Fastener industry in South-East Asia

The rapid development of global production of fastener is uniquely related to hardware industry in South-East Asia. Today it is not only Japan, Taiwan are traditional world leaders in the production of fasteners. China, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea significantly increasing hardware production, ensuring high quality.

Total global production of fasteners is 12 million. Tons per year in the amount of 25.8 billion. USD. Almost 70% of the fasteners is available today in the countries of Southeast Asia.

October 30, 2004 in Osaka, Japan, held friendly meeting fastener industry associations in four regions of Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Due to the great achievements of China in the field of manufacture of the next meeting will be held in Shanghai. Such meetings are held for more than 15 years and since 2004, decided to hold their annual.

The meeting was attended by 57 representatives from the China General Machine Components Industry Association Fasteners Committee, China, 30 representatives from Fasteners Institute of Japan, Japan, 21 representatives from the Korea Metal Industry Cooperative, South Korea, 33 representatives from the Taiwan Industrial Fastener Institute, Taiwan. Led a delegation of leaders of national associations. The Chinese delegation was led By Yoon (Wu Yun), president of China General Machine Components Industry Association, Mochizuki Masaki (Mochizuki Masaki), President Fasteners Institute of Japan led the Japanese delegation, huek Gu (Hyeok-Gu), president of the Korea Metal Industry Cooperative headed South The Korean delegation, John By (John Wu), director of the Taiwan Industrial Fastener Institute was the leader of the Taiwanese delegation. Chairman of this meeting was Yao Jing Fong (Fong Jing Yao), general secretary of the China General Machine Components Industry Association.

Taking into account the total global production of fasteners 12 million. Tons, the conference was attended by the regions, producing more than 7 million. Tons of fasteners, or almost 60% of world production.

Chinese industry FASTENERS

Over the past decade, China’s fastener industry has made a major breakthrough in its development. Today China has more than 6,500 enterprises engaged in the production of fasteners. The volume of production of fasteners is more than 3 million. Tons per year.

According to experts, there are three main reasons for the rapid growth of China’s hardware industry:

— China operates a complete system for small and medium-sized businesses, which includes not only the economic aspects of support, but also the political orientation of the economy as a whole;

— in China, the biggest consumer market of fasteners, which for several years is developing dynamically;

— China has a powerful resource potential, cheap electricity, a considerable reserve of manpower.

Today, the development of China’s hardware industry can be traced clear regional principle of its construction. More than 65% of China’s hardware industry is concentrated in the coastal city of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Guangdong. The dynamic growth of hardware production stimulates a huge investment. The increase in production of more than 20% a year for the past several years. Growth of China’s hardware industry is characterized by not only a significant increase in production, but also a substantial increase of quality indicators.

Today 400 Chinese manufacturers of fixing products are certified by ISO. More than 850 thousand. Tons of fasteners exported.

Japanese industry FASTENERS

The Japanese economy is observed growth after fourteen years of stagnation. Japanese hardware industry produces about 2.53 million. Tons of fasteners per annum for a total amount of 5.7 bln. USD. The high cost of Japanese fasteners holding back exports and is a major obstacle to increasing production.

The main consumer of fasteners in Japan were actually Japanese companies and foreign companies, where the share of Japanese capital was significant. The stagnation in the Japanese economy has stimulated the process of withdrawal of hardware production abroad, mainly in the rapidly developing countries of Southeast Asia.

With the general recovery of the Japanese economy, major shifts occur in the hardware industry. The trend of lower prices for hardware — is a major positive development in the Japanese hardware industry to retain its global leadership. However, the increase in imports of fasteners to Japan continues to increase and is a serious problem for the national hardware industry.


Taiwan produces annually about 1.5 million. Tons of fasteners. Almost 1.3 mln. Tons of fasteners exported totaling $ 1.8 billion. USD. One of the main objectives of the Taiwan hardware industry — is to increase the profitability of production. The average price of exports fastening products manufactured in Taiwan, over the past year increased by 16.6% over the previous period. Rising export prices associated not only with an effective marketing strategy, sales and rising prices for steel. The basis of the production of fasteners in Taiwan — it is small and medium enterprises, which produce 95% of all fasteners.

The main link in the development of the industry development strategy is Taiwan Industrial Fastener Institute, which brings together more than half of all producers of fasteners in Taiwan. It is also an important factor in the development of hardware production in Taiwan is a powerful machine-building industry is working to provide the industry with high-quality equipment. Today, Metal hardware equipment, manufactured in Taiwan, meets the highest requirements of the hardware industry.

In recent years there has been a serious trend transfer metalware enterprises from Taiwan to China, Malaysia, Thailand. This process is, on the one hand, stimulated by the rapid development of hardware production in these countries, which provide lower prices while maintaining profitability, but on the other hand, are prerequisites to the reduction of production in Taiwan.

Today the hardware industry in South-East Asia is in a stage of rapid development. Huge investment to stimulate its development in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea. Given the aggressive strategy of manufacturers and sellers from this region in the world market of metal products, their influence will continue to grow.

Russian hardware industry has the potential to in the near future to compete with manufacturers from Southeast Asia. It is necessary to identify the direction of development that will ensure steady progress in quality and assortment of products.

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