Worldwide, the number of people working at home, growing steadily. Furniture manufacturers have caught this trend and began to produce one by one pieces of furniture for the home office. In fact, for furnishing the office or home office is sufficient only three items: a table, comfortable chairs and shelves to store all necessary. Equipping the work area at home, you can give up the standard and sometimes quite dull office furniture and items to collect a work area on the taste of the objects of different styles.

Futurism and Ergonomics

The original kit for your home office offers the company VITRA. Table solid wood Sphere Table has a large hemispherical screen- «bubble» of milk acrylic glass. This combination of shapes and materials creates a pleasant atmosphere. Together, they are invited to experience the atmosphere of privacy and concentration. The table can be supplemented with solid-cast plastic chair Tip Ton with tilting effect. From the familiar «relaxed» position of the chair can be tilted forward as long as sitting at a certain point will not work in a comfortable position. This new «sit-down» position, which until now was only possible on the mechanical office chairs, unloads the spine and pelvis, as well as improve blood circulation.

Desk for aesthetes from the collection of office furniture ASTON MARTIN INTERIORS — is curved case with drawers made of aluminum and covered with leather.

For work and leisure

Creating a chair @ -chair for the company LIGNE ROSET, designer Toshiyuki Kita gave him a particularly important function — the possibility of a long and comfortable work at the computer. To do this, an additional table has been designed @ -servant. Thanks to its castors to easily move up to the chair to work. And if you decide to relax, aluminum button under the armrest allows adjustment of the backrest and lower it back to bring a chair into a comfortable reclining position.

Work chair DS 1051, DE SEDE, looks very presentable. Its interior can be made of nappa leather with different textured surface.

Sculptural forms

The original reading of the proposed desktop designer Philippe Starck. Designed their desk for the company VITRA — the opposite of the traditional office «mechanism» with a lot of boxes, coasters and castles. Made from polyethylene and polyurethane, BaObab looks like a sculptural element, which is, nevertheless, ergonomic and functional. Available colors: light yellow, light gray, red, blue.

Due to the oval shape countertop desktop Everywhere, LIGNE ROSET, from a practical and easy-care laminate with a bedside table with one drawer looks very gracefully. Bedside table may include a rack for folders or CD / DVD.

The ergonomic shape of the body of bent wire mesh office chair Iuta, B&B ITALIA, supplemented by hard plastic seat, or — in the case of options for the home — with removable soft cushion.

Elegant desk Zeno, GIORGETTI, made of polished beech. The table top can be finished with molded rubber or wood veneer ebony. The variant with two or four drawers.

Increases efficiency

The main feature of the furniture for the home office Xelo, HÜLSTA, that it is universal. Thanks to the combination of materials — aluminum, lacquer, veneer and glass — do not need to limit your imagination. Original functional furniture even better.

Modern computer chair with a high back Lotus High Back, CAPPELLINI, will provide real comfort. This year was a version with a base and armrests in three colors: chocolate, beige and white.

Library Codex, MORELATO, created by Piero Lissoni design.

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