are sectioned off according to ingredient (Fruits; vegetables; Meat, fish, dairy and eggs, and soon), and, contrary to what many believe, highlight dishes that are definitely good for you, but are not at all boring or bland. Whether it’s grilled lamb with yoghurt and herb dressing (did you know lamb contains nutrients that boost immunity and slow down ageing?), or Thai spiced chicken with courgettes, there are some seriously tasty dishes on here, although there are also some quintessential health food esqe dishes like sprout salad and millet porridge. The recipes are peppered with interesting trivia on food, and all of them contain useful nutritional advice.

Heart-healthy Everyday meals; Soups stews; Snacks; Sweets desserts by Dr J e h a n n e Ali (Marshall Cavendish)

This set-of-four mini cookbook series contains 35 recipes in each, devised by a doctor who loves to cook, and offers a healthy twist on popular dishes. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, the pocket-book-sized books are a useful companion for anyone who is conscious about eating healthy, but doesn’t want to compromise on taste. Clever twists like including apple puree in a chocolate brownie recipe, and omitting cheese from a pizza, as well as including a n t i o x i d a n t rich ingredients into the dishes, make these internationally-inspired recipes a must-have, if you’re looking for ideas for any specific genre, healthy desserts for example, then just get the relevant book, otherwise, the whole series is a useful addition to anyone’s collection. The size is particularly convenient for those who are heading off on self-catering holidays and don’t want to come back with a holiday bulge!

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