Dreams of happiness (Furtseva)

Dreams of happiness (Furtseva)

As mentioned, Peter Bitkova Furtseva met in Leningrad, where he studied at the Higher Courses of Aeroflot. She first appeared in the northern capital: a lot of young, talented, confident people, laughing faces, oblique seven feet at the shoulders. Elite local suitors were handsome pilots. Then the word «pilot» has meant «a hero, a defender.» Peter was originally from the Don Cossacks. Before meeting with Catherine, he was already married and has a daughter growing up. As mentioned, Peter Bitkova Furtseva met in Leningrad, where he studied at the Higher Courses of Aeroflot. She first appeared in the northern capital: a lot of young, talented, confident people, laughing faces, oblique seven feet at the shoulders. Elite local suitors were handsome pilots. Then the word «pilot» has meant «a hero, a defender.» Peter was originally from the Don Cossacks. Before meeting with Catherine, he was already married and has a daughter growing up. Officially, the young people decided not to sign. Surrounding came to the delight of a beautiful couple: both are charismatic, bright. The young family was sent to work at first drove Pyotr Furtsevoy and announced that they parted. At the front, he met another woman. Since young people are officially registered were not recorded Furtseva daughter on his name. However Bitkov disappeared from her life at all, he continued to keep in touch with Svetlana. At the funeral, Catherine I, Peter Ivanovich told his daughter that he loved all his life only to her mother. A few days later he died of a stroke.

Union VIPs

Second husband of Catherine Alexeyevna was Nikolai Pavlovich Firyubin. They met while working in the Moscow City Party Committee. Nicholas I was older wife for two years. «He knew how and wanted to like women,» he recalled his former colleague Nikolai months. Men treated him with caution, considering too arrogant. Those who knew and Furtseva Firyubin, wondered how the two could come together as different people.

Nicholas I was married, has two children and all the forces sought a pretext to break family ties, while Ekaterina A. about what did not ask and do not insist. In Moscow, the affair caused a lot of rumors. Naturally, this situation and the status of mistress caused a flurry of disapproving comments about the Minister of Culture. Eventually Nicholas I still decided to break with the former wife.

Furtseva Firyubin and just started to live together, as here were forced to leave. In early May 1953, at the request of Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the disposal of the party workers were sent to Andropov and Firyubin. And in January of next year Nicholas was sent as ambassador to Czechoslovakia. According to established practice, the wife had to be always close to the ambassador, to help him build relationships with diplomats of other countries, to assist in the organization of receptions. Furtseva not want to sacrifice career and did not go to Prague with her lover. The Central Committee made a concession, and Nicholas I was allowed to go alone.

Secret marriage

Biographers Furtsevoy first husband, Catherine I always called Peter Vitkova. However, not so long ago it became clear that perhaps she made an attempt to start a family earlier. This assumption appears to be due to the archives found in Korenevsky record. Twenty Catherine arrived in Kursk region in 1930. There she worked for sixteen months, the first secretary of the district committee of the Komsomol Korenevsky. Found document says that in the local village council August 25, 1931 was registered the marriage of Catherine Alexeyevna and local carpenter. Name the last historians did not disclose. Family life lasted only three months long. Ekaterina Furtseva never mentioned the marriage in his biography.


Once issued case Ekaterina A. flew to Firyubin. After Prague, he was transferred to Yugoslavia in Belgrade. In 1957, Khrushchev made a gift Furtsevoy husband returned to Moscow. Nicholas was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR.

Firyubin was elected a candidate member of the Central Committee KPSS.Takim way they Furtsevoy were the only married couple in the plenary sessions of the Central Committee.

Nicholas I was flattered at the same time to be a husband and as a high-ranking woman did not like that Ekaterina A. occupies a position higher than his own. Contemporaries noted that in relations with the wife of Nicholas I stayed too cocky. He was a man of powerful and wanted to be the sole master of the house. Ekaterina A. also appreciated it and tried to maintain good relations in the family.

VF Kucharski, Deputy Minister of Culture, recalled this alliance: «His leadership gnaw his wife in the family, their sense of complex secondary. Sitting with Catherine Alexeyevna at the theater or a concert, he always evil mumbled something obscene. And to soften relations with colleagues in which Firyubin loved intervene Furtseva unfortunately agreed with him, and we got it. «

Furtsevoy mother, Marya Nikolaevna, from the start-in-law disliked. There is a record from the diary of Svetlana: «We are all jealous of her grandmother and I to Nicholas I, he and all of us together to work.» The word mother has always had great importance for Furtsevoy, so it was very difficult to be torn between her husband and Matrona Nikolayevna.

