Ensuring there are no management issues…

One of the main decisions you will make on your self-build journey is whether to project manage your build yourself, or hand the entire project over to a project manager. Which should you do? In truth there really isn’t a definitive correct or incorrect answer; each project is different and time constraints, money, cash flow, experience, differing skill-sets and contacts all play their part in the decision. How one person’s time and skills are best used on one project will invariably differ to another person’s on a similar project.

But for those who do opt to seek the assistance of a project manager, there are clear benefits. Time and budget issues are probably the two main areas where self-build projects can spiral out of control. As a project manager, our job is to take the strain and ensure that your build is completed on time, on budget and always ensure it is delivered to the highest standards. If you are going to seek the assistance of a project manager, do it as early as possible so they can benefit you most and be most effective from the conception stage, right throughout the project to its full completion.

In my view one of the key benefits of a project manager is that we allow clients to have just one point of contact for all their queries and concerns. We can use our contacts and relationships – built up over many years – to assist in selection and appointment of trade contractors and specialist consultants to undertake the overall works. At KC Project Management we also offer an open book policy and complete management of the tendering process to ensure best value for money. We can also offer cost savings of between 15 – 20 per cent over traditional procurement routes, and when budgets are tight, this can make all the difference to the finished build.

There is not a lot a project manager worth his salt hasn’t witnessed on site! Projects have their ups and downs, but it is this experience that you are buying into, which will ensure your project will run smoothly. For example, your project manager should be able to offer advice on contractual issues and specific terms of contract to the mutual benefit of clients. Likewise, should they arise, the project manager should be able to ensure agreement of any contractual disputes.

As the current building methods and Building Regulations become more sophisticated and complex, it is the project manager’s job to ensure that the build process is running smoothly and meeting all its goals. At KC Project Management, we ensure this through regular site meetings to assess if projects are on schedule with regard to previously agreed time periods, for example.

In our view, the project manager is there to make your build process as easy as possible. From conception through to completion it is our job to ensure cost and timings do not become an issue. We do this by only approaching subcontractors and suppliers who can undertake the specified works to the exact specifications, price and time constraints which we have agreed with customers. But more importantly, we liaise at regular intervals to ensure any potential issues don’t become real problems. And while we are taking care of this, you can watch your dream home become a reality.

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