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Designer Shobhna Mehta’s Mumbai home is a rule-breaker and show-stopper simultaneously!

With a family full of designers, a fabulous home is almost a given! As expected, designer Shobhna Mehta’s home in Mumbai s tony Malabar Hill is like her interior decor brand — Kanchi Designs — fashionably opulent and one-of-a-kind. This 3 BHK apartment is brimming with design ideas that appeal to a variety of aesthetics. «My son Kunal and I designed the place and my daughter in-law, Vibha, who is also an interior designer, executed our ideas. Designing and decorating this house was a family affair!» smiles Shobhna, who is also a doting grandmother!


The first thing to catch your eyes is a gray-brown console and a matching mirror, set against a beautiful wall treated with gold leafing. A quick turn to the vast and stylish living area reveals a smart division into four sections, each distinct from the other but aesthetically linked. The result is a spacious and luxurious space that spurs on conversations and jaw dropping moments!

We love the conversation area that makes up for a large portion of the room. The cosy cocoa brown velvet three-seater sofa is sprinkled with shades of blue along with an armchair from the set and another mismatched high back chair. With a gray-brown patina antique finish polish, this throne of sorts is further accentuated with fine embroidery. Looming over it all is artist Prajwal Chaudharis match box art that adds a touch of eclecticism and fun to the space. Anchored by a beautiful carpet, the setting also has a trendy mirrored coffee table to add a touch of glitz. With Manisha Pamnani’s floral setting dressing the table and two identical lamps adding a pop of deep red, this conversation spot has charm like no other!


Right next to it is another distinct setting — the TV section — that has a comfy mustard sofa, a bench-like ottoman and matching floor cushions. The third section is the two seater with a marvellous sun roof that showers the space with fresh light. To soften the sometimes harsh natural light, the ‘in-house designers1 have created a canopy using a delicately embroidered off-white fabric, making this seating area fascinatingly whimsical and fairytale-like. Along side this space is a large window that s royally dressed with an off-white sheer, over which falls a heavy beige curtain that’s tied back to create the lush drapes. The stone coloured tiles and subtle hued carpets in each area enhance the design.


The four-seater dining table with its glass top and rotating centre disc is a contemporary addition to the large living room. The family brings out their best china and glassware that’s conveniently placed in the ornate cabinet next to the table. Across the room, a matching ornate cabinet doubles up as a pull-out bar! Perfect for those evening parties…

Theirs is a very inclusive space. «When we have parties, we open my mother-in-law’s room, which is connected to the terrace. The space opens up instantly and our guests can walk around and mingle!» explains Vibha. The use of yellow light spreads warmth and complements the warm colour palette of the home. «We love candle light and you’ll find the whole house prettily lit in candles when we entertain,» adds Kanchi, the daughter of the house.


The master bedroom has dark wooden flooring and furniture that’s toned down with light coloured furnishings like the cream duvet and an array of plush pillows. Tying the dark and light end of the colours together is the true colour throw and rug that adds comfort and warmth. The bedroom also has a walk-in closet that’s cleverly disguised by painting it the same colour as the wall The all-white walls are adorned with paintings and art works collected by the family. We also love the Picasso print silk scarf that’s framed and turned into wall art!


«We absolutely love having breakfast on the terrace. I also do my yoga there!» explains Shobhna. The 850 sq.ft terrace area overlooks a part of the sea. Laid with wooden tiles, the terrace is interspersed with plants and Shobhna’s granddaughter Raha Krishna’s toys. An all-weather furniture set along with a swinging chair makes for the perfect place to take in the scene and unwind.


«Ours is a show house! We give it an overhaul every few years. Before this, our home was all white with wood. Now it revolves around the colour stone!» says Shobhna. The family leaves no stone unturned (no pun intended!) when it comes to their home. «Only the best of things make the cut. Our business requires us to show our clients the work we do. Our house happens to be our best example…» adds Kanchi.


Evidently, Shobhna is a rule breaker! Her home is an eclectic mix that beautifully stitches influences from India, Portugal, France, Britain and even the Mughal era. «Have confidence in your ideas. Do it, present it and flaunt it. Trust me, it will work!» advises the designer par excellence. With a talent filled house like this, its no wonder every minute details is etched with love and perfection!

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