«Usually, multi-tiered bow forms a 2-3 level, and let my fifth!» — Proudly tells Faust Shkatulo and proof recounts bulbous «floors».

For the first time an Egyptian, or a horned, bow, he planted three years ago. In the second year perennial, as it should, let the first layer, and this season has given here such a surprise — 5 levels!

Separates the bulb

This vegetable family Shkatulo values ​​for juicy pen that goes perfectly with fresh salads. If the gardener wants to get quality planting material, the reserves 3-5 copies and will not touch them. Propagated tiered bow can basal bulbs, but the owner prefers to stem the bulb. In August — early September, when dry up arrow and the bulb take root (root if not, then a few days keeps the bulb in a little water) and covered with white scales, gardener gently broke off the air bulb and plant them in rows to a depth of 4-6 cm on 40 cm apart. As a result of the fall of the next crop of fresh onions ready.

What is the secret of tiers?

The fact that multi-tiered bow up in the «5 levels», the owner does not see a surprise, and regularity: fertile land, proper care plus one little trick. The fact is that to update get more variety and harvest Faust I. disembarks the bulb is the first tier. Only one vegetable can generate as much as 5 levels.

Care and feeding

Bow-bay is unpretentious: only needs watering with warm water and shallow loosening with hilling. If feathers are blue-gray or yellow, Faust I. feeds plants mullein (1:10), but the watering of green manure (herbal) do not advise anyone — it is not an onion to taste. «Never determines the time fertilizing by the calendar — says the owner. — All alone, and indeed they are not needed if the ground is good. » And for the fertility of the soil makes it a two-year compost before planting, in which layers laid chicken manure (1: 12-15), sawdust, autumn leaves and litter again.

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