The overall increase in production volumes of metal products in Russia in 2003 more than 13%, far outstripping the growth of the Russian economy as a whole. Affected by the redistribution of property in the hardware sector, the steel industry. That hardware production steel and give the main increase in volume. The share of small and medium-sized businesses in the manufacturing industry was 3.5%, significantly lower than the same rate in the developed countries.

Positive trends emerged in the industry and in terms of technology upgrading and updating equipment. Many enterprises estimate that the prospect of intensive ways of increasing production volume has been exhausted, it is necessary to begin radical restructuring of production and to plan its development, relying not only on the ability of the domestic market, but also to increase production by increasing the share of exports.

Russian companies in 2003 exported 361 thousand. Tons of hardware that of the total production amounted to slightly more than 15%. More than 62% of the exports of the raw material was metalware range — a wire.

Imports of metal products in Russia in 2003 amounted to almost 150 thousand. Tonnes. Moreover, almost 50% are very time-consuming group — fasteners. Structure of import of metal products in Russia is radically different from the range of exports. And most likely, imports of metal products a positive impact on the development of Russian industry. Today there is a consumer market of hardware products that are not produced by our company. No need to spend enormous resources to create such a market. Import substitution domestic production — beginning, which will allow the industry to choose the right path of development. The choice of this path is possible today.

Only through cooperation can make the right decisions and not to spend money on a competitive war at least in the beginning. Directions of development of many common and only choice is to help determine the correct path. Today there is a huge potential of the Western economy, who need to take to Russian hardware industry took the leading place in world production.

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