HANDBOOK Metalist alcoholic

HANDBOOK Metalist alcoholic

In this issue … ie soap serials alcohol Opera, we offer you to get acquainted with the legendary of all the months of the first half of the year — April. More precisely, with its better half — the second two-thirds of April.

11 April

The album ‘Adventures Of Thin Lizzy’ band Thin Lizzy climbed to sixth place in the British parade a year after the Moscow Olympics.

Whitesnake in 1987, the year of its most advanced commercially successful album to eighth place.

Master of meditation, ie art speed control mediator, Eddie Van Halen married Valerie Bertinelli (presumably female) in 1981..

In 1980, the year in the UK there was a parade for the first time a group of Saxon in fifth place! In doing so, they helped their second album ‘Wheels Of Steel’.

The leaders left the British ON’ya group Angelic Upstarts was on the 54th place with the album ‘We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place’ in 1980.

April 13

The 1985th Uepot’ovsky ‘Possessed’ came at a critical 99th place in the UK. It was the last notable success of the legendary trio, which can be regarded as absolutely the first metal band to the bone.

Record King Crimson ‘Starless And Bible Black’ in the 74th year came to England to 28th place.

April 14

Birthday of a Ritchie Blackmore considered by many the best guitarist of all time. He was born in the last year of World War II, and his fame and money earned through groups: dinosaurs Deep Purple and Rainbow.

1979: Second vinyl Van Halen was in 23rd place in the parade of Albion.

April 15

1972: ‘Machine Head’ band Deep Purple, one of the most titanic of her works (including the unforgettable ‘Smoke On The Water’) has reached a legal first place in the UK.

On this day in 1989, the year it was possible to see the word WASP 51-th position of England parade with the album ‘The Headless Children’.

Birthday Phil Mogg, vocalist hard rockers quartet UFO.

April 17

Uriah Neher, more precisely, they drive ‘Abominog’ (1982) reached the 34th place in England.

The 1955th came to light, Pete Shelley, vocalist and guitarist of the legendary British punk band Buzzcocks.

The next album of Thunder trio of all time, Motorhead, titled in honor of their first-class hit ‘Iron Fist’ was on the second place. It was in the 1982- ohm.

In this sad day in 1960, he died from injuries sustained in a car accident and the idol of all rokabillschikov psayhobillschikov Eddie Cochran. Among other things, his work served as an inspiration to a whole galaxy of punk rockers, and two of his compositions (‘C’mon Everybody’ and ‘Something Else’) by Sex Pistols became hits eighteen years later, his death.

April 18

Obituary third his work ‘The End Complete’ appeared on the 52nd place in England in 1992, proving the commercial viability of ten metal.

Perhaps the best record Mosher from New York Anthrax Among The Living ‘had honestly earned 18th place in England.

Kontsertnik English Cockney Rejects (the founders of the punk genre Oil, subsequently began to play heavy metal) in 1981, the year rose to their homeland to 27th place.

April 19

This day was significant for two group Judas Priest: In 1980 the classic drive ‘British Steel’ was in fourth place, and in 1986, 33 it has moved quite a controversial album ‘Turbo’.

Celebrates his birthday, Andy (AKA Edney) Shernoff (1952), a former bassist Dictators, and since the late 80’s — the co-author of many songs Ramones.

He was born into the world in 1889, certain Adolph Alloizovich Schicklgruber, colloquially known by the nickname Hitler party. Many experts believe that the leader of Nazi Germany was the very first rock star, for his statement made to the public the same effect as a real rock concert.

Brian Johnson joined AC / DC, as a result of the untimely death of the unfortunate Bon Scott in 1980, the year.

April 21.

In 1947 born "the godfather of punk «Iggy Pop. From 1968 to 1973, the third year he was the leader of the legendary proto-punk garage bands Stooges, and then moved on to a solo activity.

His admirers among musicians

— A legion, starting with group Cult and ending with Henry Rollins.

Led Zeppelin released an album for yourself unconventional 1973rd year ‘Houses Of The Holy’.

In this happy day for Satan was born into the world Abaddon — one of the legendary trio, known to the world under the name of Venom. Also on this day, these heroes of black metal front with his third giant At War With Satan ‘turned out to be the same on the 64th place in 1984.

April 22

This birthday is not only an old man Krupsk but also Mantas (again from Venom).

Hmm … apparently Uepot’ovtsam-month in April, had to fall into unrestrained binge.

April 23

‘Leave Home’, the second album Ramones — most trehakkordnoy group in the world — reached the 43rd place in the British parade in 1977. It was the first success of the group in that country. I note that the British because of the machinations of censorship had to listen to the inferior (compared to the US) version of the plate.

Drummers from the industrial band Jesus Jones Simon Ten" Matthews celebrates this day as his favorite birthday. His mother gave birth in 1964 to the year.

In 1991, he died under mysterious circumstances a former member of New York Dolls and Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers Johnny tender. His musical legacy still excites many metal and punk musicians.

Mama Steve Clarke In 1960 gave birth to the future guitarist Def Leppard.

The 1955th had the good fortune to be born Captain Sensible (real name Ray Burns), bass guitarist of one of the first British punk bands The Damned, which had even greater commercial success with his solo career.

April 24

Giant Status Quo ‘1982’ roared into first place in his homeland.

April 25

On this day in 1979, the premiere of the film — the comedy ‘Rock’n’Roll High School’ directed by Roger Corman. This picture group Ramones played herself and her songs. In addition, the soundtrack featured music MC5, Velvet Underground, Devo, Alice Cooper and many others.

Ian Gillan, more precisely, he and his band Gillan climbed to second place in 1981, the year with the album ‘Future Shock’.

Van Der Graaf Generator in the first and the last time the British were in the top 50. It was in 1970, and made the drive ‘The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other’.

Great Iron Ma10ep’ovsky debut album (which included the unforgettable hits like ‘Running Free’) earned the right to stand in fourth place in England in the 1980th.

The first joint work with Dio Black Sabbath ‘Heaven And Hell’ climbed to ninth place in the 1980th.

April 27

Fans can rejoice Kiss — it is the birthday of their favorite Ace Frehley (1951).

April 28

Rush in 1984 were in fifth place with a plate ‘Grace Under Pressure’.

In 1990, Axl Rose (Guns N’Roses) married Erin Everly. Love was short-lived: they divorced eight months later

April 30

The first disc Clash (1977) showed up on the 12th place in English. In the days of the punk revolution to make it was not so difficult.

Also that day is the birthday of Wayne Kramer of the MC5 (1948), which you can read in more detail in the section of this issue reviews Rock City.

On this day, 1983rd year, fell apart once two legendary hard rock group: UFO and Thin Lizzy.

Born Sepultura bassist Paulo Jr..

Vince Neil (Motley Crue) in the 1988- ohm married Shariz Rudepl.

Particularly curious person can see it in the video ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’, footage a year earlier.

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