Culinary traditions.

Culinary traditions.

Russian autumn is rich in tradition, for the most part they are connected with the harvest.

We invite you to remember the old parties and prepare a feast for each of them.

So, on September 1 — Thekla Svekolnitsa. From that day began to harvest the beets, «Kohl came Thekla — rush to dig beets.» In the world of beets has been known for over 2,000 years, and in Russia it has long consumed. The food came, and the leaves and roots: from the tops cooked cold beet soup and hot beetroot soup, the winter beet kvass and then served with boiled potatoes. Beet and confidently walked into the modern kitchen and our table is now hard to imagine without borscht yes salad.

Vinaigrette with apples.


Sauerkraut — 200 g

Carrots — 1 pc

Beetroot — 1 piece

Apple — 1 pc

Onions — 1 pc

Green Peas — 5 tbsp

Olive oil — 2 tbsp

6 servings, 1 hour.


1 Cook the carrots and beets. Dice all the ingredients.

2 Mix in a salad bowl, add the sauerkraut, season with butter.

By the way. Apple gives the salad lightness and makes it less nutritious.

Cranberry-honey SIDS.


Lingonberry — 200 g

Water — 1 liter

Honey — to taste

4 portions 30 minutes


1 Wash the cranberries, fold in a sieve and let the water drain out.

2 Pour the cranberries with water and place over medium heat. Bring to a boil, but do not boil, remove from heat and let stand for 10-15 minutes.

3 Strain the infusion through a strainer into a glass jar, to wipe the cranberries to Morse turned to pulp.

4 Add honey to taste, serve chilled juice.

Pie with cranberries.


Flour — 1 tbsp.

Lingonberry — 1 tbsp.

Sugar — Article 1.25.

Chicken egg — 1 pc.

Butter — 1 tbsp. l.

Dry yeast — 5 g

Salt — a pinch

8 pieces, 2 hours.


1 Dissolve yeast in warm milk, add salt, 1/4 Art. sugar and one egg.

2 Sift the flour, add to the mix, knead until smooth.

3 Add the dough melted butter, stir and put in a warm place. When the dough rises, Punch and again put in the heat.

4 Mix cranberries with remaining sugar and store in the refrigerator.

5 Punch dough again, put on floured board and divide into equal pieces, roll into the cakes, stuffing and cranberry Put Pinch edges.

6 Cover the sheet with baking paper, put it in the pie and leave for 30 minutes for proofing.

7 Bake the pies in the oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.

September 5 — Loop red bilberry. To this day in the woods kept pace with cranberries «Lupenskie cold sit on oats, cranberries sweet tooth.» In Russia cranberries respected for the healing properties as a medicine and drank juice and leaves, as well as delicacies prepared jam, candy, cooked stewed, baked cakes with cranberries and made workpiece — pickled cranberries. Until now dishes with cranberries are popular, often on the tables you can meet and fruit drinks, and cakes with cranberries, as well as berry sauce and desserts, and meat.

September 8 — Natalia Fescue. On this day in Russia began harvesting oats: «Carry the barn Natalia oatmeal pancake, and Adrian — oatmeal in a pot.» After harvesting the hostess workers fed oat oatmeal, pancakes and oatmeal in the cranberries. Now oatmeal lost its special significance in Russian cuisine and tables can often be found only porridge, cereal yes oatmeal cookies.

Oatmeal cookies at home.


Flour — 200 g

Hercules (oatmeal) — 180 g

Sugar — 150 g

Margarine or butter — 100 g

Raisins — 1/4 Art.

Eggs — 2 pcs.

Baking powder — 1/2 hr. Liter.

Vanilla — 1 package

Salt — a pinch

20 pieces, 30 minutes


1 Raisins rinse, and drain rasparte.

2 eggs and sugar, beat well. Add the salt, vanilla, baking powder, margarine, softened oatmeal — Mix.

3 This is prepared by adding raisins.

4 Stir the dough, add the flour to the dough was more «collected», cover with foil and leave in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Ideally — the dough is better to leave to cool overnight.

5 tablespoon shape flattened balls — test take about half a spoon. Moisten your hands with water and walk on cookies to round all protruding edges

6 Bake the cookies in the oven at 175 degrees for 20 minutes.

September 20 — Lukow day. In Russia harvested onions to this day with a new crop could not take any bulb — it was thought that the entire crop, or dry rot.

Now what was once a rare dish is complete without the use of a bow. The traditional dish on this day in Russia was the onion stuffed chicken.

Onion cup.


Minced meat — 200 g

Sour cream 10% — 200 g

Onions — 4 pieces

Garlic — 3 cloves

Thyme — 2 sprigs

Salt, black pepper — to taste

Vegetable oil — for frying

2 portions, 45 minutes.


1 peeled bulbs have cut the cap and remove the midway, to get a cup for stuffing.

2 Put the bulbs in boiling water and cook for 2-3 minutes.

3 cut out a portion of onion and garlic, chop, fry in a pan with vegetable oil until golden brown, add the mince and cook until done, in the end, add the thyme leaves. Salt and pepper. Prepared meat Stuff bulbs.

4 Oil the baking dish, place the bulbs in the form, fill it with sour cream and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes.

Skoromniy skits.


For the dough:

Flour — 500 g

Butter — 150 g

Milk — 200 g

Fresh yeast — 20 g

Sugar — 1 tbsp. l.

Salt — 1/2 hr. Liter.

For filling:

Sauerkraut — 500 g

Eggs — 3 pcs.

Salt, black pepper — to taste

Yellow for lubrication — 1 pc.

6 servings, 55 minutes.


1 In the warm milk dissolve yeast. Pour half the flour and stir well. Leave for 15 minutes to raise the sponge.

2 Add the brew softened butter, sugar and salt. Stir until smooth and sprinkle in the remaining flour, knead the dough and leave to rise for 1 hour.

3 Punch and leave for 1 hour more. Again Punch the dough and leave for 1 hour more.

4 While the dough is rising, prepare the stuffing — hard-boiled eggs chop, mix with the cabbage, salt and pepper.

5 The finished dough is divided into 2 parts. From one part of the roll circle 0.5 cm thick. Put the prepared cabbage filling. From the second part of a small piece of dough otschipnite for decoration, from the remaining dough and roll out a circle.

6 Cover the circle with filling the second circle of dough and roll it out on the edge of Pinch. Decorate flagella and flowers of a pending test. Pierce the dough with a fork in several places for the steam. Lubricate yolk.

7 Put the skit in a preheated 180 degree oven for 40 minutes.

By the way:

Pie is great not only for tea, but also served to soups instead of bread.


If the top of the cake during baking starts to dry, then cover it with cooking paper.

Sept 24 — Fedorin Vecherko. On this day the peasants in Russia, summed up the work of autumn, the harvest ended. Women gathered to hack and make sour cabbage — such gatherings called skit. Men brewed beer: «Beer is not pyano- something sinful. Beer is drunk — a sinful order. A beer will not — just sickening. » On the table that day served dishes of cabbage: cabbage rolls, soup, cakes — and set a freshly brewed beer.

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