This dazzling outdoor area features several entertaining spaces for the owners and their guests to enjoy.

The homeowners of this property wanted to create an ideal space for entertaining by the pool. They also wanted to incorporate the latest in water sanitisation, as well as an environmentally-sensitive pool. The swimming pool was constructed to the far rear end of the property on a sloping block. This proved challenging as the existing yard had several areas of different heights. These level changes were overcome by creating large planter boxes and a sunken entertainment area that adjoined the swimming pool. The sunken room and pool can be viewed from the house. The formal-shaped pool has ample room to splash around in, as well as a sitting ledge at the opposite end.

Natural granite stone tiles were used in conjunction with timber decking for the side of the pool. This combination features throughout the house and lower sunken areas, allowing for multiple entertainment spaces and creating a visually linked appeal. The overall design incorporates a range of spaces and aspects. The project is an outstanding example of how a true resort-style feel can be created without breaking the budget.

It’s amazing what a feature plant can do for a space, as can be seen by the pandanus palm that was worked into the design, along with the planter box in which it sits. Many people identify pandanus palms with holidays, the beach and relaxation, so those feelings were tapped into when designing the landscape. The palm’s position is the optimum place for it in terms of aesthetic appeal and functionality of the space.

Although built with a budget in mind, through careful and holistic design this backyard has absolutely every aspect of good outdoor lifestyle design. There is space to lounge by the pool, to entertain and dine. The lush surrounds also make it a memorable design.

The use of charcoal granite and black pearl water-line tiles inside and out facilitates a seamless change in levels. The firepit and surrounding seating were also designed to be at a level so that people swimming in the pool can converse with those inside the pit.

The number of and varying amounts of finishing materials, such as granite, earth-coloured stacked stone, dark glass mosaic tiles and timber, seamlessly mesh together. Under-mounted LED seating lights and soft-scaping used to break up the textures all work together to create a welcoming outdoor experience.

The pool is dramatically innovative in that it contains a proprietary AcquOzone sanitisation and circulation system. Through hyper-circulation, this system turns over the pool water twice in under two hours. It also hyper-circulates the water to create better heating, energy and chemical distribution, all without using any additional power.

AcquOzone sanitisation also uses a combination of ozone and mineral salt chlorination, which minimises chemical use and creates the freshest-tasting and -smelling domestic pool water money can buy.

The stunning swimming pool would work as a stand-alone feature in any backyard, but the surrounding areas that have been designed for entertaining give the area enhanced visual appeal and year-round usability.

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