Elevator Russia needs a federal program

Elevator Russia needs a federal program

Elevators in Russia must be changed.

Not everything, of course, but the number of machines requiring immediate replacement is very impressive. Experts have counted in the country almost 160 thousand of old, worn-out, exhausted all their resources and do not meet modern safety requirements — generally hackneyed and tortured lifts.

And the number of them from year to year continues to grow.

According to forecasts, in three years they will be about twice as much.

Until now, almost all regions solve the problem spontaneously. Only in the Moscow Region has adopted a program replacing the elevators, which successfully implemented. But it is not a positive experience of the majority of Russian regions, where the old elevators vary from case to case, leading to very negative consequences.

Firstly, as evidenced by the statis — tic, brought together experts, today 10% of accidents with fatalities occurring in all types of lifting equipment, falls on lifting equipment. This means that exhaust their resources elevators per person per month are killed and maimed about three.

And even overhaul, which prolongs the life of the elevator has an average of 5-6 years, can not guarantee the safety of passengers. To reduce this sad statistics, you need to deeply modernize or completely change every year 12-15 thousand elevators. Only in this case 10 years elevator fleet will be a relatively safe country.

Second, refusing to deal with the complex problem of the elevator and planning, the state runs the risk of once again put


Russia needs a federal program

January 28 held an extended meeting

SUPPORTS RUSSIAN Committee on the elevator industry

2009 / LIFT number 1 July

STRATEGY question the existence of the Russian lift building industry. In the 90 years we have already passed.

But then survived — unfolded in the country has helped to keep the construction of the plants, frames. Now the building stood, began to experience difficulties all related industries, and the future of the domestic lift business is very vague. Today, due to lack of orders forced the company to stop its industry production, and transfer of employees to work part time. In a crisis, the state remains virtually the only customer.

January 28 held an enlarged meeting of the Commission on the elevator SUPPORTS RUSSIAN industrial — nose tee, headed by the president of the Russian union of elevator MA Waxman.

The meeting, chaired by the head of the Commission for Construction and Housing SUPPORT RUSSIA

EI Shlemenko, attended by Director General of the State Corporation «Housing Reform Fund» KG Tsitsin, President of NP

«SUPPORT OF RUSSIA» SR Borisov, representatives of the State Duma, RTN, other ministries and departments, heads Elevator Plant, representatives of engineering centers, specialized elevator companies, public organizations and others. The participants discussed three main issues:

1. General analysis of the situation in the elevator park housing, state and municipal authorities of the Russian Federation.

Security concerns operation of elevators.

2. The necessary and possible directions of state support lift building industry, including the reform of public utilities.

3. The need to develop a long-term federal target program of modernization or replacement of elevators for 2010-2020. Formation of the interdepartmental working group for its development and implementation.

KG Tsitsin said that last year the Housing Reform Fund for the replacement of elevator equipment in the regions listed 4.5 billion. In 2009, the funds will be allocated even more — 10 billion rubles. This money should be enough for the acquisition and replacement of 10 thousand elevators in residential buildings.

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