Over time, despite the best efforts of Catherine I, the marriage has cracked. The relationship between the spouses began to deteriorate. Nikolai Pavlovich very hard attitude to old age. Many remembered him far from tactful expression: «I’ll be a grandfather, but it is even worse to be a husband grandmother.»

Firyubin never distributed on the theme of relations with Furtsevoy, so we hardly know what happened between them in reality. After the death of Catherine I Firyubin married another.

The only and beloved

Svetlana’s daughter Ekaterina A. wholeheartedly loved and tried to do everything to give her a good education. The child’s upbringing helped Marya Nikolaevna, who settled with Furtsevoy as soon as she learned of her pregnancy. Deficit male communication in childhood, Svetlana did not feel, since a long time, they lived in an apartment with a family of his brother. She remembered that and called him «Dad Serge.»

Svetlana Petrovna graduated from music school. The first time she traveled abroad, in England, at age twelve. Mother tried to show her the world, took with him to different countries.

Later Svetlana entered the MGIMO. In the first year she married Oleg Kozlov, the son of a member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the CPSU FR Kozlov. From this marriage she had a daughter Marina. Ekaterina A. insisted that the granddaughter gave her name. The forward-looking grandmother knew that it would help in the future Marina. From MGIMO Svetlana moved into the editorial department of journalism faculty of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov.

Upon graduation he got a job in television news editors Agency «Novosti» (AG1N). There Svetlana Petrovna later met my second question. Svetlana Petrovna felt it my duty to create a fund named after his mother, and she succeeded. She headed the Foundation for Development of Russian Culture. EA Furtsevoy.

«Umrah minister»

The last years of the life of Catherine I were riddled with loneliness. The relationship with my husband finally went wrong; there was talk that he was having an affair on the side. The daughter lived happily married to her second husband and has not needed a mother, as before. Rumor had it that the Minister of Culture wanted to send to a pension, but not in time.

In 1972, died Marya Nikolaevna. Ekaterina A. very hard to survive this grief. All her life she needed a mother’s approval and listened to her opinion. Marya Nikolaevna constantly forced the daughter to go ahead, do not stop there.

Ekaterina A. One friend said: «Whatever it was, it would be about me or said I die minister.» And she fulfilled that promise.

On the night of 24 on October 25, 1974 in the apartment Svetlana Furtsevoy a phone

Simple woman

On the headstone Furtsevoy means no posts and titles, there is engraved a «Yekaterina Furtseva.» In an interview with the daughter of the minister of culture of the USSR asked why. What Svetlana said: «I wanted that on the headstone was displayed just a woman. What and to whom to explain and show? Who knows, he will come. Kerbel, who made a high relief, told me: "No, you can not do it the same figure". But in the end she agreed with me. «

However, the current version of the monument was not the only one. Furtsevoy friend, artist Nadezhda Leger, brought from France portrait of Catherine I in the form of a mosaic, made especially for the cemetery. However, the daughter did not risk it and put it on the grave. Today, this mosaic adorns the main entrance Library named Catherine Furtsevoy.

Up. At the other end came the voice of Nicholas Firyubin: «Mom is gone.» Svetlana Petrovna was talking with her mother only a few hours ago. Just a few minutes later, Svetlana and her husband had been in the apartment of Catherine Alexeyevna. Resuscitation team had not yet left. The cause of death recorded acute heart failure. One of the doctors, calming Svetlana said: «Even if it happened at the hospital, doctors could not help.»

After the incident in Moscow rumors that the minister of culture, not wanting to retire and found out about her husband’s infidelity, committed suicide. Such conversations were born, most likely, by analogy with the Furtsevoy attempt to commit suicide before. Svetlana denies this possibility. «I have an official certificate of doctors, which states that the death was caused by heart failure,» she repeated.

Ekaterina A. was buried in Moscow, the Novodevichy cemetery.

Career Furtsevoy could not repeat a single woman in the Soviet Union. She became a legend. What Ekaterina A. made to huge state forever left a mark in the culture of our country. It was a new stage in its development.

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