Forest correspondent

Forest correspondent

On the 100th anniversary of EV Forester-Dubrovsky

Quite suddenly bearing down from the west cloud, lightning flashed and thunder rolled lingering in the sky. I hurriedly got up from the mossy hummocks and zasobiralsya home.

— Where are you going?

— Vymoknem to the skin.

Evhen glanced at the sky darkened in the lake and said:

— Do not be afraid: no rain.

I could not believe it: it said Forester. Thunder boomed even several times, but the rain held off. Then we had a long walk along the shore of the lake, and I was surprised at the high gray mustache peered a man for whom there were no mysteries in nature. And at the same time the writer-naturalist gave the impression of a beginner, first came to the forest. He stayed about half-rotted stumps stick knocked rotten bark, lingered near the ant piles, and going to the beach, peering carefully into the water, which reflects the blue of the sky has posvetlevshego. And I could not help thinking: in front of me a man for whom everything is new and interesting.

I already knew that Eugene V. Dubrovsky came into Soviet literature with more life experience and a huge stock of observations. At the end of last century, he graduated from St. Petersburg University, worked for several years in the Ministry of Agriculture. Professional career little interest for him, and so every summer, passing the business need colleague, he went to fall in with his favorite childhood forests of central Russia. Many of these early impressions of nature, hunting and fishing formed the basis for his later essays and short stories.

After the Ministry of Dubrovsky nearly a decade working in the metropolitan newspaper. But in conflict with the publisher of the newspaper, he left everything, in 1914 goes to the Urals, where the patronage of his ministerial colleagues gets a place forester. By surrounding himself the same as he is enthusiastic and «forest Affairs znatelyami» to the best of the available options then, the Forester is fighting for sustainable forest management.

In communion with nature formed the writer and naturalist. It was here, in the dense forests of the Urals, and started a real-life Forester Dubrovsky. For years, without leaving the city, he lived alone with his green friend. Once I asked him:

— Was not it boring after St. Petersburg in the Ural wilderness?

Evhen hastily replied:

— This is for the citizen boring, but I’m not the citizen. I have a childhood passion for hunting and fishing. Wood is not my wilderness, animals, birds, insects — the whole world of interesting things. And the forest? Have you watched the breath of trees? I advise you to look and listen. Then do not ask such questions.

Forester wrote the first essay at the age of fifty-three years. For seventeen years the writer of literary works published more than forty collections, of which more than half were written for children and youth. In literature and in life Forester was extremely modest. Inscribing me the book «Forest were», he said:

— It is — for the second year. Recently signed to the print collection of «In the woods.» Readers write to me, but the critics did not notice my books.

After a pause he added:

— Or maybe it’s right. The country has unfolded a grand building from scratch there are new city, and I’m writing about hunting, but Qarase mushrooms. Criticism is not up to me.

I reminded Evhen flattering assessment of his work Marshak at the First All-Union Congress of Writers.

Forester smiled:

— I am grateful for the support of Samuel Yakovlevich. His kind words about my books cheered and cheered me.

With lake Evhen took me to his home. He lived in a two-story wooden house surrounded by dense trees. From the second floor of his apartment, we listened to the singing of tits and sparrows. After lunch, the owner went to rest, and I took up huge sheets to forty manuscript of his memoirs. Having read, I did not notice that flew for two hours. Capturing the manuscript home, I pulled away from her, until I read to the end.

The stories and essays EV Dubrovsky (pseudonym Woodman) readers learned a lot of new and even unexpected knowledge about animals, birds, fish and mushrooms. «Sasha Drake,» «Squirrel», «boy and perch», «Lame starling», «Wolf Creek» — these and many other works of Forester became paradigmatic, their children read and reread several generations.

In recent years, the life of a writer is rarely absented himself from Leningrad: health is not allowed to indulge in travel, because, perhaps, fewer and fewer emerging stories, but increases in volume memoir.

In a letter dated December 13, 1939, he wrote to me: «Oh, and you get 10 sheets if soon … not about.» 69-year-old writer felt increasingly unwell

These 10 pages I have not received and do not even know whether the forester brought his manuscript to 50 copyright sheets dreamed.

Before the war, Eugene V. conceived to gather the best of everything they wrote and published a one-volume, more meaningful than the first one — «Green Noise» in the drafting of which took active part Vyacheslav Shishkov. Plans him was not to be: in 1941 Evgeny V. Dubrovsky-Woodman died.

Forester — an original writer, with his theme and his handwriting. It is safe to say the majority of his work has stood the test of time. Meanwhile, over the past two decades Detgiz issued only one of his book «Forest Trail» (1959), which today has become a rarity.

Nature lovers, hunters and anglers, especially young readers, long awaited reissue works Forester. At a time when concern for the conservation and augmentation of its resources has become a national cause, short stories and essays Forester, «the original and talented wood correspondent that brings urban residents in the stories, sketches and skits refreshing information about the weather, about hunting, about fishing, about what is being done in the forests, rivers, parks and reserves «(Boris), would sound very modern. Writer Forester has been and remains our contemporary.

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