FOREST Muzhikov

FOREST Muzhikov


Released — Fall 2002

Genre — FPS with a squint

Developers: Illusion Softworks and Pterodon

Publisher: Take Two Interactive

"Whoever runs — vetkongovets. Standing on the spot — vetkongovets disciplined. » Has invented a mini-news of the FPS, dared to call «Vietcong», and Stanley Kubrick quote at least a dozen times, then covered with indelible shame rash until his litkonchiny. Paraphrasing the vicious Japanese: creative team Game.EXE past Teschin home without sharpness definitely not go.

Enterprising Czechs from Illusion Softworks as spun in squirrel cage saga Operation Flashpoint, which is a warm-up FPS-pro-projects of the next generation programmer’s team hired a neighboring yard. The new VC call themselves and aim at Pterodon League Medal of Honor, RtCWolfenstein and their ilk. Dreaming is nice, but for the time being rather indistinct screenshots Vietcong to get a sample of modern igrozhivopi- BBC. That does not prevent pterodonovtsam extol the own models of arms «as the most advanced in the world.» Do you believe in the Immaculate Virgin Mary? Although whether or not to offend honest workaholic priori? Thanks to the efforts of our Slavic relatives we go to a meeting with strange and amusing of the ancient Asian culture — and try to kill as many as possible! In the role of Special Forces officer, bearing the above-mentioned «Charlie» the joy of freedom, we happen to lead a squad of five two-legged mouthpieces of world democracy. Intrikatsii plot are not declared, but, looking to the treasure of world cinema, adjust the helicopter attack («How can you shoot women and children?

— Elementary, just less press on the trigger «), save-of-war Ryans, undermining bridges over many rivers K., BPA-tracking ship we snipers hunting patrols and so on. Tightly silent developers ugukayut affirmatively to questions about the management of vehicles of class» American jeep «and shakes his head in the direction of the rest of the complex mechanisms. «Kalashnikovs» can be selected and disposed of: this is the case, it is for the body. Mines stretch, knives like u Rambo and another twenty-three murder weapon expect merry green giants, whose work sector is located in the southern part of Vietnam, near the border with Cambodia. For fans of Worms procured airstrike.

In general, Vietcong is not trying to illustrate the ordinary soldier war workday and returns customers from Illusion Softworks on the beaten path of the heroic Dr. shute- of a couple dozen dangerous mis-sions, fractures, stroke or ridge. Further information and the sweetest quotes from combat training instructor Sergeant Hartman — the following nome-tures, girls.

Alexander Vershinin

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