Dana Delight

I was at the NYC convention this past May and I had the opportunity to meet and speak with your columnist, Dana Brunson, as well as his lovely wife, Dorothy.

Not only is Mr. Brunson a walking encyclopedia of tattoo history, but the man is a gentleman in every sense of the word.

This sort of thing is what conventions are all about. Hearing the stories about the “good old days” and passing them on to the kids coming up will ensure that tattoo history stays alive forever. And one man we can thank for keeping that history alive is Dana Brunson.

Going out to Ohio to visit the Brunson Tattoo Museum is now at the top of my bucket list.

Kenny C. Newark, NJ.

From Russia With Anger

As a Russian-American it irks me that the tattooing of my homeland never gets the respect it deserves. You can’t hear enough about Japanese, Samoan and that awful tribal stuff, but no one is willing to recognize that the absolute best artists today are coming out of Russia.

Thank you Skin&Ink for not ignoring the great Russian tattooes. The International Ink feature on Dmitrij Chikai is all the proof anyone needs that Russia is the new capital of modern tattooing.

The detail and the use of color and line work is simply unmatched, and it’s about time that Russian tattooing got the recognition it has long deserved! Lenny T. Fresno, CA

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